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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ninja Drools #18 Gimbap

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I started thinking about making Gimbap after watching the last episode of Angry Mom where the heroine had made a whole bunch of it for her daughter's class outing. 
Angry Mom Ep 16
I have actually never had Gimbap before so this was a new experience for me. 
For my Gimbap I used mushroom, red onion, steak, carrots, imitation crab, bea sprouts, and yellow pepper. I marinated the meat with some store bought Korean BBQ sauce but most of the recipe I have seen just marinate the meat with soy sauce, garlic and a bit of sugar. 
After stir frying the ingredients, I also made some eggs and cut them into strips. 

I liked the gimbap a lot and can totally understand why in K-dramas this is the food of choice for picnics but I have to admit that I was totally craving some old fashion sushi after gimbap. I think I was probably craving the wasabi more than the sushi itself. Anyhow, the gimbap was a lot of fun to make and it makes me excited to try other combinations. 

This Week's Drama Food
Be With You- I have no clue what the hero is eating but the wooden dish is HUGE! 
The rest of these are from Let's Eat 2 Ep 7


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