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Monday, May 4, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 17 Recap

Someone Like You (聽見幸福)Episode 17 Recap
After his conversation with Yu Xi about Mama Cheng's hope that she could one day see her kids married and have a happy family, Yu An couldn't help but rethink his decision to be a priest especially after he sees how much Mama Cheng enjoys playing grandma to the neighborhood kids. 

After some serious consideration, Yu An informs an overjoyed Mama Cheng that he has decided to stop being a priest and will now be a son to whom she can rely on. This was a good solution to Yu An and Fei Fei's story. It was kinda a dicey situation since it might be messy if the writer just had Yu An backed out of being a priest for love... but if he did it for his mother? Well, that's a totally honorable thing in Chinese culture. 
Yu Xi visits Ya Ti at the hospital and the two girls meet a set of twins girls that could feel each other's pain. Thinking about the twins, Ya Ti tells Yu Xi that she wouldn't wish her twin to suffer the same kind of pain as she does, but Yu Xi tells her that if she was the other twin then she would want to help share her sister's pain. 
Fibbing to Zhan Cheng that she needs a few days off work to take care of her sick mother, Yu Xi's lie are quickly exposed when Zhan Cheng comes to visit and sees a completely well Mama Cheng. Freely admitting her lie, Yu Xi tells Zhan Cheng that she needed time to figure out her own feelings towards him. Turning her back to Zhan Cheng so he wouldn't see the tears that is filling her eyes, Yu Xi breaks up with Zhan Cheng and urges him to continue his love story with Luo Han via Ya Ti. 

Obviously stunned by Yu Xi's sudden desire to break up, Zhan Cheng tries to get Yu Xi to discuss things with him, but Yu Xi refuses to talk to him anymore. 
Not giving up so easily, Zhan Cheng takes Yu Xi to a little restaurant that is run by the family of the donor that gave him the much needed eye corneas. 

Zhan Cheng "If I was to walk up to that lady and tells her that I have her husband eye cornea would she then assume I am her husband? Ya Ti and Luo Han are different people. Ya Ti has her own life to live." 

Shaking her head at Zhan Cheng's words, Ya Ti mutters "You don't understand how I feel" and runs away. 
Bo Yan's "the undemanding but always present" care of Vanessa finally pays off, and Vanessa not only hires Bo Yan back but makes him the president of the Crystal department store Bo Yan were able to wrestle from Zhan Cheng once again by some underhanded method. 

Showing up in front of Yu Xi to tell her that he has finally achieved his dream, Bo Yan asks Yu Xi to come back to him, but Yu Xi tells him "what's once lost can't be found again. When you fall in love with someone again, don't make the same mistake as you did with me." 

Undaunted, Bo Yan replies "You loved me once, so you will fall in love with me again." 

It is so brazen for Bo Yan to ask Yu Xi to get back with him and promises that he will never lie to her again. I am guessing he is just sweeping the issue of Vanessa's baby under the rug. 
It doesn't take long for Mama Cheng to figure out something is very wrong when she catches Yu Xi staring at the lantern wooden hanging Zhan Cheng gave her. After getting the whole story from Yu Xi, Mama Cheng wants to drag Yu Xi to Zhan Cheng right away to get the whole thing out in open, but finally relents when Yu Xi sobs and begs her not to. 

A crying night all around. Ya Ti receives the bad news that her heart is not doing well at all and the doctor thinks another heart transplant is the only thing that will save her life. Knowing how difficult it will be for her to get another heart, Ya Ti asks Auntie Juan to keep her health condition a secret from everyone. 

Putting her arm around a crying Auntie Juan, Ya Ti thinks to herself "My only wish is that Yu Xi and Mr. Fang (Zhan Cheng) can live happily together." 
Zhan Cheng shows up at Yu Xi's house in hopes to talk to her again, but is send away by a very apologetic Mama Cheng when Yu Xi refuses to meet with him. 

Standing outside of the house, Zhan Cheng press the ringer button that Yu Xi gave him while he was still blind. Holding the ringing call device, Yu Xi also remembers that she had promised Zhan Cheng that whenever he rings it, she will run to his side. 

