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Monday, May 11, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 18 Recap

Yu Xi confesses to Ya Ti that she and Zhan Cheng has already broke up. When Ya Ti worriedly asks Yu Xi for the reason of their sudden break up Yu Xi insists that she simply realized her feelings for Zhan Cheng were not real. 

However, it doesn't take long for Ya Ti to find out the truth when Mama Cheng pays her a visit because she can't stand watching Yu Xi in pain anymore. Looking at Mama Cheng who only has thoughts for her own daughter, Auntie Juan stands up as Ya Ti's champion. Thanks to Ya Ti who quickly calms the raising tension in the room, both women agree that Ya Ti and Yu Xi are both stubborn foolish girls who are willing to suffer in silence for other people's happiness. 

In the midst of worrying about Yu Xi, Mama Cheng is at least getting great comfort from welcoming Yu An home now that he is not a priest anymore. Ecstatic to find out that Yu An is officially "on the market", Fei Fei pops up at Yu An's house and throws her arms around him. 
Strutting around the Crystal Department store with a secretary listening to his every order, Bo Yan seems to be on top of the world... until he goes into a board meeting with Zhan Cheng who effortlessly shreds his proposal in front of everyone. 
Furious to be dragged down from his high horse once again by Zhan Cheng, Bo Yan is sorely tempted to run Zhan Cheng over with his car but stops at the last minute. Having seen the whole heated exchange between Zhan Cheng and Bo Yan, Vanessa stops Bo Yan before he punches Zhan Cheng. 

Chiding Bo Yan, Vanessa reminds him of the amount of trouble HE would get into if he actually did hurt Zhan Cheng. While Bo Yan seems surprised that Vanessa is concerned about him instead of Zhan Cheng, it doesn't sway his focus on Yu Xi. 

In fact later on, when Vanessa asks Bo Yan if there are other reasons why he insists on targeting Zhan Cheng, Bo Yan freely admits that Yu Xi is the reason why he dislikes Zhan Cheng so much. Zhan Cheng goes on to admit that he is still in love with Yu Xi but he also tells Vanessa that she herself still harbors feelings towards Zhan Cheng. Putting her hands to her stomach, Vanessa lightly shakes her head and says "Not anymore, I only think of the baby now." It seems pretty obvious that Vanessa probably wouldn't mind if Bo Yan could step up and become a father to her baby.
Zhan Cheng shows up at Yu Xi's house again and calmly tells her "you have expressed your feelings very clearly but I haven't made my own feelings clear." 

Putting his hands around Yu Xi's shoulder, Zhan Cheng tells Yu Xi that his love for her will not change and as they promised in the past, they will face whatever comes their way together. Zhan Cheng assures Yu Xi that as someone who loved Luo Han deeply, he wants Luo Han's heart to stay well as much as her so he will do everything in his power to make sure Luo Han's heart goes on living in Ya Ti's body. 
Zhan Cheng leaves after putting something in Yu Xi's hand. Tears swells up in Yu Xi's eyes when she opens her hand and sees the rock Zhan Cheng gave her. A flash back reminds us of the conversation between Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng where he compares himself to a stubborn rock that will not change (in regards to her) no matter what. 
Fei Fei drops a bomb on Yu An and Mama Cheng when she announces that she has been accepted to a school overseas and will be leaving soon to study abroad. 

In her mind, Fei Fei silently urges Yu An to just open his mouth and asks her to stay but to Fei Fei's great disappointment, Yu An only wishes her luck. 
Ya Ti tricks both Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi to both show up at Auntie Juan's B&B to help her bake cookies. Totally uncomfortable to be working along side of Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi looks away whenever Zhan Cheng smiles at her. 
Despite Yu Xi's intense awareness of Zhan Cheng's presence, she nonetheless starts to loosen up especially when both Willian and her best friend also join them at the B&B. Ahh... BBQ!!! My most cherished childhood memory. 
Taking the opportunity while she is alone with Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi finally confesses her own feelings to him. Surprised by Ya Ti's sudden confession, Zhan Cheng apologizes to Ya Ti for his inability to reciprocate her feelings since Yu Xi is the only one for him now. Ya Ti presses Zhan Cheng by reminding him of Luo Han's heart that is inside of her, but Zhan Cheng tells her that while he did love Luo Han deeply, Yu Xi is the one that helped him accept the fact Luo Han is gone for good. 

Hiding out of sight not too far away, Yu Xi is visibly moved by Zhan Cheng's words. 
Fortunately for those of us who is starting to like Ya Ti in the last few episodes, it turns out Ya Ti knew the whole time Yu Xi was there and purposefully confessed to Zhan Cheng to show her that even if Yu Xi breaks up with him, Zhan Cheng still won't accept Ya Ti. 
Later that night, Zhan Cheng knocks on the wall that is between his and Yu Xi's room. Remembering her own promise to Zhan Cheng back when he was still blind that when he knocks on the wall she would come running, Yu Xi hesitates on her side of the wall and simply can't bring herself to answer back. 
What might have remained a quiet night with Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi keeping to their respective room is all the sudden broken when the power goes off and Yu Xi screams in fear before she can stop herself. Zhan Cheng rushes to Yu Xi's room and invites himself in even when Yu Xi tries to put on a brave face. 

