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Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Remember You Episode 1 & 2 Summary and First Impression

Drama: I Remember You (aka. Hello, Monster.  너를 기억해)
Airs: Monday & Tuesday
Number of Episodes: 16

Synopsis: A genius criminal profiler and a detective works together to catch criminals but things are not so simple when everyone has secrets of their own and things are not so clear when even our hero could be a bigger monster than those they try to catch. 

A team of detectives rush to the scene of a crime only to see someone has already beat them there. Assuming the stranger is their new team leader, all the detectives listen with wide eyes as the stranger rattles off a list of questions they have no answers to.
The amazement on the detectives' face turn to confusion when another man walks in and introduces himself as their new team leader. The thought that maybe they've been talking to the murderer the whole time dawns on the detectives collectively and everyone turns around to look at stranger only to find him gone.

The first detective to snap out of the confusion, Cha Ji An (Jang Na Ra, our heroine) chases after the stranger who smirks as he has the taxi drives just slow enough that Ji An can keep up. The cat and mouse game stops abruptly when Ji An suddenly yells "Lee Hyun! It's you isn't it, Lee Hyun!"

Surprised that Ji An actually knows him, Lee Hyun stops and asks her why she knows him, but Ji An just takes the chance to handcuff him to herself.
In a flash back from Ji An, we see that Ji An has actually "stalked" Lee Hyun ever since they were young until they were adults. (Probably until when Lee Hyun left the country, since he is currently teaching in an university overseas.)
Jumping to a separate flash back from Lee Hyun, we follow the path of his family's destruction when his psychologist father interviews an prison inmate Lee Joon Young for his research. As Daddy Lee spends an extensive amount of time trying to figure out the twisted mind of Joon Young, Daddy Lee himself is also being studied carefully.

Disturbed by the increasing similarities he find between Lee Joon Young and his oldest son, Lee Hyun, Daddy Lee starts to wonder maybe his own son might grow up to be a monster as well. In a chance meeting, a young Lee Hyun ends up meeting Lee Joon Young while on a errand to find his father. Daddy Lee comes back to the interview room and is horrified to watch through the door window of his own son having what looks like an intimate conversation with Lee Joon Young.
Sneering at Daddy Lee's fear, Lee Joon Young assures Daddy Lee that his worst fear will come true and one day his son will become a monster as well.

Despite the rage Daddy Lee showed towards Lee Joon Young's taunting words, Daddy Lee nonetheless decides to start shutting Lee Hyun in a separate room to protect him and the world from the monster Daddy Lee is convinced he will become.

Lee Joon Young escapes from prison and immediately pays Lee Hyun's home a visit. Locked in a room, Lee Hyun frantically pulls at the door handle when he hears sounds of fighting. When Lee Hyun finally manages to escape out of the room, all is quite and he sees Lee Joon Young calmly walking out of the bathroom (I am assuming to wash his hands) while his father lays in a pool of blood.

Rushing out of the house calling for his younger brother's name, Lee Hyun falls down and loses parts of his memory when he hits his head.

(Back to the current time line)
An accomplished criminal profiler now, Lee Hyun immediately flies back to Korea after he receives a mysterious e-mail containing pictures of a crime scene. His attention caught by a painting that strongly reminds him of a picture drawn by his younger brother, Lee Hyun wonders if the e-mail is sent by either Lee Joon Young or his younger brother.
After being forced to let Lee Hyun go once it is confirmed that there is no way he could've been the murderer (he was on a plane at the time of the victim's death), it doesn't take long before Ji An has to go begging for Lee Hyun's help in cracking the case.

Showing his very impatient but brilliant mind off, Lee Hyun easily profiles the criminal and cracks the code that is hidden in the crime scene.
Going through all of Daddy Lee's interview recording with Lee Joon Young, Lee Hyun pauses when Lee Joon Young's voice all the sudden starts addressing him directly "Lee Hyun, I wonder what kind of man you would grow up to be? If you are listening to this, then I am probably already real close to you."

After a moment of being surprised to hear Lee Joon Young's personal message to him, Lee Hyun breaks out in a small smile. Well, that's probably not the expression I would have if I just heard a murderer telling me that he is close to me. 

In the mean time, armed with all the information Lee Hyun gave her Ji An is able to track down the murderer's next victim and bursts into a room with her gun raised.

First Impression:
Boy, there are a lot of crazy leads around K-drama lately... This show is definitely a lot darker than I expected with an equal amount of intrigue that is built into BOTH of our leads.

Lee Joon Young is sure a scary villain but it is equally disturbing that our hero almost comes off even more scarier. In Lee Hyun's subsequent dream, we see the scene of where little Lee Hyun watches the man who killed his father coming towards him. Except this time we actually see more details of that first flash: Lee Joon Young looks up at the young Lee Hyun "Sleep. It finally ended the way you wanted it to." In response, little Lee Hyun gives a small smile.
WHAT?! I sure hope that was just some trick of mind Lee Hyun's memory is playing on him, because I am not sure I can handle a hero who smiles at the murderer who just killed his own father. 

Just to confuse me even more, Lee Hyun's little brother also told Daddy Lee "I am not afraid of hyun... but dad, don't trust hyun." 

Now here is food for thought. What if Lee Hyun's little brother is actually the monster after all and Lee Hyun was the one that covered up for him. That would explain Daddy Lee catching little Lee Hyun burying dead bodies of small animals and him telling his father that he found the animal dead already. Of course if my theory is true that would make Lee Hyun's brother a truly scary scary kid.

Onto more cheerful aspect of the show. Holy cow, I totally didn't expect this but Jang Na Ra has more chemistry with Seo In Guk than all the other actors I have seen her with. I was at first a bit worried about the seven years difference (she is 34 and he is 27) between the two leads but surprise surprise, this pairing is awesome! Whenever these two are on screen together there are so much electricity that as interesting as the flash backs are I just wish the show would give me more scenes of the two leads together. 

BTW, Question of the hour: 

How do you even write on a black board that big?? Do all the university professors in Korea need to keep a ladder in their classroom? 


  1. Eek i agree with all your analysis. And yes. Their chemistry is off the charts. Ohhhh can't wait till they become romantically involved. Even though, it will get weirder as we trend into the monster lair. And yes. I was thinking. How the heck were they able to write on the board. Hehe

  2. Since the first episode I've been suspecting the little brother was the one the father should actually be concerned about; I'm eager to see if I'm right. The show is doing a pretty good job at being mysterious.