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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Masked Prosecutor Ep 3-4 Mini Recap & 2nd Impression

Masked Prosecutor Ep 3-4 Recap
Dae Chul shows up at the morgue to find his father's body with his eyes still staring wide open even in death. Unable to even show his grief or admit that his connection to his father in anyway, Dae Chul can only vent his pain after picking a fight with the local punks.

Min Hee receives another mysterious text telling her that the dead masked man is not the true murderer. Instead of focusing on the message though, Min Hee counts the number of hearts first (6) then chides herself for her foolishness.
Dae Chul finally shows up in front of Min Hee as the masked man to make sure she understands that his father was innocent but Min Hee was more concerned in telling Dae Chul (not knowing that was him behind the mask of course) that the next time he shows up in front of her in a mask she will arrest him.
Thanks to Dae Chul's "friendly conversation" with a man who is about to skip out of the country, Min Hee was able to link Lee Jang Gwon (the real murder) to President Jo as the real culprit behind the killing. President Jo used to be a detective but is now the president of a money exchange company. He is the go between guy between the two big bad in this show. 
Knowing he doesn't have enough power to keep pushing the murder case through, Dae Chul hands the case over to another prosecutor, Seo Ri Na who is the daughter of the Minister of Justice. The Minister of Justice is Seo Min Seong who butts heads with the Central District Attorney, Song Man Seok - one of the big bad in the show. 
Annoyed that people his considered to be pesky flies like Min Hee and Prosecutor Seo Ri Na are looking into the murder, President Jo tells Hyun Woong (another prosecutor and technically Dae Chul's half brother) that he will take care of the police his way but Hyun Woong will "take care" of all the legal issues that follows.

Angered by President Jo's demand Hyun Woong asks "What makes you think I am obligated to clean up after your dirt?" Smiling confidently, President Jo tells Hyun Woong the story of how his father (President Kang) had framed his friend (Dae Chul's father) with Song Man Seok's (the Central District Attorney) help. President Jo was the detective who arrested Dae Chul's father knowing full well that he was innocent.
President Jo "I got rid of one man to help two man to gain power and money. I am those two man's link ... so do you see why you need to help me now?"  Remembering everything Pres. Jo told him, Hyun Woong looks down at the blood vessels in his hand and mutters "I have bad blood in me."
Pres. Jo sends Lee Jang Gwon (the murder) after Min Hee but Min Hee is saved when a masked Dae Chul shows up and fights off Lee Jang Gwon.

I am having a difficult time ignoring how useless Min Hee was in this scene. As the team leader of the VIOLENT crime team... she should've gotten a few kicks of her own in or at the very least not just sit there acting like a weak damsel in distress.
Once Lee Jang Gwon is chased off, Min Hee remembers her own promise that the next time she sees the masked man she will arrest him, Min Hee asks "Take off the mask! Who are you?" Pointing right back at Min Hee, Dae Chul answers "Man of justice." Ha!
Min Hee did actually try to arrest the masked Dae Chul but ended up giving up when she receives an urgent call from her team to serve a warrant to President Jo. Guessing from the attacked she experienced and the confident manner of Pres. Jo, Min Hee cancels the warrant knowing full well that Pres. Jo would've removed any useful evidence by now.

Looking at Pres. Jo's sneering face, Min Hee promises him that she will put all of her energy to dig up his crime. Anyone else wondering if maybe Pres. Jo is actually Min Hee's father/rapist that she has sworn to find to avenge her mother?
Her radar going off wildly now that she is wondering if the masked man is someone she knows and who also likes her, Min Hee's is immediately suspicious when she sees Dae Chul limping with his hurt leg.

Firing off questions like she is interrogating him, Min Hee becomes sheepish when Dae Chul puts all his prosecutor training to fend her off AND is assured that Dae Chul really is not the masked man when she gets another text that ended with hearts while she is in the middle of talking to Dae Chul. Dae Chul had someone else text Min Hee while he was talking to her.

