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Monday, June 15, 2015

Be With You Episode 40-44 Summary

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Be With You Episode 40-44 Summary
Proposing to Man An on a bended knee, Ying Jie is a bit dismayed when Man An hesitates and asks "but I wanted to have more time to prove myself to your father." Looking at the dismay on Ying Jie's face, Man An quickly accepts Ying Jie's proposal. Shaking his head, Ying Jie puts the ring back into his coat pocket and tells Man An that he doesn't want her to say yes just out of consideration for his feelings and that he is willing to give Man An time to prove herself.  

Daddy Xia accidentally finds out that his son's store hasn't been under remodeling like Man Wu says and forces Man Wu to come clean about being scammed. Stunned to find out that Man Wu has lost all of Mama Xia's life savings, Xi Ru insists that they give all of their own savings to Mama Xia instead of pouring it into another attempt at opening a restaurant. 

Feeling bad for her son, Mama Xia gives the money back to Man Wu telling him to give it to Xi Ru. However, instead of giving the money back to Xi Ru, Man Wu decides to put the money on his new restaurant venture instead. Of course this means Man Wu's lie snowballs bigger and bigger as he has to keep expending it to fool his family and his girlfriend. I am starting to think Xi Ru is a wise woman for refusing Man Wu's proposal. 
After being bugged by her sister that she can't expect Ying Jie to wait indefinitely to "prove herself", Man An shows up at Ying Jie's office the next morning and promises that she will achieve her goal in three years' time. 

Despite reluctantly agreeing to let Man An keep working at the ship yard, Ying Jie is startled awake in the middle of the night by a nightmare of Man An getting hurt.  
Paranoid by his dream, Ying Jie orders Man An's manager to not assign her any work outside of the office... in fact she was specifically forbid to leave the office. 

Not willing to let Ying Jie interfere with her work, Man An finally gets Ying Jie to lift his orders after promising that she will be extra careful. Apparently, Ying Jie has some talent in fortune telling and a rather disgruntled Ying Jie ended up taking a wounded Man An home early that afternoon. 
Frustrated to see her precious daughter hurt, Mama Xia yells at Man An "Why can't you stop working? Didn't you even agree to be engaged already?!" 

Completely puzzled by the whole engagement talk, Ying Jie asks to be let in on the topic only to find out that apparently his own mother is already happily planning an engagement party. 

Obviously happy to go along with the engagement plan, Ying Jie shows up with his family to formally asks for Man An's hand. 
I guess having both families' formal approval gave Ying Jie the approval he needed and the real kiss we all have been waiting for finally happened!!! 
A fun side note is that the netizens jokingly accuse Bobby Dou (Ying Jie) of planting too great of a kiss on Man An for a guy who is supposedly so reserved. Bobby Dou replies in jest "I still have to keep up my reputation of being a good kisser!" 
Sad to be away from each other while Ying Jie is away on a boating race, Man An and Ying Jie stands on the docket saying their sweet goodbyes. 

Watching the couple from a short distance away, it seems apparent that Xuan Xuan is still not quite over Ying Jie as she tries to appear. 
Still wanting to find the four leaf lucky clover for Ying Jie, Man An sets out to the mountain and saves a man who was dizzy from lack of water. (Finally! This is the guy who will be a competition for Ying Jie that the promotional material promised.) 

Ying Jie comes home and feels somewhat strange to not see Man An waiting for him at work but Xuan Xuan assures him that Man An is probably just worried about getting in his way. Pausing before she leaves, Xuan Xuan tells Ying Jie that she is really happy that things worked out so wonderfully for Man An and him. Thanking Xuan Xuan for her words, Ying Jie expresses his gratitude for what Xuan Xuan did to force him to face his own feeling for Man An. 

I totally thought something was going to happen to Ying Jie but now it looks like something might've happen to Man An instead. Seriously, that girl can't stay out of trouble. 
Up to her old tricks, Xiang Ning eagerly puts on her concerned "friend" face to let Man Li know that while she was out drinking with Li Qi, he not only told her about Man Li's little "mistake" but also expressed doubts if nothing really happened between her and Shang De.

Crushed to hear Xiang Ning's words, Man Li yells at Li Qi "You can't truly forgive me and I was too drunk that night to even be able to say the words that could defend myself." Unable to deny everything Man Li is saying, Li Qi can only remain silent when Man Li storms away. 
Things between Man Li and Li Qi become even more tense when Xiang Ning sets it up so that Man Li would catch her kissing Li Qi after faking a drunken confession that she has always liked him. 

I was impressed with how Man Li handled the whole thing. She told Li Qi that while she still trust him but there is no denying that maybe their relationship doesn't have enough foundation of trust. 
Shang De scores a small point with Man Li when he is trapped in the elevator with Man Li and was able to successfully calm her down long enough until they were freed. Ahh... poor kid, judging by the foolish smile on his face when Man Li compliments his cakes I am assuming Shang De is already in love. How can you not love the kid who obviously likes the girl but tries to help her fight off the evil girl who is trying to steal her boyfriend. 
On the way to a business meeting, a car speeds past Li Qi then all the sudden slams on their break causing Li Qi to rear end their car. Refusing to pay money to a bunch of guys who is obviously set out to scam him, Li Qi gets into a fight and ends up passing out after being hit on the head. 

Remembering the image of a struggling Xiang Ning being dragged away as the last picture he saw before he passed out, Li Qi immediately goes on a search for Xiang Ning when he wakes up. Following Xiang Ning's scattered possession, Li Qi finds her huddling with her torn cloth in a state of shock. 
Walking on egg shells around Xiang Ning who is now huddling on his couch, Li Qi tries to suggest that they might consider going to the police but quickly give up when a hysterical Xiang Ning accuses him of wanting to shame her in front of the whole world. 

Worried about Li Qi who took a sick day from work, Man Li shows up at his house to check on him only to find the doorbell unanswered. Assuring a nervous Xiang Ning that whoever rang the doorbell is now gone, Li Qi convinces her to let him go to the convenience store to get a few things. Li Qi opens the door and is stunned to find an excited Man Li who jumps up at the sight of him. 


Wow, too many fires to put out. Let's start first with Li Qi's crisis. I am suspecting strongly that Xiang Ning set up the whole thing with the three gangsters. I feel kinda bad suspecting a woman setting up something so horrifying just to get a guy but judging from her confidence that she can get Li Qi even when he obviously has no interest in her, I am afraid she just might be that crazy.  Of course why she would want a guy who stays with her only out of guilt is beyond me. 
Here is a close up picture of Ying Jie's competition. 
I have no clue what the writer is planning to do with Man An. It would take nothing short of the good old amnesia to make a girl like Man An to like someone else... so I am a bit afraid we might go that route. 


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