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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Be With You Episode 50-54 Summary

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Be With You Episode 50-54 Summary
Feeling a little guilty after her speech of telling Ying Jie that she is no longer the girl he loves, Man An shows up at Ying Jie's office to offer her apology. Admitting that while Man An's words did hurt but there was a lot of truth in what she said, Ying Jie tells Man An that he is going to start from zero with her and build new memories with this brand new Man An.

Man An goes to the hospital to attend a support group led by Xiao Bin (her therapist). Sitting among other people who also struggles with amnesia, Man An gains a better understanding of how she could best handle her situation. Wow... is amnesia that common? 
True to Ying Jie's words, he starts to take Man An out on "friendship dates" without any expectations and the two begins to make memories that belong to the new Man An.
Pained to see how much stress Ying Jie is under, Xuan Xuan catches herself before she caresses Ying Jie's face while he is sleeping. Xuan Xuan puts a jacket on Ying Jie only to turn around and find Man An who had witnessed the whole thing.

After listening to Xuan Xuan's confession that she is still trying to get over her feelings for Ying Jie, Man An makes the surprising declaration that there is no reason for Xuan Xuan to give up her feelings. In fact, Man An encourages Xuan Xuan to go after Ying Jie since she is no longer the girl Ying Jie used to love and as the new Man An she might not be the one that can be Ying Jie's happy ending. Man An keeps stressing the possibility of "what if I never get my memory back?" but what I would like to know is "What happens if you do get your memory back?" Wouldn't she regret it a LOT that she pushed her man to another woman when she remembers everything?? 
Man An tells her sister of the friendship promise Ying Jie made with her and tells Man Li that there is someone she likes. Hmm... I am assuming she doesn't mean Ying Jie since she just told another girl to go after him so does she must mean Xiao Bin?? 

Unable to stop thinking of Man An's encouragement, Xuan Xuan's heart sways even more when Xiang Ning (the one that is chasing after Li Qi) tells her that she is too timid and cowardly to go after what she wants.  Umm... did you listen to rest of her sobs about no matter what she does Li Qi still doesn't love her?? 

After much self debating, Xuan Xuan finally tells Man An while she would love to have another chance to gain Ying Jie's heart but there is one important thing Man An forgot with all her talk about chasing after what you desire "Ying Jie loves you (Man An) with all his heart... and that means he has nothing left to give me. There is no happy ending for me and Ying Jie. He has given his all to you."

When Man An still hesitates, Xuan Xuan jokes that if Man An doesn't cherish Ying Jie then she'll just knock Ying Jie on the head so he will also forget Man An and she can take him home.
Feeling an urgency to help Man An regain her memory, Man An's grandma takes her back to the country home. The next morning Man An is surprised to find Ying Jie has not only shown up as well but has set up a tent right in the yard. Telling Man An that she is going to go on a trip with her friends, grandma leaves Man An in Ying Jie's hands with a strict rule that Ying Jie can only sleep out in the tent.
Unfortunately after only one night of sleeping out in the pouring rain, Ying Jie falls ill. Bending over in concern over a feverish Ying Jie, Man An is moved when she hears that Ying Jie is murmuring "Man An... Man An... Don't leave me..." Thinking to herself, Man An wonders "Maybe being loved like this is not bad after all."

Ying Jie wakes up to find Man An sleeping next to him while holding his hand. Looking at Man An's hand in his, a look of contentment crosses Ying Jie's face.
Man An accidentally breaks one of her grandma's precious pottery that her grandfather made and the two decides to try making a pottery that looks just like the one Man An broke.
Try as our two leads might, their pottery still turned out nothing like the one Man An broke, but the two decides to fire up their pottery attempt in a kiln anyway.

Man An wakes up from falling asleep on Ying Jie's shoulder and decides to message Ying Jie's stiff shoulder as her thanks. At least Man An seems to be more relaxed from Ying Jie now...
Not given much time to feel melancholy after her break up with Li Qi, Man Li is busy trying to convince Shang De that she would never accept him. After a surprised visit from Shang De at her house, Man Li decides to gather up her troops to tell Shang De off for good... only to find out that Shang De has wisely switched his cake delivery route with Daddy Xia.
Man Li finally confesses her newly single status to her parents when Daddy Xia catches Shang De declaring his feelings for Man Li publicly (for like the third time). Unable to see Shang De being misunderstood by her parents as some jerk who is out to spoil their daughter's relationship, Man Li comes to Shang De's rescue.
Shang De's grand plan to convince Man Li to date him continues on tirelessly which resulted in a few pretty comical situations. Riding in the elevator together, Man Li kicks Shang De in his um... sensitive area when he all the sudden comes extremely close to her. Doubling over in pain, the poor Shang De tells a rather sheepish Man Li that he was only trying to get a close look on a strand of white hair on her head.

