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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #34

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 The Double Life of Veronique (C-Drama/ Ep. 28/40)

Checked this one out this week. It is kinda of your typical C-melo drama but it is nice to see Hawick Lau playing a warm sensitive guy. I'll write a first impression on this one next week.

High Society (Aired to Ep. 6/16)

I haven't totally made up my mind about this one yet but I am definitely very interested after watching the first four episodes. Don't go into this one expecting your typical hero and heroine but that is why they are so interesting. 

First Impression: HERE
 When I See You Again (Airing Episode 5 this week)

The cute between the two leads in this show just keeps reeling me in week after week. It looks like our heroine might finally start to figure out the hero's true identity so I am really excited for ep. 5! 
I Remember You/ Hello Monster (K-Drama, New) 

This show was a lot darker than I expected but dang, any worry I had about the noona romance pairing went out of the window the moment I saw our two leads together. I do't know how Jang Na Ra does it, but she just look so right standing right next to Seo In Guk. 

Hidden Identity (K-Drama, 4/16)

I haven't made up my mind about checking this one out yet, but Mama Ninja did and she found it quite interesting. Kim Bum sure looks different in this show without a trace of his baby fat on him... I kinda miss the softer look on him, but he does look great in his role though. 
My Beautiful Bride (K-Drama/ New)

This is another one I can't make up my mind if I should check out or not. I really like Lee Si Young... but this definitely looks like one of those drama where the ending might be... not happy.  
Mystery Futari (J-Drama)

I was in a weird mood and checked this one out. Mystery Futari is about a female detective who goes home to her boyfriend who seems to play the role of the perfect homemaker and even helps his girlfriend solve hard to break cases. I lost interest after watching the first episode since the show seems pretty formulaic in that each week the heroine probably will keep bring home different hard to break cases (which judging by the first episode, wasn't that interesting) while the hero will solve it in between making dinner and being dragged off to bed by his girlfriend. 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
Golden Cross (K-drama, 2014)
This is kinda of an atypical drama for me to recommend since romance doesn't exactly play a big part in this show and the ending is ... not totally satisfactory. However, the script and the acting in this one are really outstanding that one can't help but be pulled into the intrigue. 

Synopsis: As a newly minted prosecutor, our hero's happy life is all the sudden destroyed when his little sister is found murdered and his own father is framed for the murder. Vowing to seek revenge on a powerful foe who is the reason for his family's tragedy, our hero's grand plan all the sudden hits a snag when the woman he loves is none other than his arch enemy's only daughter. 

Don't let what I said about the ending scare you guys away from watching it. The ending was a fitting one for the show but did make me wish there was a second season.


  1. Finally found your blog again!!!! i lost you after the change!!! I hope you are doing well.
    I have started seeing this amazing drama Utsukushiki Wana and also the korean version of in Time With You. It is so funny to see everyone crushing on L's character, muahaha if they had seen the Taiwanese version they would not be building ships already, if the Korean version stays true to the original, are you seeing them as well?

    1. Welcome back! I switched my site to a .com and for some reason that made google wipe me out... :-( So I am glad you were able to find me again. I checked out the first episode of Utsukushiki Wana and maybe I am too influenced by K-drama that I really didn't like any of the characters in it. I am trying decide if I am going to check out The Time We Were Not in Love, the T-version was HUGE in Taiwan but after skip watching it I wasn't too keen on it. It felt more like a dragged out version of 9 Ends and 2 Outs but I probably didn't give it enough of a chance to be fair judge. I am a fan of Han Ji Wan though so I will most likely end up at least checking the first couple episodes out.

  2. Hi!!! as long as this site works better for you i am happy for you. I love coming here and reading your blog because your taste is varied and you always recommend the best Japanese dramas! I hope your weekend has been awesome! Sending you a warm hug from SDQ!