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Monday, May 18, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 19 Recap

Thinking Zhan Cheng has given up on her and left, Yu Xi sobs out her apology as she stands in the middle of the street. Yu Xi's sobbing stops short as an arm comes around and hugs her from behind and Zhan Cheng's reassuring voice sounds "I will never leave you." 

Happily watching the the reconciled couple in an embrace, Ya Ti smiles with satisfactions.  

Back at home, Mama Cheng is also overjoyed to see her son, Yu An was able to convince Fei Fei to stay.. actually it didn't take that much since Yu An was hardily able to finish his sentence of "I was wondering if you ... would... stay?" before Fei Fei jumps in and said "Yap! I am staying." 

We are not out the woods yet though on this couple since Fei Fei still can't be sure if Yu An actually asked her to stay for Mama Cheng or for himself. 
Still determined to show Zhan Cheng who is the better man, Bo Yan structures all of Crystal department store's promotion to directly compete with Zhan Cheng's store. Unfortunately, Bo Yan's ploy are all for naught when with a few genius ideas Zhan Cheng was able to help his store to outshine everything Bo Yan carefully planned. 
Coming out of yet another prenatal visit with her doctor, Vanessa notices Bo Yan's yearning smile as he looks at a father tenderly holding his sleeping son. Sitting down beside Bo Yan, Vanessa tells him that she is not opposed to him being involved in their child's life. 

However, the slowly closing distance between Bo Yan and Vanessa becomes a deep chasm once again when Chairman Kao (Vanessa's mother) wakes up from her coma and is decidedly unhappy to see Bo Yan still loitering around her daughter.   
Zhan Cheng punches Bo Yan when he ends up getting into a fight with William and accidentally knocks Vanessa to the ground.

Yu Xi shows up in time to see the whole thing and was even there when the doctor informs Bo Yan that Vanessa is in real danger of losing the baby. 
Furious to hear that the father of her daughter's baby is none other than Bo Yan, Chairman Kao slaps him and tells him that he is fired... again. 

His mind filled with anger towards Zhan Cheng for everything that is happening to him, Bo Yan gets an idea when he sees a tv news report about two serious car accidents that resulted from faulty brakes. 
After making sure with his own eyes that Zhan Cheng's car leaves the parking garage, Bo Yan is horrified when he goes back into the hospital and sees Zhan Cheng sitting right in the lobby. Screaming at Zhan Cheng, Bo Yan asks "WHO?! Who drove your car?!" 

At first confused, but Zhan Cheng quickly figures out something is terribly wrong and takes off running while Bo Yan follows closely behind.

At first happily driving to Zhan Cheng's house to bake him a cake for his surprise birthday party, Yu Xi starts to panic when she realizes her brakes are not working. 
Catching up to Yu Xi's car, Bo Yan tries to help but despair starts to set in when both he and Yu Xi realize there is nothing they can do as her car brakes refuse to respond and the car keeps hurling forward at a high speed. 

Unable to get through to Yu Xi's phone nor flag down a taxi, Zhan Cheng springs into action when William shows up and he was able to borrow his friend's car to chase after Yu Xi. 

In the mean time, perhaps influence by the crisis Yu Xi is facing, Ya Ti's goes into cardiac arrest and is wheeled into the operation room for an immediate heart transplant. 
Seeing no other option to save Yu Xi, Bo Yan speeds up and puts his car right in front of Yu Xi's path. The last thing Yu Xi saw before her car slams into Bo Yan's car is the peaceful smile on his face. 

Grateful to be told that her baby is not in danger anymore Vanessa tries to call Bo Yan to tell him the good news but her call goes unanswered as Bo Yan's phone lies in some unknown shrubbery.
Waiting with Yu Xi's family right outside of the operating room, Zhan Cheng feels even more guilty when Fei Fei tells him that Yu Xi was rushing to his house to personally make a cake for his surprised party.

The doctor eventually comes out of the operating room to deliver mixed news. The good news is that Yu Xi is not in danger anymore but the bad news is that due to her head injuries she has fallen into a coma. 
Looking at an unconscious Yu Xi, Zhan Cheng wonders "What if I didn't ask you to stay? What if I didn't confess my feelings to you? What if I didn't make you come back to me? If I didn't do those things than you wouldn't be here..." 

