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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

High Society Episode 1-4 First Impression

Drama: High Society (상류사회)
Episodes: 20
Airs: Monday & Tuesday

High Society Episode 1-4 Quick Summary and Character Introduction
Heroine: Jang Yoon Ha

Working in a food market as a lowly part timer, Yoon Ha seems like an ordinary girl just trying to make ends meet but even her best friend/co-worker, Lee Ji Yi doesn't know she is actually the youngest daughter of a powerful chaebol family.

Blamed by her mother for everything bad that has happened in her life, Yoon Ha is the ultimate scapegoat even to her siblings (except her brother who is actually very good to her.) Dreaming of one day taking control of her own life, Yoon Ha works at various part time jobs to save enough money so that she can start a business with Ji Yi.

Despite "playing" an ordinary girl at the food market, it is obvious that Yoon Ha's privileged upbringing still runs through her blood since whenever she encounters unreasonable customers (which is often) her temper comes through (as oppose to Ji Yi who has learned to just toss her pride aside for survival) and thanks to her oppa, anyone who picks on her eventually has to come begging for her forgiveness. 
Our anti hero, Choi Joon Ki. 
An extremely capable man, Joon Ki has never allowed himself to forget his childhood memory of watching his security guard father bowing and apologizing even when he did nothing wrong. The interesting is that Joon Ki's parents actually has an awesome relationship despite being poor. 

Compartmentalizing all his relationships into beneficial or not, Joon Ki is quick to cut off any association that he deem to be useless... even if it's his girlfriend. To be fair, the ex-girlfriend was a jerk and tries to give Joon Ki money so when she marries Joon Ki she wouldn't have to do her duty as a daughter-in-law. Sneering at his girlfriend, Joon Ki laughs and say "Your family business is only moderate furniture store chain and on top of that your short sighted father won't be able to grow it. In other words, you are not worth my effort." 
Joon Ki's view of only cultivating relationships that are beneficial to him extends to even his "best friend" Yoo Chang Soo who is actually his boss, the heir to a mall conglomerate. Despite calling Joon Ki his best friend at every turn, Chang Soo still orders him around and expect Joon Ki to bend to his every whim. Putting up his best friend mask, Joon Ki even purposefully lose to Chang Soo in a bike race just so Chang Soo can keep his illusion that he can beat Joon Ki is all things.
The wheel of fate starts to turn when Yoon Ha is forced into a marriage meeting with Chang Soo. Having no intention of letting her family dedicate who she marries, Yoon Ha puts on a sloppy facade to meet with Chang Soo. Unfortunately, Chang Soo sees right through Yoon Ha's plans and dumps a cup of water on her for daring to mess with him.  
Chang Soo is such a great character. It is easy to dislike him when his over blown ego shows itself but there is no doubt that there is almost an innocence to him that make you forget that you disliked him a moment ago. 

I also really love the 2nd female lead, Ji Yi who is surprisingly wise when it comes to love and is trying very hard to not fall for Chang Soo when she knows it will obviously be an dead end. I love the classic line Ji Yi told Chang Soo "I like to day dream of catching a chaebol and become Cinderella but if that dream becomes too real then it is not so good." 

Knowing full well of Yoon Ha's real identity, Joon Ki pretends to be ignorant of her background and even picks on Yoon Ha as her superior. Completely clueless that she is being roped in one step at a time, Yoon Ha ends up confessing her feelings to Joon Ki and is embarrassed when he refuses her dating request. Stopping Yoon Ha from scrambling away, Joon Ki tells her "When it comes to dating, the man should be the one doing the asking. Jang Yoon Ha, will you go out with me?"

Steeped in her new romance's sweetness, Yoon Ha giggles over Joon Ki's texts and smiles when Ji Yi tells her how glad she finally found a man who can make her lose her cynicism towards this world. Sigh... I think Joo Ki might actually end up doing the opposite. 
Yoon Ha was suppose to go on a vacation trip with her brother (played by Lee Sang Woo) but unwilling to yank Yoon Ha from her new boyfriend, Yoon Ha's brother decides to go on his vacation alone.

Happily planning her date later that night, Yoon Ha all the sudden receives the devastating news from her family that her brother's yacht went down and he is presumed dead. Rushing home, Yoon Ha is greeted by her grief stricken mother who yells "WHY are you here? Why are you alive?! You did this! You killed my son, you should die too!!" Remember that part about Yoon Ha's mom blames everything bad on Yoon Ha? 
Sobbing in her room alone, Yoon Ha is starting to be convinced that maybe her mother is right and that everyone close to her would suffer misfortune. Knowing exactly why Yoon Ha cannot be reached, Joon Ki nonetheless pretends to be clueless and keeps sending texts expressing his worry that she can't be found.
Fearing that Joon Ki would be hurt by just being close to her, Yoon Ha tries to break up with him but Joon Ki takes one look at her tearful eyes and asks "Is that the look of a person who wants to break up?"

Breaking down in sobs, everything comes pouring out of Yoon Ha from her wealthy background to her poor brother who should've had the whole world but is now dead.
Well... Yoon Ha's whole breakup plan obviously didn't work and Joon Ki has official become her only hope in a sea of people who wants to use her. Poor girl, it is going to hurt when she realizes he is just like the rest of her family. 

First Impression

The first two episode surprised me since the two leads (especially our hero) were not what I was expecting at all. However, by the end of episode four, I am really intrigued. It is nice that all four leads are very interesting people in their own right and I am almost just as interested in the two second leads' romance as I am of the two leads.

I do think it is ironic that the two second leads are actually your more typical k-drama leads, with a chaebol guy who needs to be taught a lesson and an ordinary girl who is just spunky enough to teach it to him. So it seems like watching a k-drama reversal where the greedy guy is actually the hero and the chaebol lady is the heroine.
While I was a bit put off initially by a hero who for all intents and purpose is just out to use an innocent girl because of his greed, I am intrigued enough by episode four that I want to find out who Joon Ki really is. On the surface Joon Ki is just someone who is plotting every step coldly to further his own agenda but there are enough moments (especially when he is with his mom) that one can catch a glimpse that maybe he is not as cold and heartless as he comes off.

I am counting on the fact that our heroine Yoon Ha is going to rake Joon Ki over the coals once she finds out about his true intention. Judging from a few hints that has been dropped, I suspect Yoon Ha is going to be a formidable woman to go up against once she is pushed past her limit.

ps. Lee Sang Woo!!! (Heroine's oppa) I hope you are not really dead... unless you are off being the hero in another dram then I will gladly have you disappear from this one. 


  1. I'm intrigue about Upon ki too. He'll come to regret using Yoon Ha innocent love for him, as you mentioned, she'd be more formidable than her hateful father & the rest of her disfunctional family members in dealing with anyone who messess with her heart. I like Join Ki's parents, and how sweet are the 2nd leads. Hope this drama stays good all the way. Oppa is not dead I hope.

    1. I LOVE Joon Ki's parents! They might be poor but there is simply so much love. I wonder if they serve as a reminder to Joon Ki that love is great and all but it's something he doesn't want if it means he will have to live being pushed around by others.