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Monday, May 25, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 20 (The End) Recap

Sigh... I was so excited to watch the last episode, but now I am sad to not have this show on my watch list anymore!
Someone Like You Episode 20 Recap
Vanessa shows up at Yu Xi's hospital room to ask Zhan Cheng for permission to play Bo Yan's last message to Yu Xi for her.
In a raspy voice, Bo Yan tells Yu Xi "After I met you, because of how amazing your are, love became the last thing in my life that I needed to worry about.  So instead I wasted all my time pursuing things that had no lasting value. Yu Xi, I am sorry for all the pain I caused you." Bo Yan goes on to ask Yu Xi to tell Vanessa "I think I have started to fall in love with her." Surprised to hear Bo Yan confession, Vanessa puts a hand on her stomach and smiles through her tears.
In deep pain to see her precious daughter in a coma, Mama Cheng cleans Yu Xi's room and cooks her favorite food in hopes that she will wake up moment. Perhaps feeling the fragility of life, Mama Cheng gathers up her courage and tells her son Yu An the truth about his adoption. Nodding calmly, Yu An tells a rather stunned Mama Cheng that he has known for a while but hasn't said anything because it doesn't change the fact Mama Cheng is his mother.

With all the family around him, Zhan Cheng tells Mama Cheng his determination to marry Yu Xi. Happy to hear of Zhan Cheng's intention but feeling guilty that he would be marrying her daughter who might never wake up, Mama Cheng is hesitant to give her consent. However, Zhan Cheng's whole family rallies around Zhan Cheng and convinces Mama Cheng that they are firm in their determination to have Yu Xi in their family.
Gathered with all their loved ones, Zhan Cheng says the wedding vow that he will cherish Yu Xi through happiness, sickness, for richer, for poorer and to love her with his whole life. (Sounds a lot cooler in Chinese but it was a really lovely marriage vow.)

Walking with a rather dejected Fei Fei because she didn't get the bride's bouquet (Mama Cheng threw it for Yu Xi), Yu An quietly listens as Fei Fei expresses her envy for Yu Xi who despite being in a coma still had her brother who was willing to go to such an extent for her. When Fei Fei wonders out loud if there would be any man who would do such things for her if she was in Yu Xi's situation, Yu An doesn't say anything but instead he just grabs Fei Fei's hand and walks away holding hands. Surprised by Yu An's gesture, Fei Fei's face quickly breaks into a smile.
As Yu Xi's husband now, Zhan Cheng takes care of an unconscious Yu Xi tirelessly at his home. Playing the musical card Yu Xi gave him before, Zhan Cheng tells Yu Xi "Sleep more if you are really tired, but don't make me wait too long. I want to live happily with you now."
Yu Xi FINALLY regains consciousness. Gently pulling her hand out of a sleeping Zhan Cheng's hand Yu Xi is mildly surprised when she sees the matching wedding rings. I was really afraid she wouldn't wake up until the last second. 
Sitting in the living room, Yu Xi smiles through her tears as she watches her wedding video and each of her love ones' well wishes. As Yu Xi repeats the wedding vow with Zhan Cheng's voice she touches his face on the tv screen and sobs "I heard, I really heard it all." So she actually did hear the wedding vow while she was in a coma so that was why she could recite it with the wedding video. 
The next morning a disoriented Zhan Cheng wakes up to find Yu Xi gone from their bed and after searching high and low he stops in amazement when he notices a figure sitting on the deck.
Wiping away the tears on his face, Zhan Cheng calmly sits down by Yu Xi in an manner that he has done hundreds of time before. In a even calmer voice Yu Xi asks "I feel like I was in a long dream. Are we married now?" With laughter in his voice, Zhan Cheng replies "Yap, you are my wife now." Pulling her into his arms, Zhan Cheng says "Yu Xi, thank you for waking up. Thank you for coming back to me."
Yu Xi presents Zhan Cheng with a birthday cake and gets him to make three birthday wishes.

