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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Youth Power (T-Drama)

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Drama: Youth Power (哇 陳怡君)
Airs: Friday

Synopsis: As one who was never interested in politics, life unexpected throws Chen Yi Jun a curve ball and she finds herself becoming a candidate in a political race. As Yi Jun and her friends find themselves in a world that tries to wipe away their youthful ideals, will they be able to keep their dream alive?

With childhood memory of chasing after her dad while he was being hauled away in the police car for protesting, the concept of take matters into one's own hands is not a foreign one to our heroine, Chen Yi Jun.
After finding out that her friend was a victim of a scam and has maxed out her credit cards, Yi Jun decides to hold a concert in her friend's name to help her raise the necessary fund. Hoping to cheer her friend, Ye Qing on his graduation basketball game and hand out her concert fliers at the same time, Yi Jun rallies her friends to help her. Unfortunately, Yi Jun's enthusiasm ended up distracting one of the star player at a critical time and her friend Ye Qing's team loses the game.  

Furious that a "crazy woman" distracted him, Ye Qing's best friend Zhao Yuan storms right over to Yi Jun to demand an answer. Seemingly unaware how important the game must be to the boys, Yi Jun taunts Zhao Yuan even more. Holding Zhao Yuan off, Ye Qing intervenes on Yi Jun's behalf and was able to get Zhao Yuan to back off.  
A childhood friend of Yi Jun, Ye Qing also grows up in a family that is deeply involved in politics. A numbers guy and apparently a genius hacker, Ye Qing is his mom's hidden sword while she is swimming in the turbulent water of the political world. 
Living with a girlfriend who has a high ambition to become a famous reporter, Zhao Yuan seems to be the exact opposite with his lax attitude towards his future and willingness to simply work at part time jobs. However, as one who is always willing to jump out whenever he sees an injustice, Zhao Yuan plans a protest in the middle of his graduation speech as the student representative. Citing the unjustly hikes in tuition and the unbearable amount of debt a lot of students (including himself) has to carry just to be educated, Zhao Yuan demands answers from those in power. 
Standing on the backstage, Ye Qing shakes his head and mutters "doesn't he realize he can't say those things without proof?" while Yi Jun smiles "wow, he is actually really good at this!" 
Soon, Zhao Yuan's one man speech is interrupted when an official starts to argue back. However, thanks to Ye Qing's speedy hands at pulling up "confidential" information, Zhao Yuan was able to fight back with solid evidence. Seeing that they can't win by words, the officials has Zhao Yuan dragged off the stage to make room for Ye Qing's mom. A great politician, Ye Qing's mom was able to quickly distract the students and clam the situation down. 
Thanks to Yi Qing and Zhao Yuan both helping her to spread the words, Yi Jun's concert was a roaring success and she even receives her dream guitar from a mystery person. Gushing over her gift, Yi Jun wonders who could've given her the guitar and soon catches on from Ye Qing's smile that he is the mystery giver.  
Going with her best friend to a self defense class, Yi Jun mistakenly assumes Zhao Yuan who is wearing a wolf mask as the same guy who scammed her friend. Wanting to "teach" the guy a lesson, Yi Jun holds nothing back and lets her karate chop fly. Belatedly, Yi Jun finally realizes that she probably beat up the wrong guy when the mask falls off a passed out Zhao Yuan. 

First Impression

Hmm... as first episode go the show moved fairly fast. I will have to admit that the heroine Yi Jun's personality is not exactly one that I am fond of. Yi Jun is certainly someone who is passionate about her friends and not afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right, but she doesn't seem to waste much brain power before she races out to jump into the fray. I am intrigued by Ye Qing's character who seems like a natural born politician with his attention to details but there is a sense of reluctance that seems to be hiding underneath. 

Youth Power is obviously going to be focusing most of its attention on the Taiwanese political landscape and judging from the first episode it looks like the show will not be shying away from dealing with some difficult issues. I do find the two leads' parents really interesting... maybe even more than their kids at this point. From flash backs we can see that both Yi Jun and Ye Qing's parents were once passionate idealistic people who fought for what they believe to be right... but now that they are all in positions of power that sense of justice has seem to disappear and replaced by cynicism. It makes one curious what made the older generation lose their self and also begs the question if their kids will end up just like them. 


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