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Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #33

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 Destined to Love You (C-Drama/New)

Dang, C-drama is sure putting out a lot of pretty shows lately. This one has kinda of a Japanese manga feel with its over the top plot but also has a distinctive Chinese flavor to it. Did that sentence make any sense?? Anyhow, I will be writing a first impression on this one soon. 

 You Are My Sister (C-Drama/New) 

Hawick Lau is sure putting out a lot of shows lately... not that I am complaining at all. This one seems like your more stereotypical modern C-drama with lots of angst but from the small bits I have been able to checked out the heroine seemed pretty spunky so I am planning to check out more of this one soon. 
The Double Life of Veronique (C-Drama/New)
This is the show that supposedly allowed Hawick Lau to finally shed his cold rich chaebol role he usually plays since he will be playing a man who is the warm and sensitive kind. In this show Hawick Lau will play a guy who loses his memory and falls in love with a single mother.

I am planning on checking this one out if not just see to a different side of Hawick Lau... however I am a bit concerned with all the mysteries that surrounds our two leads the promotional material promises. I am worried that mysteries = standard C-drama angst = I lose interest after a few episodes. 
Mask (K-Drama/ Aired to Ep8)

Thanks to most K-chaebol drama lately, I have lost all desire to be rich because apparently money and sanity just simply can't co-exist... hmm... maybe if I am just a little rich I I can just be a little crazy?? 

Episode 1-6 Summary & First Impression: HERE

When I See You Again (T-Drama/ Aired to Ep. 3)

I am still liking this one a lot. The plot really is going quite slowly BUT the cuteness between the two leads makes the hour go so fast that I really don't care if there is a plot or not. 
Make a Woman Cry (K-Drama/Aired to Ep 18)

Sigh... I am losing interest in this one. While it was pretty rewarding to watch the heroine's jerky husband getting all jealous now he realizes his wife who according to him "no one would want you even if you stand completely naked by the side of the road" is actually a prize in a another man's eyes, the show is getting bogged down. Such a shame! I really kinda liked this one and was really hoping the story could stay interesting until the very end. 

A Daughter Like You (K-daily)

Another show that I am giving up on this week. While I wasn't exactly enamored with the first five episodes of this show I had great hopes for the two leads. However, after watching episode 10, the pacing of this show is just way too slow for me that even the cute storyline of the heroine punching the hero out in a boxing ring didn't keep my interest.  

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
9 End 2 Out (K-Drama, 2007)

One of my favorite drama about two best friends falling in love with one another. I really like the fact that this drama is more about two mature adult best friends who realize their growing feelings for each other and because they are not young anymore they have to deals with worries that probably would've never occur to them if they were 10 years younger. 

Lots of comedy but also lots of reflection about what it means to grow up. Highly recommend this one. I do have to warn you that the final episode kinda got a bit artsy (you'll see what I mean) but as ending episodes go it was still pretty good. 


  1. I'm currently watching The Double Life of Veronique. It's based on the novel by Tang Qi Gong Zi, albeit with slight alterations. And I'm really loving Hawick's role here, as well as, the little kid's. Definitely a lot of mystery surrounding the 2 leads (even more so with the deviations to the novel, but it makes it all the more interesting).

  2. I like Mask but I hope the plot won't slow down a lot in the upcoming eps. Ji Soo character is getting on my nerves. Since the series has 20 eps, at least 2 or 3 more eps until we can see stronger female lead.