Chasing Zhan Cheng down, Yu Xi tell Zhan Cheng again to not come find her anymore because she has nothing more to discuss with him. Refusing to let Yu Xi end their relationship in such a way, Zhan Cheng asks "The Cheng Yu Xi I know is not someone who will enter into a relationship lightly. Who are you doing this for?" If we had to go the noble idiot rout on Yu Xi's part, it is super nice to see Zhan Cheng understands Yu Xi so well and figures out that she must be sacrificing their relationship for someone else she cares about. 
Yu Xi finally breaks down after Zhan Cheng's relentless questioning and yells "It's sister's heart. My sister's heart is hurting because of us. That's why Ya Ti is sick because Luo Han is sadden by the fact we are dating. I don't want my sister's heart to hurt and I want Ya Ti to be okay." 

Surprised to find out that Ya Ti already knows the whole truth and that Luo Han's heart still remembers her love towards him, Zhan Cheng takes a step towards Yu Xi, but is stopped when Yu Xi puts out her hand to stop him from coming closer and runs back home. 
Running back home in sobs, Yu Xi can hardily form a coherent sentence through her tears. Crying in Mama Cheng's arm, Yu Xi just keeps repeating "I am sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. I hurt the one I love. I am sorry, I am sorry." 

Not faring much better, an obviously distraught Zhan Cheng shows up at Ya Ti's hospital room. Sensing something is wrong right away by how drastically different Zhan Cheng is from his usually cool and calm self, Ya Ti invites Zhan Cheng to talk about his troubles. 

Slowly, the words starts to pour out of Zhan Cheng as he recounts how lost he was after Luo Han's death. Trapping himself in darkness, Yu Xi was the only source of light that rescued him from his depth of despair. 

Zhan Cheng "Yu Xi is my light, she is someone that can't be replace for me." 
Ya Ti "Then cherish this source of light. Don't ever let it diminish."
Hanging his head, Zhan Cheng replies "But now, now I am not sure if I can still do it anymore." 
Reaching out her hand to pat Zhan Cheng's head, Ya Ti tell him "Zhan Cheng, the lingering emotions left by those already departed is for remembrance, not to trap you. Time is passing so are people. Don't be afraid to say goodbye to the past. Saying goodbye is so we can welcome an even more beautiful future."
Ya Ti's use of Zhan Cheng's name is important here because up to this point she has only ever referred to him as Mr. Fang even to herself. So I wonder if this is the show's way to let us know that she is now speaking for Luo Han?? 

Smiling an assuring smile to the sobbing Zhan Cheng who is holding her hand, Ya Ti continues "Cherish Yu Xi. Only if you are living in happiness then can Luo Han be happy as well." 

Whew, that wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. I needed some tissues for sure, but all in all, the "necessary" break up was done really well. I probably would've liked a little more time spent on Zhan Cheng's conflict after finding out Luo Han's heart still remembers her love towards him but I am happy enough with how the writer resolved the whole issue. 

I am curious though if the writer will choose to let Ya Ti keep Luo Han's heart or not. I personally would vote yes, since aside from Luo Han's emotion towards Zhan Cheng she obviously was very passionate about the importance of being a donor so more people can be saved. So I am hoping after this "goodbye" meeting between Zhan Cheng and Luo Han (via Ya Ti), maybe Luo Han's heart would stop acting up and just be a good little heart for Ya Ti. 


  1. Thank you for this recap.

    I watched this episode last night. It's rare to see a hero sobbing in a drama. My heart goes for Zhan Cheng. I feel ugly seeing myself after a good crying session with him. LOL.

    1. Well, I think we can all cry beautifully if there is a team of make up artist waiting to the side to do their magic between takes. Although my eyes puffs up like crazy whenever I cry so I am not sure there is enough magic to save me.

    2. You and me both. No make up artist can save us. HAHA

  2. I actually didn't find this episode as frustrating as I thought it would be. Yu Xi may be too nice for her own good for taking all unnecessary blame and sacrifing her love but that's how she has been since day 1 so I understand her thoughts and actions. Fortunately, Zhan Cheng knows her well and he could figure out that she broke up with him in consideration of someone else and not because she doesn't love him. I noticed too that during Ya Ti-Zhan Cheng's conversation that she called him Zhan Cheng for the first time. I also think it is because at that moment it was actually Luo Han that was talking to him and not "Ya Ti", I think he sensed it too that's why he was crying so hard because he finally got the support and blessing from Luo Han.

    Performance-wise I think Rong Rong's crying skills have improved a lot since In A Good Way. I felt bad for her watching the BTS how she couldn't stop crying even after they had finished filming.

  3. This is embarrassing but I cried reading your recap. Thanks for the lovely recap as usual!