Worried about Zhan Cheng, William tries to talk Zhan Cheng into resting but quickly gave up after seeing Zhan Cheng's determined face.

Via William's report to Zhan Cheng we find out what happens to everyone else other than Yu Xi.

  • Ya Ti's heart transplant was very successful.
  • The police has confirmed through video surveillance that Bo Yan was indeed the one that cut the brakes on Zhan Cheng's car.
  • Vanessa is recovering well and the baby is fine. 
  • Bo Yan is also at the hospital but his condition is not good at all. 

Shocked by the doctor's warning that Bo Yan's injury is too serious for him to live much longer, Vanessa slacks against the wall and holds her hand over her stomach. 

Going into Bo Yan's hospital room, Vanessa smiles at Bo Yan after stopping the recording on the cell phone and asks "Have you said everything you wanted to say?" 

Weakly, Bo Yan looks up at Vanessa and apologizes for not being able to keep his promise of being with her when the baby is born. 
Holding Bo Yan's hand, Vanessa tells him of all the wonderful things he could do to make sure their son doesn't grow up lacking the fatherly love like they both did. 

Tears fall from Bo Yan's eyes as he listens to the magical future Vanessa is describing and... dies. Tenderly planting a kiss on Bo Yan's forehead, Vanessa tells him "It's okay, It's okay. You rest now. I will raise our baby well." So sad! As much as I didn't like Bo Yan I was hoping he and Vanessa could have a good ending. 

SOB!!! Boy, did anyone else cry buckets like I did? Tear jerking scenes aside though, I really consider Bo Yan's character the weak spot of this show. Bo Yan's character just didn't make sense to me. 

For the first part of the show Bo Yan acted like Yu Xi was just some fly buzzing around him, but when Yu Xi broke up with him then all the sudden Bo Yan starts to act like she was his one true love. However, despite his repeated declaration that he wants Yu Xi back, he seems to be spending more time with Vanessa instead. The act of Bo Yan cutting Zhan Cheng's brakes makes even less sense to me since why would he do such a thing when he doesn't even know for sure if the baby would be lost so a smart guy like him really have no reason to destroy his own future just to kill a guy he hates. Moreover, even if Yu Xi didn't drive the car, then as a Zhan Cheng's girlfriend wouldn't it make sense that she would probably leave the hospital with Zhan Cheng thus be in danger anyway?? 

Anyhow, all my issues aside I am still looking forward to next week's finale and am quite curious what Ya Ti would be like now that she doesn't have Luo Han's heart anymore. That surprised me too. I thought the writer would let Ya Ti keep Luo Han's heart for sure. 


  1. I pity myself and the rest of SLY watchers. We couldn't even get our moment of happiness and this kind of thing happened, a comatose girl after a tragic accident. I'm such a blubbering mess at the end of this episode. Sobs.

    I agree with you on Bo Yan's character. Earlier on this drama, I don't think I've ever found him having an interest with Yu Xi. Only after they broke up, he changed. Just like that. No reason whatsoever. If someone could enlighten me even a scene where he realised that he's actually in love with Yu Xi, kindly do so. I might have missed some scenes because I usually skipped nearly all Bo Yan's and Vanessa's parts. Yeah...sorry, but no sorry. I just couldn't stand them. Heh.

    I should brace myself to wait for the finale this weekend. Kinda torn between watching the drama and preparing for my final exam, but I know I'm a great procrastinator. LOL.

  2. I agree with you and tqah.y I don't understand Bo Yan either, I couldn't sense a bit of love to Yu Xi that he had but in this episode he actually sacrificed himself for her? It wasn't that convincing to me either.

    After the little break-up that Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng had I was expecting more sweetness in the last 2 episodes but they just had to give so much screentime to Bo Yan and others and even make her fall into coma, which will probably take half of the next episode before she wakes up and then we have Yu An-Fei Fei and William-Xiao Lin too that haven't had their closure yet which gives only a few minutes left for YX-ZC. (that isn't enough)