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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Be With You Episode 45-49 Summary

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Instead of the warm welcome home he expected, Ying Jie spends his first night home in the hospital by Man An's bedside. Overwhelmed by guilt that Man An is hurt once again because of him, Ying Jie is overjoyed when Man An finally wakes up from her coma. Unfortunately, Ying Jie's joy turns to dismay when Man An pushes away from his embrace and looks at him with no recognition in her eyes. Ah, show, did you really have to go there?? 

Surrounded by people who eagerly wants her to remember them, Man An freezes and tries to shut everyone out. In the middle of the stand off, the hospital psychologist arrives to calm Man An down. The psychologist is none other than Xiao Bin, the guy Man An gave her water bottle to while she was searching for the four leaf clover. 
Gathering all of Man An's family together, Xiao Bin advises them to give Man An space to figure things out and to not push her too hard.

I am kinda disappointed that it looks like Daddy Zhen might be secretly happy that Man An's amnesia might mean Ying Jie wouldn't be marrying Man An after all. 

Man An is soon discharged from the hospital and starts to live with her family who are like total strangers to her. At the dinner table, Man An hesitantly asks "When I was going through Xian Man An's things I found that she has some savings... I was wondering if I could use that money to move out." Surprised by Man An's words, everyone chimes in and talks Man An out of moving. It is intriguing that Man An refers to her pre-amnesia self almost as a completely separate individual. 
Trying to help Man An regain her memory, Ying Jie takes her to the company to show her around. While meeting Rafi (Ying Jie's pet eagle) helped to bring some smile back to Man An, seeing her work place didn't trigger her old memories.

Fortunately despite still feeling like a stranger in her house, Man An can't help but be moved when an upset Man Li tells her that simply holding her provides some comfort.
Looking through all of the happy family pictures in front of her, Man An finally decides that perhaps she should try to reclaim her memories. 
Going with Ying Jie to the spot where she got hurt, Man An is surprised to run into Xiao Bin and realizes that he is the one who saved her when flash backs of him comes back to her. 

Taking Ying Jie up on his invitation to go on a boat ride the next morning, Xiao Bin encourages Man An to slowly find out what she likes now without worrying about her past. Smiling proudly, Man An tells Xiao Bin that she know she likes Rafi and looking at the ocean. 

Touched by how thoughtful Ying Jie is to Man An's every need, Xiao Bin encourages him by telling him "Man An told me she likes Rafi and the ocean... both of these things has to do with you." 
Unfortunately, we take one step forward and take two steps back. Wanting to help his brother, Ying Qian eagerly takes Man An to Ying Jie's room and tells her about their "epic" romance. When Man An asks Ying Jie about the truth of what Ying Qian said, Ying Jie takes out his box of treasures that contains all of their memories. 

After listening quietly to Ying Jie's account of everything they fought through to be together, Man An concludes "I know now that Xia Man An really loved Zhen Ying Jie."

Ying Jie "And Zhen Ying Jie love Xia Man An."

Man An "But, the one who loves Zhen Ying Jie is the Xia Man An of the past, not me. The one who made those promises with you, is not here anymore. If I never remember our past and remember my feelings for you then what happens? Have you not considered the worse case scenario?" OUCH!! Poor Ying Jie. 
Onto the rest of our couples. Ying Qian makes the entertainment news again when the pepperazzi catches him out with Yu Ching and capture a few photographs that make the two looks like they were kissing. Taking Yu Ching home to explain that he was only innocently helping her looking for a wayward eye lash, Ying Qian was surprised to realize that his parents were actually over the moon thinking he and Yu Ching are dating. Mincing no words, Yu Ching quickly explains she is only friends with Ying Qian and have no intention of dating him. Nodding in his trade mark matter of fact manner, Ying Qian agrees with Yu Qian's words.  
On Man Xu's front, things have gone from bad to worse. Nervous that Xi Ru would find out about his lies if she spends too much time with Mama Xia, Man Wu use all kind of excuses to keep her away from his house. Unfortunately for Man Wu, all his careful hiding was for naught when Mama Xia goes to Xi Ru's clothing shop to buy new cloths for Man An and causally asks her if Man Wu has returned the money to her. 
Caught between Xiang Ning's increasing demand and his desire to just ignore everything so he can be Man Li's boyfriend, Li Qi's guilt finally wins out when Xiang Ning tearfully reminds him that if he would've just given the thugs some money she wouldn't had to experience what she did. 
Meeting Man Li in front of her house, Li Qi solemnly tells her "You asked me to think seriously and decide if we should keep dating. I have did what you asked and... let's break up." Despite being surprised and hurt by Li Qi's words, Man An forces herself to calmly thank Li Qi for letting her know about his decision and walks away before breaking down in tears. 

Actually faring much worse than Man Li after their break up, Li Qi can only miss her by holding the packages of medicines Man Li bought for him before. 
After finding out from Man Li's friends that Li Qi has broke up with Man An, Shang De accuses Xiang Ning of doing something to break the couple up, but Xiang Ning just turns around and accusing Shang De of being the real cause. 

Meeting with the very thug that supposedly violated her, Xiang Ning haughtily hands the thug a bag of money. Dang, I didn't catch it until right then that the guy is the some person that Man Li beat up for trying to steal Ying Qian's wallet. I really don't know what Xiang Ning is thinking. Does she really think she could be happy with a man who is only staying with her out of guilt? The scary thing is that she doesn't seem to care at all what Li Qi is feeling as long as she can have him. 
While sitting with her friends/co-workers who is wondering why Li Qi is on yet another business trip with Xiang Ning, Man Li greets Shang De warmly when he shows up at their table. Shang De asks for a moment to talk to Man Li but she just tells him to go ahead and talk to her right there. 

A bit hesitant but deciding to do what Man Li asked anyway, Shang De announces that he is entering a dessert contest with the Man Li's favorite cake and he is naming it after her because "I like you and I am going to start pursuing you." 
Stunned by Shang De's confession, Man Li assures her friends that he must have been joking but when Shang De shows up to take her home after work... Man Li is not so sure anymore. 


I know Shang De has no hope of getting the girl... but as much as I feel terrible for Li Qi I really wish Man Li could be paired up with Shang De instead even if Li Qi seems like a much smarter choice. Still, I can't wait to see what happens when Li Qi finds out what a scary person Xiang Ning is. 
Now the person I truly feel horrible for is Ying Jie. That must be agonizing to have the girl you love stand in front of you and treat you like a total stranger. It is an interesting question that without all the shared memories between them, is this new Man An even the same girl he loved?  

I do find this new Man An's reaction to having amnesia a bit strange. Instead of wanting to find out her identity in the world of strangers she seems too willing to just cut her past off and move on. Having never had amnesia I just think most people would have the very basic desire to know who they were and a desire to reclaim that memory. 

However, there is one thing I REALLY like about this new Man An. After Man Li tells her the various things Man An did out of her love for Ying Jie, Man An asks with a slight disbelief "You mean even going study abroad was something Xia Man An did for Zhen Ying Jie?" 

I really like the fact that the writer is tackling the fact that the old Man An doesn't seem to have a sense of self but patterned her life around Ying Jie. That is one flaw that really bothered me about Man An's character, so I am glad that the writer has actually purposefully wrote the character that way. 


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