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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Warm and Cozy Episode 1 & 2 Summary and First Impression

Drama: Warm and Cozy 
Synopsis: Hong sisters' latest work that centers around a romance that develops in the Jeju island... sounds kinda boring but hey is the Hong sisters so I still have high hopes for it!  

Warm and Cozy Episode 1 &2  Quick Summary

Using up months of her savings from her part time work, high school student Lee Jung Joo spends it all on flight tickets so she can find her birth mom and her twin brother. Presenting all the evidences she has gathered to her twin brother, Baek Gun Woo, Jung Joo half convinces him that she really is his chaebol mother's daughter. 
Unfortunately, all of Jung Joo's hope is dashed when Gun Woo's mother coolly looks at the old picture of Jung Joo's father and calls him a complete stranger. 

Feeling foolish that she has come all this way on a false hope, Jung Joo tells Gun Woo to pretend that she was never there. Chasing Jung Joo down before she leaves, Gun Woo gives her a piece of cake to celebrate her birthday (they have the same birthday) and the two agrees that even though they can't be twins they will become people that will attract each other when they meet again years from now. 
However, when Jung Joo eventually sees Gun Woo years later she doesn't have the courage to stand in front of him anymore. Working as a lowly contract employee at a large underwear company just to survive, the still glamorous Gun Woo seems like a dream that is too unreal and far away. 
While Jung Joo would like to avoid Gun Woo all together, fate has other ideas and the two ends up sitting right next to each other on a plan to Jeju island while Jung Joo is on a mission to chase down her cheating boyfriend who just ran off with her best friend and spent all her money to buy a house on the island. 

Unfortunately things are far worse than Jung Joo can imagine. Jung Joo's boyfriend has not only married her best friend but has also for some strange reason used all her savings to buy an old house that is all but falling down. I didn't get this part... why did the ex-boyfriend buy the house?? Did they (ex and the best friend) stand to gain something from it or is this just a way to get Jung Joo to Jeju island?
Murphy's law shines its light on Jung Joo and she gets a phone call from her company informing her that she is fired. With no job or boyfriend and most of her savings gone, Jung Joo decides to make lemonade out of lemons and turn the run down house into a coffee shop. 

In the mean time, Gun Woo who has been operating a restaurant on the island just because the girl he has a crush on had at one time casually mentioned that she would like a restaurant like that, decides that it's time to sell the place and move back to the city. However, Gun Woo's plan hits a snag when his older brother orders him to stay at Jeju island until he manages to repay all the money he borrowed to open the restaurant. 

Surprised to see Jung Joo becoming his next door neighbor, Gun Woo fawns all over Jung Joo when he mistakenly believes her to be dying from cancer when he finds out the bottle Jung Joo carries around with her is pain medication for cancer patients. It's really Jung Joo's mint candy that just happens to be in a medication bottle.

First Impression 

Before anything else, let me just have my fan girl scream first!!! Ahh!!! So Ji Sub!!! Thank you show! You know I really wasn't a So Ji Sub fan until Master's Sun ... and to be honest I am not sure I will be watching any more of So Ji Sub's show if he keeps doing sob feast kinda of drama like he usually does but I just love the fact they dropped so many Master's Sun references here, ie. When he tells Jung Joo "Isn't the sun lovely today." Ha! 

Okay, back to Warm and Cozy. Not bad for the first two episodes. I am not completely sold yet, but Warm and Cozy certainly seems to have potential. I am enjoying the trademark Hong sister dialog between the two leads and while I kinda miss the "cold and misunderstood" hero that Hong sisters are so good at creating I am liking the warm and loving Gun Woo as well. 
I also find the whole "cancer misunderstanding" hilarious ... although I will admit that it is a bit weird that Jung Joo would just so causally put her mint candy in some random medicine bottle she picked up in a bathroom. 

All in all, a good start and I am looking forward to the next two episodes! 


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