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Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #31

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 Ex Girlfriend Club (Ending next week at Episode 12)

I am really sad that Ex Girlfriend Club was cut from the originally planned 16 episode to 12. For such a quirky and fun show it seems such a shame to not allow the writer to finish the story... Sigh, I guess that's just the realities of the K-drama land.

 Producers (K-drama, Airing 7-8 this week)

While I wasn't too impressed with the first two episodes, I did find the subsequent episodes better. The only thing that still bothers me is that I still can't figure out who the hero is. I kinda assumed Kim Soo Hyun would be the hero but his character is really lackluster when compared with Cha Tae Hyun's character.
 By episode four I am much more interested in how Joo Moo's (Chae Tae Hyun) love life is going to go instead of Kim Soo Hyun's character's. Now, I don't have a problem at all if Joo Moo is actually the hero of the story since I like Chae Tae Hyun's acting and the writer has done a good job with his character BUT judging by how much money this show sold internationally based on Kim Soo Hyun's fandom I don't put too much hope that Chae Tae Hyun is actually the hero. Which brings my personal pet peeve: watching a show where the second lead is much more interesting than the hero = my poor broken heart at the end.
 I'm Home (J-drama, Aired to Episode 8)

Ha! The Kimura magic is still alive and well! Well, kinda. While I'm Home is the winner in its time slot with almost 14% rating (edging out Tenno no Ryoriban) it is still by no means anywhere near the legendary 30% rating Kimura used to pull back in the days. Numbers aside, I am finding I'm Home a great watch. I am a bit unsure how the show will be able to wrap up all the mysteries that are surrounding the hero's personal and work life, but based on the great story writing so far I am sure the end will be satisfying. (oh, wait. It's a j-drama... we might have to wait for a special later.)

 Seven Friends (T-Drama/ New)
Lorene Ren's (Someone Like You) new drama. The big cast kinda scared me but fortunately based on the first episode I think the story will still be mostly focusing on the two leads. A first impression post will be coming soon.
Cage of Love (C-Drama, Aired to Ep. 22)

Hawick Lau's new drama about a man who falls in love with the daughter of the man who killed his father and took over his family's business. Obviously a lot of angst but according to the promotional material I think this one is going to have a happy ending.

First Impression: HERE

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
A Clear Midsummer Night (盛夏晚晴天) 2012

Synopsis: Wan Qing, daughter of a rich family is faced with a double betrayal when her boyfriend publicly backs out of their wedding to be with her best friend. What looks like a certain public humiliation for Wan Qing is narrowly avoided when a well known rich playboy comes to our heroine's rescue and the two comes to an agreement to use their fake relationship to their respective benefit. Of course, as the drama gods demands, things becomes complicated when our hero falls in love with Wan Qing and has to convince her that he has changed his way. 

Hawick Lau has been acting for a long long time, but for some strange reason I didn't start paying attention to him until A Clear Midsummer Night. The hero's playboy lazy charm just seems to suit Hawick Lau really well. I guess it doesn't hurt that the heroine Yang Mi was actually Hawick Lau's girlfriend at the time (The happy couple has since married). 

Do expect some of your usual C-drama angst but if memory serves me right they were fairly painless compares to your usual standard C-drama. 


  1. Whee, Seven Friends is finally airing! I think it has been filmed since 2012 and was on my plan-to-watch for the longest time!

  2. Happy Weekend, Ninja!
    why does Cage of Love sound like the K-Drama The Princess's Man?! That was my first KDrama and I still love it so much. It's kinda my first love. Dil Dhadakne Do released and I saw it yesterday. It was pretty good, though I felt it was a bit lengthy. Right now, I'm busy reading C-Novels and writing reviews on them (asiancult.wordpress.com). By the way, do you read C-Novels? If you do, could you suggest me some to read?!
    P.S. Thanks in advance ;)

    1. Cage of Love does sound a little bit like The Princess's Man but I think once the story get going the two shows should be pretty different.

      I do actually read a lot of C-novels but mostly internet novels that I pretty much read and forget right after I finish them so I am afraid I am not much good to you when it comes to recommendations. I did really like the novel My Sunshine is based on and found the author's other work to be pretty good as well.