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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Producers Episode 1 & 2 Summary and First Impression

Drama: The Producers

Synopsis: A story that follows the lives of four characters who lives the crazy world of the entertainment industry. This writer for this show is the same one that wrote Kim So Hyun's last hit show My Love From The Stars

Tak Ye Jin (Kong Hyo Jin) - A veteran in the entertainment industry, Ye Jin is the director of a variety show called "Music Bank". A woman who is not above fibbing a bit so she can look good in front of the company newbies, Ye Jin is nonetheless quite skilled at her job.
Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun)- An ivy league graduate who makes the unexpected choice to become a rookie PD in order to be close to his crush.

Ra Joon Moo- Another seasoned PD whose once popular variety show is in danger of getting the ax. Friends with Ye Jin since childhood, Joon Moo is letting Ye Jin live in his house for four month after a night of drunkenness where he wakes up to find out that he has somehow agreed to let Ye Jin move in.
Cindy- A famous singer who has been working in the industry since she was 13. Nicked named "Ice Princess" for her cold attitude towards everyone and everything around her, nothing seems to excite Cindy.
The Producers Episode 1& 2 Quick Summary 
Baek Seung Chan's first day as a rookie in the entertainment industry didn't go well at all. After following his crush, Yoon Hee all the way to KBS station just because she works there, Seung Chan's hope is ruthlessly crushed when all the rumor in the station points to the fact Yoon Hee is already dating Joon Mo, an experienced PD.

Seung Chan's luck worsens when Ye Jin accidentally dents his father's car in the company parking lot. Taking Ye Jin's words of "Just tell me how much it costs to fix the car, I am not someone that will take advantage of other people" at face value, Seung Chan and his family decide that the polite thing to do is to ask Ye Jin for the full amount of the repair cost.

Despite requesting to be put in Yoon Hee's department, Seung Chan is assigned to Joon Mo's team instead. Seung Chan arrives just in time to see everyone in Joon Mo's team trying to get out of being the one to inform actress Youn Yuh Jung that all of the cast member in the 2 Days and 1 Night is being let go.

Unanimously everyone decides that newbie Seung Chan is the perfect person to be the one to deliver the bad news to actress Youn. Unfortunately, Seung Chan botch the meeting and Actress Youn walks away believing he was just there to let her know how much 2 Days & 1 Night is afraid to lose her. 
Furious to be the last one to know, Actress Youn chews out Joon Mo for not having the guts to tell her the truth himself. Shamed that he has to let down the one person who joined 2 Days & 1 Night all because of him, Joon Mo can only hang his head and mutter his apology. 
I like this particular story line especially when the actress forgives Joon Mo and gives Seung Chan some much needed encouraging words. 
Still hoping that maybe Seung Chan would wise up and not ask her for the car repair cost, Ye Jin is the friendliest sunbae towards him ... until she finds out that he really didn't catch all the hints and is stunned by the amount of money Seung Chan's father has asked for. 
A down trodden Seung Chan walks home and overhears Ye Jin and Joon Mo both promising to make his life a living hell in the company from now on. 
While Seung Chan expression remained fairly stoic when he hears Ye Jin and Joon Mo's conversation, his expression quickly turned into one of a surprise as he watches Ye Jin and Joon Mo entering into the same apartment. 

First Impression:

Hmm... I might've had too high of an expectation for this show because the first two episodes felt sooooo slow. If it wasn't for the fact that I really like Kong Hyo Jin and is curious how she would do with Kim Soo Hyun I don't think episode 3 would make it on my watch list. 

By the end of episode two I am only mildly interested in the two romance plot that seems be starting... albeit the couples might end up switching partners soon... 

Romance 1: Ye Jin and Joon Moo 
Old friends who almost act more like families, Ye Jin is taken back when a drunk Joon Mo kisses her to prove his sincerity of letting her move into his house. Judging by the expression on Ye Jin's face, I am assuming she might actually like Joon Mo but is hesitant to confess her feeling because she doesn't think Joon Mo feels the same way. 

Romance #2 Seung Chan and Cindy
Seung Chan lends an umbrella he borrowed from the company to Cindy so she wouldn't be rained on. Instead of walking away coolly, Seung Chan fusses over the possibility of Cindy forgetting to return the umbrella thus resulting in a fine that would be deducted from his pay and insists that Cindy gives him her phone number. At first impatient, Cindy's expression softens slightly when Seung Chan introduces himself as a producer for 2 Days & 1 Night because she mistakenly assumed that he is the PD who was nice enough to buy her dinner the day before. (It was actually Joon Mo, so it makes me wonder if Cindy will eventually start something with Joon Mo.)

I am REALLY hoping Kim Soo Hyun's Seung Chan character get some life injected into him soon because so far he is just not that interesting, at least not intriguing enough to be the male lead. Actually... I can't tell from the first two episodes if he is the male lead or not. Seung Chan does get plenty of screen time but I don't think it is any more than Joon Mo and at this point Joon Mo's character is far more interesting. 

Anyhow, I am still planning to at least give The Producers another week and crossing my fingers that the second try would be better than the first. 

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  1. Agreed. I was disappointed with ep 1 but thought 2 was better. I'll try 3 and see how it goes. Check out orange marmalade. Perhaps I didn't have any expectations but I enjoyed it a lot.