Convinced that Dae Chul is not the masked vigilante, Min Hee unwittingly helps Dae Chul by assuring Hyung Woong on the phone that Dae Chul is the prime example of someone that will sell out for money.

With no reason to doubt Min Hee's words, Hyung Woong picks Dae Chul as the one person he can pull into the "Justice Prosecutor Society" (Really the corrupted group of people who works for Song Man Seok) so Dae Chul would be a mole for them.

Knowing this is the perfect chance to infiltrate the enemy territory, Dae Chul puts all his effort to come off like a prosecutor with no morals at all.
Dae Chul talks Prosecutor Seo Ri Na into letting him escort his mother, Madam Kang to the interrogating room and plays the perfect mole by coaching Madam Kang on how to avoid questions that would implicate her in any crime. Trusting Dae Chul's advice, Madam Kang unwittingly reveals her foreknowledge of what Pres. Kang was planning to do to her ex-husband (frame him and take over his wealth). So this tells Dae Chul that his mother was really one partners in crime with Presient Kang. 

Doing Dae Chul a favor, Ri Na asks Madam Kang "Just out of my personal curiosity, how could you go to the man who took everything away from your husband? Didn't you even have a son with your ex-husband?"

Glaring at Ri Na, Madam Kang vehemently answers "I only have one son, and his name is Kang Hyun Woong." Upon hearing his mother's words, Dae Chul laughs in self disgust. Poor kid, it is pretty obvious that he keeps harboring that small hope that his mother actually does care for him. 
Min Hee was able to find an eye witness to their murder case that actually saw Lee Jang Gwon's face. An angry Pres. Jo orders Lee Jang Gwon to go kill the witness and even holds Lee Jang Gwon's pregnant wife hostage so he would follow through.

Dae Chul shows up at the nick of time to save the witness and demands that Lee Jang Gwon confess the name of the man that ordered him to kill the masked man. (Dae Chul's father)

Hearing the siren outside, Lee Jang Gwon calls someone on the phone "I've failed. I am going to finish everything by taking all the blame. Let my wife go please."

Min Hee arrives in time to see Lee Jang Gwon fall to his death and the furious cry of frustration as Dae Chul leaned over the window when he saw Lee Jang Gwon is dead.

Second Impression
This show needs to seriously up their fighting power of the violent crime team.
How does a veteran detective who was supposedly good enough to be in the violent crime team somehow ended up being tied up while the witness under his protection is being chased by the murder?? I am glad the detective didn't die but that was also kinda weird Lee Jang Gwon would take the time tying him up instead of just killing him.

I don't expect my police characters to be super humans but this... this is getting to be a bit too ridiculous.
Onto the things I do like. I am really liking Prosecutor Seo Ri Na's character so far. From Ri Na's conversation with Dae Chul we could guess that Ri Na actually sees past Dae Chul's facade and would like to date him but Dae Chul always avoid the issue by jokingly downgrading himself.  
Our heroine Min Hee herself also has her own suitor in Kang Hyun Woong who apparently gave Min Hee his first kiss back in their school days. Although I am not sure if Hyun Woong really does care for Min Hee or not since he really should've known that Pres. Jo might do something to harm her and took steps to protect her... like Dae Chul did. I am a bit torn on Hyun Woong. He doesn't seem like completely evil but then he doesn't seem like he cares about the number of body counts of innocent people either. Of course technically Hyung Woong is Dae Chul's half brother so this is going to be real messy when both brothers like the same woman. 
I do LOVE the interaction between our two leads. I especially love the fact there seems to be this secret familiarity between the two no matter how much Min Hee would like to deny it. At first I really was kinda doubtful of the paring of Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah, but their chemistry is great. I wouldn't exactly call their chemistry as the sizzling kind... yet, but they are certainly hilarious to watch whenever they are together. 


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