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Monday, June 22, 2015

Destined to Love You (C-Drama) Episode 1-4 Summary & First Impression

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Drama: Destined to Love You (偏偏喜欢你)
Episodes: 43

Synopsis: A circus performer, Qian Bao Bao takes over the identity of a female professor in order to receive free medical care for her sick mother. Things becomes messy when the female professor whom Bao Bao thought to be dead comes back alive. 
Destined to Love You Episode 1-4 Summary & First Impression
Chased by debt collectors, our heroine Qian Bao Bao decides to sneak onto a train with her sick mother to get out of town.

Chaos ensues when Xiang Hao (the hero) tries to run away from the military men that are on a mission to make sure he gets back to the the military school and he ends up grabbing onto the innocent Bao Bao in his effort to get away.

Bao Bao doesn't have much time to curse the crazy man who ripped her sleeve before he was dragged away, since Mama Qian collapse soon after. Hearing Bao Bao's worried yells, a concerned passenger kindly lets the mother and daughter into her cabin.

Grateful to the nice passenger, Bao Bao is impressed when the woman introduces her self as Xian Han, who just got back from Germany after receiving her Ph.d in psychology and is on her way to accept a position as a professor at a military school.
After making sure her mother is sleeping peacefully, Bao Bao walks out of the cabin only to see Xiang Hao standing on the train railing ready to commit "suicide" (he was just trying to escape). Grabbing onto Xiang Hao's cloth, Bao Bao "saves" him only to have Xiang Hao falls right on top of Bao Bao resulting in a kiss. Horrified, both Bao Bao and Xiang Hao claims the other to be a pervert.
Standing by the window of the train, Xiao Han (the professor) has no clue that the man she has has been missing (Xiang Hao) has actually just walked past her and that her life is in danger because of him.
Worried that Xiao Han's presence at the military school will be an obstacle to his son becoming the next student leader at the school, a concerned father of Xiang Hao's nemesis sends assassins to kill both Xiao Han and Xiang Hao. What happened to good old bribery? 

Thanks to her vocation as a circus performer, Bao Bao narrowly saves Xiao Han a few times but unfortunately Xiao Han was still pushed out of the train despite Bao Bao's effort. Xiao Han fell into water and was later rescued by a man. 
Going against her mother's advise, Bao Bao decides that the only way to cure her mother of her mystery illness is for her (Bao Bao) to take on the identity of Professor Xiao Han so Mama Qian would be able to receive free care from the military hospital.

The next morning, Bao Bao is dismayed to open her cabin door and realize that the crazy man that has brought nothing but trouble to her is actually one of the cadet at the military school. In fact, Xiang Hao is apparently THE man of the school even after a year of absence so much so that he still manages to draw a large crowd of screaming girls just to welcome him back.
Thanks to some dark hands behind the scene, a fight erupts right outside of the train station and Bao Bao ends up being hauled into the police station right along with all the boys.

Not afraid of Xiang Hao's taunting words, Bao Bao decides to accept his challenge and chooses to enter Xiang Hao's cell over another. Venting all of her pent up anger, Bao Bao lets her fist fly in total disregard of Xiang Hao's assertion that "I will not hit a woman." 

Watching the leader of their group begging for mercy under Bao Bao's fist, all of Xiang Hao's boys collectively decide to stay on Bao Bao's good side from now on.  
Thanks to her status as the newly hired professor at the military school, Bao Bao is soon released from the police station. An interesting side note: To stress the severity of what Bao Bao is doing, the show inserted a scene of where Bao Bao witnessed a man being shot simply because he was impersonating a cook at the military school. 

Unlike Bao Bao and the rest of the cadets that were released easily, Xiang Hao is transported to another prison in order to make him miss the deadline for registering for a military test. Punching his way out of the police car, Xiang Hao arrives at the military on horseback and thanks to his nemesis Chen Wen Tao who insists on waiting for him,  Xiang Hao was able to successfully complete his test. Wen Tao's father was the one who sent assassins after Xiang Hao. It is important to note that unlike his father Wen Tao is someone who value fair competition.  
Did I mention this is a show set in an ALL BOYS military school... lots of fan service scenes. 
Dismayed to find out from his father that Bao Bao has come to the school for the express purpose of marrying him, Xiang Hao warns Bao Bao to not even dream of marriage with him. 

Offended by Xiang Hao's words, Bao Bao yells her assurance that she would never marry Xiang Hao.  
The wheel of conspiracy keeps turning even in a military school and the school principle decides to assign Bao Bao to work on an impossible deal with a German arms dealer so they could have a legit reason to fire her when she fails. (The principle is afraid Bao Bao would help Xiang Hao unconditionally since she is suppose to marry him.)

While Bao Bao is a bit alarmed by what seems like an impossible task that the principle has insisted on giving her, Bao Bao nonetheless was able to pull it off easily with her ability to think outside of the box. It is intriguing that BOTH Xiang Hao and Wen Tao are against the way their own fathers do business (both of the fathers are bidding against the school for the firearms) and were willing to jumped in to help Bao Bao. 
While walking back with Wen Tao in high spirits after accomplishing her task with the Germans, Bao Bao hears the cry of a puppy and worries about the puppy's safety in the pouring rain. 
Seeing Bao Bao's concern, Wen Tao decides to build a make shift shelter for the puppy and the two bonds in the rain. 

First Impression:

Well, this is definitely not quite what I expected. I was totally expecting a much more serious show with angst galore so this was a rather pleasant surprise to find the the show actually doesn't take itself too seriously. Now, there is an inherit problem that comes with a show that doesn't take itself too seriously in that there are just plot holes everywhere that one just has to shrug away since apparently that's what the show expects you to do. 
 Plot holes aside, I am actually really enjoying this show and one just simply can't complain how pretty everything is. I also like the fact that while there are no shortage of villains, at least when it comes to all of our main characters there really are no bad guys... so far.  

The only thing I do worry about is that since we are dealing with a military show I sure hope the show is not going to make me fall in love with some beloved character just so they could rip my heart out by killing him/her later. Oh, well... at least from the promotional material it looks like at least I can expect a happy ending so I will just cross my fingers and hope really hard.  


  1. Where can I watch this drama?

  2. Thanks Ninja, but Viki doesn't work in my region. Watching it raw on YouTube. Getting the gist of what's going on, but losing out on all the puns and comedy scene coz my Mandarin is so basic! Anyway, I'm really enjoying this drama. I can't stand the nurse (sister of the dead friend), although I felt sorry towards her for being manipulated by that idiot captain's son. Loving all the bromance. Glad that Bao Bao is a strong female, able to give more than she received from all the pranks they put her through. Will wait for your views and recap of this drama. ☺

    1. Awe, that sucks about Viki. Unfortunately C-drama is a KILLER to try to recap so I might try to do a second impression on this show but no plans on recapping the whole thing.

  3. Dramafever works too