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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yume Wo Ataeru (J-Drama) Episode 1 First Impression

Drama: Yume Wo Ataeru
English Name: To Give A Dream
Synopsis: Daughter to a Japanese mother and a French father, Yuko seemed to be born to have the camera shine on her. Not satisfied with the life she has with a husband who can't find a job, Yuko's mother Mikiko throws her marriage and Yuko's life on a path of no return when she enters Yuko into a commercial audition.

To Give A Dream Episode 1 Quick Summary

As the sun starts to rise on a new day, all of the Japanese entertainment is shaken by a scandalous video of a famous star in bed with a man. The video spreads through the internet at the speed of light. Unaware that her stardom might be coming to an abrupt end, Yuko Abe sleeps blissfully as her mother and her management company frantically searches for her. 
Leaving the crisis at hand aside for a moment, the camera takes us back in time to when Yuko is still a bright child growing up in a happy family. The only child to a Japanese mother and French father, Yuko's beauty wows everyone that sees her. 
Yuko's happy family is not all what it seems to be though. While Yuko's dad is perfectly content with the peaceful life they are leading, Yuko's mom, Mikiko who spends her day working as a meal delivery person can't help but feel anger bubbling within her as she looks at her old pictures and see the many things she has sacrificed. 
The ironic thing is that Mikiko is actually the one that purposefully got pregnant so she could tie Yuko's dad to her. 
Mikiko's secret resentment finally burst through and she takes Yuko to a commercial audition despite her husband's wish to keep Yuko's life simple. Without any surprise Yuko wows all the corporate executives and is soon on her way to fame. 

However, it doesn't take long for little Yuko to realize even the small amount of fame she is enjoying comes with high cost as she faces jealousies from other child stars and being forced to do things she doesn't want to. 
Back to the current timeline. Yuko's mom finally tracks her down and Yuko is horrified to see the scandalous video of herself. Pushed to the breaking point to see men watching the video in detail to find out any useful information they can arm themselves in the media war that has already started, Yuko starts screaming. 

First Impression

I don't usually watch short dramas (this one is only 4 episodes long) but this one caught my attention for some reason. Boy... I am not sure if I am glad I watched it or not. It really was kinda like watching a train wreck. I just couldn't look away yet it was so painful to watch. I am not talking about the quality of the drama since it is certainly an extremely well made show BUT the subject matter is just so tragic. In one short hour we have already seen what was once a happy family on a path of certain destruction and the pitiful woman that the once bright little Yuko would turn into. 

The very depressing subject of the fall of a child star aside, I am really impressed with the quality of this show on almost all front. This is going to sound strange but this show actually gives me the vibe of watching a J-horror movie. The undercurrent emitting from Yuko's mother and the little clues that is given throughout the show all kinda snowballs to make me as the viewer feels like a weight is pressing on me until the very last scene when it is lifted off by Yuko's scream. Such great acting and editing. 

Still... you guys know how much I hate bad endings and I just can't see this one ending well, can you? Sigh! Yet, I am still struggling with this perverted desire to see the next episode...  

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  1. This looks interesting! Tell me how it goes, would love to watch this too.