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Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Daughter Just Like You Episode 5-10 Second Impression

A Daughter Just Like You Episode 5-10 Second Impression
Well, I am a bit sad to say that my second impression of this show really wasn't that great. The mother of the three girls are still embroiled in a rather childish fight to chase out her husband who I will admit really doesn't seem to be much good for anything.

The show also make sure to spends time on each of the three sisters which really is where I consider to be the biggest failure of the show. By episode ten the youngest sister's (left) storyline is easily forgettable while the oldest sister's (middle) feud with her mother-in-law is just plain annoying. The middle sister, In Sung is the most interesting one but the writer is not developing her story fast enough to keep my interest.
It is such a shame that the writer is not using In Sung's storyline better because I am rather intrigued by her romance development.

In episode 9, ticked off that Jung Geun (hero) keeps saying "a woman can't do this... " In Sung decides to teach him a lesson about womanhood.
Dragging Jung Geun into a boxing ring, In Sung doesn't hold anything back as she shows In Sung her fighting skills...
Which means the next morning Jung Geun wakes up with a panda eye that directly lets his whole company that he was beat up by In Sung.  

Such a tragic waste of two great characters! Since this is a K-daily, I am sure the writer is saving up a lot of juicy storyline between the OTP for later, but I just simply don't have the patience to skip over 95% of the show just to watch our two leads. 

Oh, well... if any of you guys do end up watching A Daughter Just Like You do let me know if the OTP's portion picks up later.


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