Zhan Cheng "My first wish is that all our love ones will stay healthy and safe. My second wish is that we can be happy forever. My third wish..."
Yu Xi "You can whisper your third wish to me."
Zhan Cheng "Nope, it's a secret."
Yu Xi "Hey! We are married now... tell me..."
Before Yu Xi can finish her sentence Zhan Cheng swoops in for a kiss. I guess we know what the third wish is now. 
Yu Xi goes home with Zhan Cheng and Ya Ti to surprise Mama Cheng who is overwhelmed to see her daughter standing in front of her. Holding tightly to Yu Xi, Mama Cheng sobs out "I missed you so much!"
Watching Ya Ti who is looking at her and Yu Xi with longing in her eyes, Mama Cheng makes the suggestion that she becomes Ya Ti's godmother. Overjoyed that she and Ya Ti could become real sisters, Yu Xi happily urges Ya Ti to agree. Smiling shyly, Ya Ti agrees.
At the orphanage, Fei Fei and Yu An is back to practicing for another stage show. Except this time, instead of Snow White, Fei Fei is the beauty that needs to kiss the dying beast. Puckering up her lips, Fei Fei slowly lowers her head but before their lips touch Yu An quickly opens his eyes and plants a kiss on Fei Fei's lips.

Getting over her shock of being kissed at the speed of light, Fei Fei plants a kiss on Yu An.
Wanting Fei Fei to be her daughter-in-law as soon as possible, Mama Cheng talks Yu Xi into approaching Fei Fei about marriage. Impatient after watching her mother stumbling over her words, Yu Xi blurts out "Would you marry my brother?" Not hesitating at all, Fei Fei happily replies "Yes! I am very happy to marry Yu An." Ha, I have been kinda impatient with this couple at times but I have to admit Fei Fei's personality is actually quite cute. There is just no guile in this girl.
Watching with envy of all the husbands with their pregnant wives, Vanessa smile with gladness when she sees a healthy Yu Xi standing in front of her. Yu Xi convinces Vanessa to not only let her go to the doctor appointments with her but to also let Zhan Cheng and herself to become the baby's godparents.

No longer competitors with each other, Vanessa and Zhan Cheng were able to take their department stores to a new height by working together instead of against each other.
Ready for more sweet scenes? Standing in their backyard, Zhan Cheng starts to take Yu Xi's wedding ring off. Clutching her hand to her chest protectively, Yu Xi says "You married me already, you can't change your mind now." Ha! I love that line. 

A bit speechless by Yu Xi's words, Zhan Cheng assures her that he is never going to change his mind. Taking Yu Xi's wedding ring, Zhan Cheng kneels down and proposes to her "Will you be my one and only happiness?"

Taking Zhan Cheng's wedding ring off as well, Yu Xi recites the same wedding vow Zhan Cheng said to her during their wedding but this time we end the vows with a proper kiss.
Gathered together again to send Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi off on their honeymoon, all of Yu Xi's family and friends has a good laugh at her expense when it comes out that she has accidentally seen Zhan Cheng naked while he was still blind. Remember Zhan Cheng's shower scene? 
Wishing the couple well on their honeymoon trip, William reminds the happy couple of their parents' wish to have grandkids soon. Romance all around, the show was also nice enough to let us know that William did get together with Yu Xi's friend who has been crushing on him since the beginning of the show.
Waving goodbye to their family and friends, our happy couple sails off to the sunset.


Whew, I wanted some sweet scenes and boy did I get it. As the endings go, this one was really quite good. There were some minor things that popped up that I kinda had to push away while I was watching the show (ie. how did Yu Xi get up and move around so easily after being in a coma for so long) BUT I decided to just ignore those and enjoy the warm fuzzies.

All in all, Someone Like You is definitely one of the few T-drama that was able to keep up a good quality of plot and acting all the way to the end. Not to mention the production's incredible ability to shoot heart melting scenes. 
Lorene Ren's acting improved a whole lot in this show and I really think Yu Xi's character suited her personality perfectly.

I really didn't notice Kingone Wang a lot in the past. He was a familiar face to me but quite forgettable one but Someone Like You has cemented his male lead status for me and I will be sure to keep a look out for his next project.

This show also had some of the funniest BTS I have ever watched in T-dramas. Judging by the BTS, it is apparent that the cast enjoyed each other's company a lot.
Before we say goodbye to this show I thought this BTS was hilarious. This is a night scene when Lorene Ren was trying to say Yu Xi's wedding vows. Watching Lorene practicing like crazy, Kingone Wang tells her "If you can pass it in one go then I won't do a deep kiss (this is straight Chinese translation I am assuming he means French kiss?)" Of course, Lorene couldn't pull it off in one go and ended up having to do another take. Both Lorene and Kingone burst out laughing when she failed to say all her lines right. The tag line for Kingone says "I knew you would need another take." 

