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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Masked Prosecutor Episode 1 -2 Summary & First Impression

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As one of the Korean's most respected prosecutor, Ha Dae Chul is surprisingly easy going when he gets a call informing him that the suspect in a case he is currently working on is to receive the "VIP" treatment from his superior.

In contrast to Dae Chul's "flexible" attitude towards his suspects, our heroine Yoo Min Hee (Kim Sun Ah) is the extreme opposite as the team leader of the violent crime division. Sitting across from her suspect (Yeh! A guest appearance by Siwon!) Min Hee nonchalantly uses her knitting to drive the man crazy until he confesses all his crimes
Storming over to the prosecutor office when she gets word that the suspect who is supposed to be charged for beating a woman to a pulp is about to get released, Min Hee is speechless as she watches Dae Chul all but bowing to the suspect and his lawyer. 

What shocks Min Hee even more is when she realizes the nitwit prosecutor is none other than the same boy that used to chase her around back when they were young. 
In a flash back we see a young Dae Chul falling in love with Min Hee the very first time he sees her. An orphan who surprisingly have the respect of the tough boys in his class despite his small stature, Dae Chul can thinks of nothing but Min Hee. Not knowing how to approach Min Hee, Dae Chul follows her home only to land himself in a head lock when Min Hee's wrestling enthusiast uncle attacks him. 
Throwing Dae Chul in the wrestling ring, Min Hee's uncle Dong Chan tells Dae Chul that if he can win in a fight against another boy than he can gain the right to date Min Hee. Having never wrestled in his life, Dae Chul is hopeless in the fight. Looking at the badly beaten Dae Chul, Uncle Dong Chan starts to call off the fight but Dae Chul begs for more time. In a stunning turn of events, Dae Chul starts to use all the moves his opponent used on him and was able to win the fight soundly. 

Looking at Dae Chul with stars in his eyes, Uncle Dong Chan tries to convince Dae Chul that he could be the next wrestling star. 
Unfortunately for Uncle Dong Chan's big dream, Dae Chul's would be stardom is cut off when Dae Chul's long lost father suddenly shows up and tells him a sob story of how Dae Chul was sent to the orphanage when his mother marries the very man that framed Daddy Ha (Dae Chul's father). 

At first wanting nothing to do with the father that popped out of nowhere Dae Chul eventually accepts Daddy Ha, especially after he sees his own mother staring at him with nothing but fear (to be fair he was wearing the wrestling mask ...).
Determined to avenge all the wrongs that has been done to him, Daddy Ha convinces Dae Chul to make becoming a prosecutor his goal. 

Sneering at Dae Chul's assertion that he will become a prosecutor one day, Min Hee freely promises Dae Chul that if he really did become a prosecutor one day then she will consider dating him. 
Back to the present time. Paying a visit to the very man he just let go that same morning, a masked Dae Chul gives the man a beating and threateningly asks the man "Are you going to tell the police?" Shaking with fear, the man promises to keep the little "incident" to himself. 
Min Hee receives a mystery text giving her tips for places to find evidences to catch the bad guy that was just let go that morning by Dae Chul. Giving the mystery text her full attention, Min Hee stares with puzzlement when the text ends with four hearts. Ha ha!!! I about died when I saw the hearts. I love Dae Chul's character! 
After receiving one more mystery text with another extremely useful tip, Min Hee was able to successfully get the necessary evidence to lock up the bad guy that even his connections couldn't get him out of. 
Dae Chul walks into an elevator and stands right next to his mother. Staring at his mother, Dae Chul calls out the word that he has yearned to say "Mother... Mother..." 

Bowing to Madam Kang (his biological mother), Dae Chul makes the excuse that Madam Kang looks a lot like his deceased mother so he was unable to control himself. 

Sitting down to a table at the restaurant, Dae Chul calmly listens to the happy family chatters Madam Kang makes with her husband and son. 
Harboring a secret hurt like Dae Chul, Min Hee comes home to see her uncle holding a death anniversary ceremony for her mother. Piecing together scenes from Min Hee's nightmare and her conversation with Uncle Dong Chan it seems like while Min Hee harbors deep resentment towards her mother for dying after giving birth to her (suicide maybe?) but she also has guilt and shame for being a product of a rape crime. Staring at her mother's picture, Min Hee vows "I will catch the guy." That also explains why she chose to be a cop. 
A brutal murder happened in the same building Dae Chul "visited" and soon a surveillance tape of a masked Dae Chul was pulled up as the prime murder suspect. Completely flustered, Dae Chul tries to come with many reasons why the masked man CANNOT be the murderer but to make things worse, the case was soon taken out of Dae Chul's hand and handed over to prosecutor Kang Hyun Woong (yap, Madam Kang's son) from the central prosecutor department. 

Hyun Woong is the male second lead so we'll see a lot more of him. Hyun Woong is also taking this case because his father asked him to use his power to cover up the murder case for some high level figure. 
Daddy Ha confronts Dae Chul when he finds the wrestling mask and figures out what his son has been up to. With tears in his eyes, Dae Chul tells his dad "To realize your revenge dream I need to become Korea's top prosecutor. For someone like me who barely qualified to become a prosecutor, without money or background the only way for me to climb to the top is to solve difficult cases. The only way for me to break difficult cases is to use my mask and fist to gather evidence that I couldn't gather as a prosecutor." 

Hurt to see how hard things has been for Dae Chul, Daddy Ha ask Dae Chul what he is planning to do now. 

Feeling hopeless, Dae Chul tells his dad "I guess I will have to turn myself in. But don't worry I will wear my mask and finish your revenge first." 
Holding Dae Chul's mask in his hand, Daddy Ha tells a man who he believe works for the prosecutor that he is the actual masked man. Asking Daddy Ha to put the mask on, the man (who is the real killer that works for Chairman Kang/the one that framed Daddy Ha) smiles and say "yap, you are the one." 
Dae Chul comes home and immediately panics when he reads the note Daddy Ha left him. 

The episode ends with sirens blaring and we see a body wearing the red mask floating in the water. 

Seriously? Daddy Ha dies just like that?! I guess he really is just there to be a catalyst for our hero to become the ultimate vigilante. 

Sigh... I was kinda hoping for a super light show but with so many body counts and two deeply damaged leads I guess I'll have to settle for some meaty materials. 
Epic battles aside, I am loving the chemistry between the two leads. I especially love the fact even after so many years Dae Chul still can't lie when he looks at Min Hee in the eyes. Dae Chul's character does kinda reminds me of Joo Sang Wook's character in Cunning Single Lady. Both heroes were so competent and cool... as long as the heroine is not around. But since I LOVED the hero in Cunning Single Lady so I don't mind the similarity at all. 
My poor heart just about melted when in a flash back we see that while Dae Chul has never shown himself to Min Hee while they have been apart all these years but he has always been nearby and even deterred some strange kid from following her. (Although it was really strange that some kid would have the guts to follow a woman in full police outfit.) 

I am feeling pretty hopeful about Masked Prosecutor thus far so let's hope that there will be some comedy that will balance out the melo that is sure to come next week. 


  1. Woah, I didn't plan to read this recap but it seems to be really interesting. I hope Daddy Ha doesn't die :-( Awaiting your next recap! :)

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