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Monday, June 1, 2015

A Daughter Just Like You (K-Daily) Episode 1-5 First Impression

Drama: A Daughter Just Like You

Synopsis: Mother to three very accomplished daughters, Hong Ae Ja, a successful shopping channel host decides it is high time she ends her marriage after years of living in frustration. However, Ae Ja's husband, a poet wannabe is not going to leave so quietly. Since this is a K-daily, the story will actually focus a lot on the lives of Ae Ja's three daughters and their struggles in love.

Character Intro: From the top and clockwise.

Ma In Sung- Ae Ja's second daughter. A much sought after corporate executive, In Sung is the one companies call when they have problems they want to solve. 

So Jung Geun- In Sung's subordinate who already has a few unfortunate run ins with her before they even started working together. 

Hong Ae Ja- In Sung's mom. A successful shopping channel host, Ae Ja's three daughters are her pride and joy despite the fact that she still grieves over the death of her young son who died decades ago. 

Ma Ji Sung- Ae Ja's oldest daughter and a psychology professor. The daughter-in-law of a chaebol family, Ji Sung's is hopeless against her mother-in-law who thinks Ji Sung should obey her every order. 

Ma Hee Sung- Ae Ja's youngest daughter. A doctor at her young age, Hee Sung is much sought after on the marriage market by men from good backgrounds. 

Quick Summary of A Daughter Just Like You Episode 1-5
Getting off from working at the tv station, Ae Ja coolly arrives at the restaurant she has chosen to celebrate her husband's 60th birthday. Ae Ja breaks into a warm smile when she sees her three daughters and it is apparent from her daughters' smiles they are equally excited to see their mother. However, the smiles on the girls quickly disappear when their father and his whole extended family arrive. 

Standing by their mother, the girls form a battle front as Ae Ja coldly greets her husband and in-laws who acknowledge her effort in arranging the party with snide remarks. 
Notwithstanding the supposedly happy occasion, Ae Ja surprises everyone by presenting Daddy Ma (Ae Ja's husband) with the divorce papers. Insisting that since their house is bought by the money she earned while Daddy Ma has not brought in a single penny with his vocation as a poet, Ae Ja kicks her husband out. 

Furious that Ae Ja dares to kick her precious son out, Ae Ja's mother-in-law talks Daddy Ma into moving back in and to dig his heel in no matter how much Ae Ja screams at him to leave. 

I can tell already that Ae Ja's mother-in-law is going to be one of those really annoying characters, especially when she insists on adding to Ae Ja's pain by constantly telling her that she killed her own child. (Ae Ja's son was hit by a car when he ran into the street.) 

Ji Sung's (Ae Ja's oldest daughter) mother-in-law, Madam Baek promises to be another one of those really annoying character as well.  Treating Ji Sung like a second class citizen, Madam Baek thinks nothing of waltzing into Ji Sung's home and tosses out food against Ji Sung's feeble protest. A capable woman by all indication, Ji Sung seems especially weak in front of Madam Baek and even keeps mum when Madam Baek decides to get rid of her new curtain to replace it with ones Madam Baek herself picked out. 
Annoying MIL aside though, we do have some very intriguing and fun characters. Our hero So Jung Geun first meets our heroine, Ma In Sung (Ae Ja's 2nd oldest) when he is sent by his company to pick her up at the airport. Put off by In Sung's unkempt appearance Jung Geun wonders if In Sung could even be considered a woman. 

Jung Geun's second meeting with In Sung was even more terrible when In Sung "catches" him in the middle of destroying her car. In reality, Jung Geun hardily even touched the car, but In Sung's car was so old that it fell apart at the lightest touch. 
Already unhappy that he is settled with In Sung's car repair bill, Jung Geun is even more dismayed when he realized that the new manager that the company has assigned to a newly formed department is none other than In Sung. 
Confident that his own manager would hate to lose him to In Sung because of his exceptional sale record in his current team, Jung Geun's life is turned up side down when with a few simple words In Sung was able to get Jung Geun's manager to obediently hand him over to her. 

First Impression
Judging by the number of super annoying characters A Daughter Just Like You have I am a bit worried about how much I will have to skip just to watch it. However, I do LOVE In Sung's character so I might watch the show just for her character alone.  
I have seen tomboy heroine in K-drama before but In Sung just might be the coolest one yet. From all appearance In Sung doesn't quite fit the tomboy image since she is obviously dressed very professionally at work, but dang, this girl doesn't seem to have a single feminine bone judging by how she "man-handles" Jung Geun at every turn. I love the fact that Jung Geun really is not the effeminate type of guy, in fact he probably can be considered manly but when he is up against In Sung who comes on so strong there just not much he can do. 

Anyhow, in true K-daily fashion, LOTS of messy relationships going around but I am planning to keep checking in if not just for our two leads. 


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