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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ninja Drools #17 Watermelon Fruit Salad Monster

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I took this lovely beast camping today... well... just an outing. Sadly, I am really not the camping type despite the fact I used to like imagining myself as a nature loving person. Anyhow, this baby was really popular and the adults for some reason was even more excited than the kids by the fact I added blueberry jello to the fruit salad. 

I usually just use a kitchen knife to carve the watermelon but this time I used pumpkin carving knife and it worked really well.

I wanted blue in the fruit salad to replace the fresh blueberries I was too cheap to buy so I chose the blueberry jello. I followed the jello jiggler recipe on the box but I also added 1 tsp of plain gelatin to the mixture.  Be sure to soften the gelatin in 1 tbs of water first. Boil the amount of water according to the jello jiggler direction then add the jello powder in. Scoop a bit of the hot mixture into the soften gelatin then pour the gelatin back into the jello mixture. If you don't want to bother with the gelatin, you could just decrease the water amount a bit to make the jiggler more firm. 
Pour the jello mixture into a 9 X 13 pan and chill in the fridge. I used little circle and heart shapes cutters to cut the jiggler but you can obviously use any shape you like. 

For this fruit salad I had: Watermelon, cherries, grapes, mangoes, pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries and some limes. 

The monster eyes are two thick slices of limes with jello jiggler but I think blueberries or the tip of a strawberry would work as well.  The monster hands are made from pineapple tops and attached with toothpicks. I got to warn you though, the pineapple tops really didn't like the toothpick and it took a few try to get them to stay. 

Important: Don't add the jiggler too early to the fruit salad or it will start to dye all the fruit blue. 

This Week's Drama Food: 
Make A Woman Cry Ep 10

Make A Woman Cry Ep 10- Boy, those rolled eggs looks good.

Warm and Cozy Ep1- I just have a hard time seeing this dish as food. 

Be With You- "Floating" coffee 
 The rest of these are from Let's Eat 2 Ep 6

Holy Cow! A 9 compartment microwaved dinner! Trying one of those is going on my bucket list. 

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  1. The blueberry jello looks fantastic! I thought it was real blueberries :)