Sitting in the other room with their ears to to wall, both William and Yu Xi's best friend gleefully laugh that shutting off the power was the best way to get Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng together. 
Unfortunately, despite's William's great hope, Zhan Cheng was the perfect gentleman and both of our leads just showed us how prettily they can sleep in the most uncomfortable position.  
Well... Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng did take turn waking up in the middle of the night and look at each other with yearning. 
Yu Xi wakes up the next morning to find herself alone with only two lollipops Zhan Cheng has left for her to indicate he was ever there. (The lollipops are a substitute for cotton candy that Yu Xi loves to eat when she is sad.) 

Remembering Ya Ti's encouraging words for her to chase after her happiness bravely, Yu Xi gathers up her courage to go find Zhan Cheng only to find out that he just barely left. 
Watching Zhan Cheng's car driving away, Yu Xi cries out his name and tearfully apologizes for hurting him and begs him to not leave her. 
When Yu Xi is at the end of her sobbing confession, an arm all the sudden appears around her and Zhan Cheng's voice sounds "I will never leave you behind." 


A very satisfying episode to watch! Kudos to the writer, this was probably one of the most logical and well written reconciliation plot I have ever seen. You guys probably can all name those terrible ones where the two leads have to go through a bunch of cry feast, then a forced separation usually involving an airport scene and then magically after a time jump the two leads are all the sudden back together. Some of the really bad ones don't even bother to solve the problem that separated the two leads in the first place.  

Anyhow, I really like the fact Zhan Cheng was able to express himself in a very rational way and thanks to Ya Ti's "confession", Yu Xi was able to admit her foolishness in thinking that Zhan Cheng's feelings can be changed just by their break up. 

On Yu An's front though, I am pretty frustrated with the boy. From the preview it looks like Yu An might finally snap to it by stopping Fei Fei from leaving... BUT for a guy who is so stuffy though this whole thing I almost would rather if the writer makes Yu An ended up having to follow Fei Fei overseas and chase the girl down for once. 


  1. Ya Ti has earned a cookie from me for being the least annoying 2nd lead in recent time. I would have popped a vessel if ZC actually got together with YT because of YX's stupid logic.
    As for YA, boy needs someone to really smack some sense into him. Here he has this rich, beautiful girl who is totally in love with him, YET he just sits there like an idiot. FF you better not leave!!
    Can't wait for all the impending awesome OTP moments in the next epi (finale?).

    1. The finale is next week, on the 24th of May.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication ninja! You're always so quick with your recaps, which I love bc I can never wait for the subs! Lol I really like the lead guy in here. His character is so logical and manly, his hotness definitely helps too. Lucky Rong Rong! This drama is pretty cheesy, but I like me some of that guey goodness every now and then. THe flow of the story is good and the chemistry is definitely sizzling! I can't wait to see how the drama wraps up.

  3. I love this episode so much! Basically, I enjoy everything in this episode, despite Yu Xi still going strong to walk down her noble idiot path. I really applaud the writer for keeping Zhan Cheng stays logical through and through. And oh... thank you for making Ya Ti less tiresome. For once, I don't hate her character because she plays her part in reconciling our OTP.

    That sense of longing when both of them were behind each other's wall is beyond words. I can feel it too.

    Do we have the final episode next week or what? From what I've seen from the preview, it seems like we gonna get our happy ending next week. Or perhaps, I've been mistakenly interpreted the preview because I don't even understand Mandarin. Sobs.

  4. I'm glad that Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng reconciled pretty fast. Due to the spoilers that the people who have read the novel wrote on fb I was afraid that drama will go down the same route but fortunately the scriptwriter spared us from that. I like how they connected things that happened and was said between the couple earlier in the story in the recent episodes such as Zhan Cheng being a stubborn stone and that whenever he needs Yu Xi he could press on the call device/ knock on the wall.

    Like tqah.y I also think the scene of ZC and YX standing against the wall and longing for each other was well done. Good job to Kingone and Rong Rong. I really like the chemistry that they share.

    I had hoped to see more of them after getting back together but they had to end it with the backhug (it was sweet though). And Yu Xi finally calls him Zhan Cheng instead of Boss :)

  5. I really like how Zhan Chen responds to Bo Yan's proposal for changes to the department store. He is firm and polite and comes up with such clear, calm, arguments. This is what really makes Bo Yan crazy. I also think it important that they showed how Zhan Chen really thinks Bo Yan has potential--if he doesn't get too greedy and learns to be patient. The irony is that this would probably make Bo Yan even more angry.

    As for Yu An and Fei Fei: I have no patience for either. I want both to grow up more. It's like Fei Fei expects him to like her because she likes him. She is the first girl he has ever been interested in. He is the first boy she has loved besides her brother.