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Monday, June 8, 2015

Be With You Episode 35-39 Summary

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Be With You Episode 35-39 Summary
Determined to show Daddy Zhen her ability to become someone that could help Ying Jie, Man An decides to start working at Ying Jie's ship factory as a lowly assistant.

During his nightly visit with Daddy Zhen at the hospital Ying Jie informs his dad about Man An's new job at the company. Daddy Zhen nods in acknowledgment but his expression doesn't give any clues about how he feels about the situation.

On the day Daddy Zhen is discharged from the hospital, the first thing on his agenda is to meet with Man An personally. Despite some apprehension on both Man An and Ying Jie's part, Daddy Zhen only purpose was to thank Man An for setting up the whole "elopement"so he could solve Ying Jie's long time fear of being abandoned.

After confirming with Man An that she did indeed started working at the factory to prove herself to him, Daddy Zhen tells her "I will look forward to you proving yourself."

Now that our couple finally has all of their families' approval, Ying Jie pulls out all of the tricks up his sleeve (well, actually they are all the tricks that Daddy Zhen used on his wife when they were dating) and takes Man An on dates.
Completely over the moon to be on a date with Ying Jie, Man An closes her eyes expectantly during a romantic moment thinking her first real kiss is coming any moment. (She does't count the accidental kiss from the time before.) Unfortunately for Man An's first kiss dream, Ying Jie only looks at Man An with confusion and wipes the corner of her mouth for her.
Dismayed to realize that Ying Jie took his promise with Mama Xia to heart and refuses to even hold hands with her, Man An begs her mother to "release" Ying Jie from their agreement.

After much hesitation, Mama Xia finally gives her blessing for Ying Jie to hold hands with Man An ... and maybe even some kisses.
Is this the same lady that told her son to not spend money on hotels with his girlfriend but just come back to the house instead?? I guess Mama Xia and Daddy Xia always did treat their daughters differently. They did kinda give Man Li a hard time when she stayed out all night. 
Armed with Mama Xia's blessing, Ying Jie finally kisses Man An... on the cheek. Oh, well. Man An is plenty happy with that. 
The slow and steady romance between our two leads gets a kick in the backside when Man An falls asleep on a boat she was cleaning while everyone else including the coast guard are holding a rescue operation after a passerby reports seeing a girl falling into the water.

Scared out of his mind during the hours of searching, Ying Jie is overjoyed to finally hold Man An in his arms and makes the decision to propose to her.
The next morning, over breakfast, Ying Jie tells his parents of his decision to propose to Man An. Nodding at Ying Jie's announcement, Daddy Zhen gives his approval and support to his son's decision.
Time for the not so sweet portion of the show this week. Still putting on a show as Li Qi's harmless friend/boss, Xiang Ning successfully drive a wedge between Man Li and everyone else around her when she purposefully promotes one of Man Li's friend at work while making a point telling Man Li that Li Qi was the one that chose her friend over his own girlfriend. 

After some cryptic warning from Shange De, Man Li finally starts to catch on that perhaps Xiang Ning is not so innocent in her intention towards Li Qi after all. 
Fortunately for Man Li, her friendship proves to be stronger than Xiang Ning's tricks and the girls were quickly able to patch things up. Man Li and Li Qi's relationship however doesn't weather the storm too well and starts to crack when Xiang Ning purposefully cancels the contract with the cake store Shang De works for. 
Stunned to hear with her own ears that Li Qi cancelled the cake contract out of personal spite against Shang De, Man Li finally forces Li Qi to admit that no matter how hard he tries, the night Man Li spent with Shang De still bothers him a lot. Li Qi actually wasn't the one that cancelled the contract. Xiang Ning was the one that did it. 

Sitting at a bar with Li Qi, Xiang Ning gets him to confess the whole mess with Man Li and Shange De to her. Jumping on the opportunity, Xiang Ning innocently tells Li Qi "If I were you I would keep wondering if maybe Shang De wasn't telling the truth when he said nothing happened that night... after all, only the two of them knew what happened." 
On Man Wu's (Man An's brother) front, things are looking even more depressing. Wanting to become the kind of man that his fiancee Xi Ru would trust enough to marry (financially), Man Wu quits his job and decides to open a small eatery using the money Mama Xia has carefully saved up all her life. Despite Man Wu's determination to prove himself, things becomes disastrous when Man Wu's is scammed out of all his money and Mama Xia's life savings are lost. 

Hmm... the show is starting to feeling a bit slow. The conflicts keeps coming but they feel a bit ... business like?? 
I feel really bad saying this because I would like to think of myself as one of those viewers who doesn't need makjang elements in my dramas to stay interested... however, I need ... something to pick up my interest on our two leads. The sweet innocent romance is cute to watch and all but I am not sure it will keep my interest going for much longer. (Going to stand in the corner and hang my head in shame.) 
It doesn't help that Li Qi's is really not earning any brownie points lately. I am afraid Shang De is looking better and better. 


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