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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Make a Woman Cry Episode 5-8 Summary

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Make A Woman Cry Episode 5-8 Summary
After a short period of where Yoon Seo (Jin Woo's son) threatened the kids to stop showing up at her diner, Deok In's business is booming like crazy. A regular now, Jin Woo shows up almost daily at Deok In's diner and even shamelessly hands over the address of one of his student when he found out that the student is encountering some problems.

Turns out, Jin Woo's student and the student's sister is being chased for money because they accidentally hurt a man. Deok In steps in to protect the student's sister when the rough looking man threatens the poor girl, but can do nothing since the man does have the right to sue the kids for the accident.
Deok In and Jin Woo confronts the man together but when the man starts beating Deok In up, instead of hitting back she just takes it. Not understanding why Deok In is allowing herself to be beaten, Jin Woo nonetheless steps in to try to stop the man. Not surprisingly, Jin Woo ended up getting beat up himself.
Incredulous when he realizes that Deok In allowed herself to be beat up so she would have some bargaining chip to get the man to stop bothering the kids, (I am assuming since she got hurt now she can threaten to sue the man as well) Jin Woo angrily tells her "from now on no matter what happens, don't get hit again by anyone. Please don't get hit by anyone ever again!"
The next day, looking at Jin Woo strangely Deok In wonders out loud why he would say what he did the night before.

Deok In "Were you worried about me?"
A bit taken back by how Deok In could just ask those kind of question right out, Jin Woo admits that of course he was worried.

Still puzzled, Deok In asks "How come my husband has never said something like that to me before, but a teacher who has no connection to me at all would say something like that?"
Quite offended that Deok In would categorize him as "someone with no connection at all", Jin Woo starts to come up with random complaints about his food. Ha, I love that Jin Woo is so childish at times. 

Deok In gets in a fight with a drunken customer and ended up being pushed to the ground. Shaking their heads in disgust, Gyeong Cheol and Jin Hee (the husband and mistress) proudly presents themselves to Deok In as a couple. 

Jin Hee haughtily tells Deok In that if she would have accepted the large sum of money that Gyeong Cheol tried to give her then she wouldn't have to put up with drunks. Calmly, Deok In tells Jin Hee that if she wants Gyeong Cheol so badly then instead of money, she should kneel and beg. Surprisingly, Jin Hee actually swallows her pride and kneels. Angered to see Jin Hee kneeling on the ground, Gyeong Cheol yells at Deok In and holds Jin Hee in his arm to comfort her. 
Jin Woo meets Gyeong Cheol and his sister right in front of Deok In's diner and finally figures out that the married man his sister is dating is none other than Deok In's husband. 

After asking Deok In a few probing questions, Jin Woo rushes home to ask his parents to stop the whole mess since Deok In obviously doesn't want a divorce. Stunned to find out their daughter is not only dating a married man but one who wants to abandon the wife of his youth that has done so much for his family, Chairman Kang tells an unrepentant Gyeong Cheol that he can't even be considered human.  

Still up to his old tricks, Jin Woo's son Yoon Seo has finally pushed Deok In to her limit when he starts picking on a disabled student. 

Furious after finding out that one of her boys was hurt because he stood up to help the disabled student against Yoon Seo, Deok In storms right into the school and was about to punch Yoon Seo when Jin Woo jumps in and takes the punch for him. 
Believing that Jin Woo only protected Gyeong Cheol because he is the school director's grandson, Deok In has no sympathy for Jin Woo's pitiful act while he is trying to chew with a hurt jaw. However, after a few nagging words from Deok In, she still ends up cooking a special dish that will be easier for Jin Woo to eat. 
His pride torn to shred after meeting Jin Hee's family, a drunken Gyeong Cheol ended up finding his way to Deok In's diner. Sitting with Deok In, Gyeong Cheol confesses that she is the person he immediately thought of when he was being shamed by Jin Hee's family because she has always been the one to jump up to defend him. Surprised to hear that Jin Hee is from a chaebol family whose name even she recognizes, Deok In calls Jin Hee and tells her to take Gyeong Cheol home. 

Gyeong Cheol wakes up to find a furious Jin Hee who screams that she can't take it anymore and runs right into the street barefooted. Holding a crying and screaming Jin Hee in his arm, Gyeong Cheol can only repeatedly promise that he will never go to Deok In's place again. 

Look at that face! Isn't that the face of a man who is thinking "Crap! I am dating a crazy lady!" 
Walking by Deok In's diner after he has finished up securing the school, Jin Woo stops in to have a drink with Deok In after he sees Jin Hee leaving with Gyeong Cheol. 

Over drinks, Deok In confesses that she actually feels pity for her husband because no matter what Gyeong Cheol says, she believes he is still grieving over the death of their son as well. When Deok In asks Jin Woo if there is someone at home worrying about him, Jin Woo also takes the opportunity to make his own confession that his wife took her own life and left a note citing being too lonely as the reason. So that explains why his son hates him so much.