The second picture is when the two finishes their kissing scene and Lorene looks back at the director thinking that's a wrap but then the director calls out now they have to do another kissing scene so the camera can shoot from another angle. Kingone laughs at Lorene's and points his fingers at the director to show his gratitude. The tag line for Kingone says "Yap, that's the way we do it." 


  1. I think this drama wrapped up nicely. What I really liked with the last episode was the proposal scene and how Yu Xi recited the vow. I didn't expect it. It thought it was very sweet and touching. You could feel the happiness and love just by looking at their eyes. Applauses to Kingone and Rong Rong for building up such good chemistry.

    I agree with you regarding the leads' performances. I think Rong Rong has improved a lot since In A Good Way, her emotional scenes have become better and her "romantic" scenes are also more natural now. Kingone has always been a good actor but I'm with you that I didn't really pay attention to him much until SLY. He is not only a good actor I find him very funny as well, his humour and how he seems to always want to add kissing scenes. :D

  2. Wow! I marathoned through the previous episodes of Someone Like You yesterday (I started watching it yesterday!), and I fell in love with it. And your recap has helped me see the episode in a new perspective. And the BTS scenes were really cute! I can't believe that I fell in love with a drama this quickly!

  3. Thank you Ninja (what should I call you?) for this recap. I enjoy my journey watching SLY by reading your recap and watching the drama over and over again. This drama had me good. I love both leads equally.

    I love everything in this episode, but the most favorite is the one where Zhan Cheng discovered Yu Xi woke up from her coma. The moment he said "Thank you for waking up" I cried like crazy (when did I never waste my tears for this drama anyway). The OST is not helping too.

    Kingone Wang loves pulling pranks on Rong Rong. To add to what Susan has mentioned, I think he enjoys the kissing scenes so much. LOL. I really wish someone would sub all their BTS. So much goodness that I missed. Too bad I can only understand like 20-30% Chinese.

    1. Haha, yes, all that is in Kingone's mind is "Deep kiss". In the last BTS when they were rehearsing for the birthday scene he and the director wanted the kiss to be a "deep kiss" but Rong Rong thought it should be saved for the proposal scene and then he jokingly said in a serious manner "It doesn't matter. I don't want to kiss her." That's why she turned his head so they faced each other and said: "Let's kiss then. Let's kiss right now." These two are too cute and so comfortable around each other. Did anyone notice how she leaned her head on his back all the while? And is it just me or did it look like she was sitting on his lap?

    2. I was reading an interview with Kingone where they asked if there is any possibility between him and Lorene. I am assuming he is mostly just being nice but he did reply that Lorene is his type in looks and that he really likes her personality.

    3. I have read that too and Rong Rong was asked the same question as well. She didn't deny the possibility either and said that they can be friends first. She also expressed that she has always admired him and that she has said since the beginning that she quite likes him.
      It didn't cross my mind that Kingone and Rong Rong said as they did was because they were being nice, perhaps it is because I'm one of the SLY fans who would be really happy if they became a real-life couple, but I did go back to read hers and Lego Lee's rumours last year and I thought she was more direct with denying their "relationship" and didn't give these ambigious replies as this time.

    4. I read that interview too. I would enjoy it so much if they do go from reel-to-real couple. They have so much chemistry with each other, but hey...beggars can't be choosers. I'll take whatever it is for now.

      I noticed that one scene mentioned by you, Susan. I did a double check to see whether Rong Rong did sat on Kingone's lap, but I don't think she did. They shared the same chair with Kingone sat on the very edge of that chair. I think he got a cramp afterwards. And yes, Rong Rong leaned on him so much.LOL.

    5. Thanks for double-checking that tqah.y. I was thinking if she did really sit on his lap then that's already more than what normal friends would do. But nevertheless, the BTS was still full of cuteness between the two.

  4. I think she had to be real direct about denying anything romantic between her and Lego Lee since he supposedly has/had a girlfriend then. I am assuming (judging by how enthusiastic he was about kissing her) Kingone is not attached .... yet! Ha, we could all hope couldn't we?

    1. Yes, Kingone is single. He attended another function a few days ago and was asked what his criteria of his ideal type is and the reporter asked whether Rong Rong would be his choice. He said that she is absolutely his choice (that she meets his criteria) and that he really admires her. The reporter also asked whether there are other female artists that he admires. He said that except for Rong Rong there isn't any other at the moment. He got the question again whether there's a chance for further development which he answered with "I'll leave it to fate."