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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Save The Family (K-Daily) Episode 1-10 First Impression

Drama: Save the Family (가족을 지켜라)

Jae Hee's (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Jang Ok Jung) new k-daily so I was quite interested in it.

Save the Family Episode 1-10 Summary
A doctor with bright future at an university hospital, Jung Woo Jin's promising future (Jae Hee) falls apart in an instant when he lose both his hospital promotion AND his girlfriend to men who have better background than him.

Interestingly, Woo Jin's girlfriend Ko Ye Won insists that she has grandiose plan for her and Woo Jin's life and asks Woo Jin to just trust her. Speechless that Ye Won would still be professing her love for him now that she is engaged to another man, Woo Jin tells Ye Won "Let's not see each other anymore."

Time to meet our heroine, Lee Hae Soo. Dreaming of opening up her own restaurant one day, Hae Soo lives with a group of people (mostly kids) who she consider to be her family. A hardworking and kind person, Hae Soo does tend to get in trouble when her fierce temper gets the best of her.
Depressed over after his resignation from the hospital and break up with his girlfriend, Woo Jin drinks himself to a stupor and passes out on the street. Thinking Woo Jin might be some poor homeless guy, Hae Soo hauls a drunk Woo Jin home.

The next morning Woo Jin wakes up to find Hae Soo and her hoard of family all staring at him. Flustered to find himself in a strange situation, Woo Jin tries to leave after begrudgingly thanking Hae Soo but ends up offending her when he accusingly asks where his wallet disappeared to.
Things between Woo Jin and Hae Soo worsens even more when Woo Jin runs into Hae Soo at the hospital cafeteria where she works at and accuses her of running a thieving group when she returned his empty wallet to him. Her famous temper coming up at full force, Hae Soo ends up getting into a full on fight right in the hospital lobby. Unfortunately for Hae Soo, someone complains about her to the hospital and she was fired from her job.
Despite fighting like cats and dogs whenever they meet, Woo Jin's attitude does soften towards Hae Soo as he realizes how much she loves her family of misfits and wonders if he truly has misjudged her. On Hae Soo's end, as a girl who can never hold a grudge too long once her temper passes, Hae Soo also starts to tame her quick temper... at least when it comes to Woo Jin. 
Thanks to Woo Jin's friend who put in a good word for Hae Soo, she was able to get her job back. However, Hae Soo's joy of being hired again didn't last too long. The hospital has decided to contract out the cafeteria food to an outside company that will bring in factory prepared foods. The food company that is being contracted is none other than Ye Won's (Woo Jin's ex) company since she is hoping to use the hospital as way to meet with Woo Jin who has started working there.  

Understandably angered by the hospital's decision, Hae Soo and her co-worker decide to hold a protest. Sneering at the protest, Ye Won asks "So what do you want?" Her temper raising again, Hae Soo replies "I want a challenge between Ones food (Ye Won's company) and the cafeteria cooks. If we win then Ones food will leave."
Ye Won "If Ones food wins then I can hire and fire as I will." 

First Impression 

Not bad... not great either. Now that we have most of the set up done I think I will need another five episodes before I can decide on this one.  

I do really like Hae Soo's interaction with her little "family." The small family of misfits really comes across as a small slice of heaven whenever they are together. The warmth and love is just so apparent and it's fun to see how the kids are tolerant of Hae Soo always bringing home "strays." 
There is no doubt that Ye Won's character is one that is set up to be despised. However, I do like the fact that Ye Won's character is quite a complex one. She truly feels like she hasn't betrayed Jin Woo and technically she hasn't since she did come to some secret understanding with her fiancee to hold a fake engagement. Yet, judging by Ye Won's fiancee's attitude I am not so sure the fiancee is going to keep his promise of not letting the engagement become marriage. 

I also like the fact that while Ye Won is a total "She Wears Prada" type of person at work, she shows her famine and vulnerable side when she is with Jin Woo. 
Since this is a k-daily, there will be story lines that one just going to have to ignore. The one that I really wish could be skipped completely is Jin Woo's father's story. Unfortunately the show does spend considerable amount of time on Daddy Jung's fight to not be "honorable retired" from the company he has worked for most of his life. Oh, well... it's not totally painful to watch and I guess it has a good social moral to it but I am still hoping once the romance starts to get going in earnest the show will starts to decrease Daddy Jung's story line. 


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