Apparently undaunted by Man Li's violent tendencies, Shang De even rent out a whole bus just so he can take Man Li home. I had no clue you could rent public transportations? Must be a Taiwanese thing since the hero in Someone Like You also did something like it. 
Nervous about his baking competition the next morning, Shang De waits for Man Li in front of her house and confesses that he is desperate to place in the top three just so he would have an excuse to go back home. (Shang De left home eight years ago when his father refuses to support his dream of becoming a baker.) 

Moved by the sadness and self doubt, Man Li quickly puts away her usual cold exterior towards Shang De and teaches him a special cheer that she used back in her school days.

The next morning, Man Li opens her door to find a tearful Shang De standing there and freezes in shock when Shang De throws his arms around her. Man Li breaks out in a happy smile when she realizes Shang De is not crying because he lost the competition but because he was able to take the third place. After a small hesitation, Man Li puts her arms around Shang De as well and pats his back. I am sorry Li Qi... I really wanted to be in your camp but the tears combined with that puppy face finally make me jump ship. 
Back from a business trip with Xiang Ning, Li Qi is taken back when Xiang Ning suggests that since he has promised to stay by her side then they should just get married. Giving Xiang Ning a firm refusal, Li Qi tells her "I will keep my promise to stay by you during this difficult time but marriage is out of question. The one I love in Man Li." Li Qi further explains while he did break up with Man Li but it was because he knew to keep his promise to Xiang Ning he couldn't be a good boyfriend and he cherishes Man Li too much to make her wait indefinitely. Awe, a good man ... but why does my eyes keep wonder over to Shang De?

In a drunken self pity feast, Xiang Ning cries to Xuan Xuan "To get him... I saw my ugly side. It was so ugly. I have thrown away my pride already so why doesn't he love me?!"

Xiang Ning ugly secret is slowly coming unravel when the thug she hired to stage the whole rape scene is actually the same thief Man Li beat up when he was trying to steal from Ying Qian. Not knowing the two man is the same guy, Li Qi is just worried that Man Li has to deal with a thug who is trying to sue her for beating him up. I am assuming some time in the future the two man will meet and the thug will have to come clean about everything. 
After spending a few days searching high and low for a very angry girlfriend, Man Wu finally finds Xi Ru who impatiently throws a set of girl cloth at him and tells him that she is only willing to talk after he takes pictures with 100 people while wearing the outfit.

Stunned to see that Man Wu is actually taking pictures with random strangers in women's cloth as she requested, Xi Ru anger is slowly diminishing.
Moved by her brother's willingness to go so far to gain Xi Ru's forgiveness, Man Li takes Xi Ru to see Man Wu at his new job as a busboy at a local restaurant. Finally convinced that Man Wu has learned his lesson and is working towards his dream one step at a time (he is working at the restaurant to gain experience before opening his own), Xi Ru forgives Man Wu.

I am pretty confused by Man An at this point. Judging by her interaction with Ying Jie thus far, I would've guess that she is starting to like Ying Jie, but then I still don't think he was the one she meant when she told her sister that there is someone she likes.

Part of me wants Man An to just like Ying Jie and magically regain her memory but it seems kinda weird to have a character like Xiao Bin (the psychologist) and not use him in some way. Maybe we can save Xiao Bin for Xuan Xuan??
Because I am sure tire of the writer playing the "oh, Xuan Xuan is over Ying Jie now... oops, she is not... oh, she is really over him this time... wait, maybe not" with Xuan Xuan's character. At this point, I really would rather if we could just go ahead and give Xuan Xuan a brand new love line.
As I mentioned in the recap I think I am officially jumping ship to Shang De's camp... while knowing full well that Man Li will probably still end up with Li Qi unless there are enough viewers who feels like me and "changes" the writer's mind. In the real world I probably would advise someone like Man Li to choose Li Qi without any hesitation but hey since we are in the drama world I am just going to do the irresponsible thing and cheer Shang De on. 

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  1. I like how xuanxuan actually has some sense and is not the manipulative, evil, crazy 2nd lead :) But then again, we already have xiangning for that role.