Deok In and Jin Woo both sense that their relationship has changed after their night of sharing their greatest hurt. In true Deok In fashion, as she walks with Jin Woo she blurts out "this feels awkward... are we going to be very embarrassed tomorrow?" 

Jin Woo sheepishly asks "It's kinda late... should I walk you home?" Laughing, Deok In replies "Who is going to protect who?" Ha! 
On Parents' Day (Korean Holiday), Deok In is happily surprised when all her boys shows up in succession to present her with flowers. 

Watching Deok In laughing with one of her boys and his little brother, Jin Woo thinks to himself "Yes, keep laughing. I don't know why, but I feel happy when you are happy." Ha, the rest of us can tell you why. 
While things seems to be progressing nicely between our two leads, things are also worsening quite quickly between Deok In and Yoon Seo. Thanks to Deok In's influence, another one of her boys stands up to Yoon Seo again when he starts picking on the disabled student. Notified that Yoon Seo is up to his old tricks, Deok In rushes to her boys' rescue and beats Yoon Seo up. However, apparently this was what Yoon Seo was hoping for because Deok In was caught red handed by one of the head teachers and sternly warned that she could lose her shop if she touches the kids again. 
Completely unaware that she just beat up Jin Woo's son earlier that day, Deok In goes shopping with Jin Woo for the foods that he talked her into making for a school fundraising event. Behaving totally unlike the chaebol son he secretly is, Jin Woo fights off numerous ajummas to buy a bunch of chicken that is on sale. 

Glaring at Jin Woo, Deok In asks him who and where is he hoping to cook a whole cart full of chicken. Putting on his best smile, Jin Woo talks Deok In into working late at the restaurant to make fry chicken for the fundraising. Eyeing the dipping flour, Jin Woo puts some flour on Deok In's face. Of course what follows is a full on flour fight between Jin Woo and Deok In. Did anyone thought "um... that's flour with raw chicken in it... " 
Sneering at Deok In's words that Jin Hee is the daughter of a chaebol family, Mama Hwang decides enough is enough and packs her bag to move in to her son's apartment. Speechless to find his mom at his house, Gyeong Cheol tries to convince Mama Hwang to move back home, but Mama Hwang just kicks back and tells her son that she is preparing for a long stay. I love this spunky lady! 
At the school fundraiser, Deok In's boys notice that the disabled student's longing gaze and jumps up to help the boy to also participate in their class race. The disabled boy trips during the race, but thanks to all the other boys jumping in to help, the boy was able to cross the finish line. With a look of dismay (and maybe even longing?), Yoon Seo watches the boy he has been bullying finishes the race in midst of thunderous cheers and right into the arm of his loving mother. 
Still immersed in the joy of watching the boys rallying around the disabled boy, Deok In thank Jin Woo for all the comfort he and the boys has been to her during her most difficult time as a woman. Watching Deok In who laughs at herself while saying her husband's every gaze tells her that she has totally failed as a woman, Jin Woo replies "I think you are beautiful." 

Completely flustered by Jin Woo's words, Deok In starts to leave but ends up stumbling to the ground in her haste. Rushing up to Deok In, Jin Woo nags her and wipes the dirt off her... which of course just makes Deok In even more flustered. 


Oh, my! It's that love in the air?? I am loving the development between the two leads. In a way, both Deok In and Jin Woo are so new at this whole love thing despite the fact that both have been married before. I especially love the fact that Deok In is so straight forward at the oddest time and the supposedly stuffy Jin Woo (at least according to his family) is always so quick in putting on his "shameless side" whenever it comes to Deok In. 

 By the way, you guys probably have notice I have all but ignored the Kang family part of the story. I don't necessary feel the urgent need to fast forward all the parts with the fights between Ji Woo's sister-in-laws and their messy love line when I am watching the show but that particular part of the story really is the most boring part of the show to me thus sucking all my will to recap it. 

Still I will just summarize the whole mess with a few bullet points: 

  • Hong Ran (the star) finds out her husband's big secret and is almost driven crazy by the thought that Jin Myeong (the husband) loves his sister-in-law so much that he would go so far as letting his brother die right in front of his eyes. (Jin Myeong has been tortured by self guilt all these years.)
  • Threatening her husband with exposing his secret, Hong Ran successfully gets Jin Myeong to side with her and tells Eun Soo (Jin Woo's oldest brother's widow and Jin Myeong's crush) to move out with her son. 


  1. Thank you so much for the recap... It helps a lot, since there are no subs to be found. I also love the leads... Thank you for letting us know on the end of ep. 8. I was wondering what Hong-Ran had up her sleeve this time..

  2. Thank you so much for these recaps. Especially since there are no sub for this drama. I hope you continue this series!!!

    1. Well... I was really torn on recapping this one since I have been trying to do more "First Impression" than doing full on recaps BUT I keep itching to recap this one so I might do four episode summaries again. :-)