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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Make A Woman Cry Episode 9-12 Mini Recap

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Feeling pressure from her family to either leave Jin Myeong or have him get a divorce ASAP, Jin Hee shows up at Deok In's eatery again. Surprised to find her brother Jin Woo with Deok In, Jin Hee unwittingly let the cat out of the bag when she calls Jin Woo "Oppa". 

Stunned to find out that Jin Woo is actually her husband's mistress's brother, Deok In becomes furious once she has time to digest the revelation. Standing hopelessly outside of Deok In's store, Jin Woo could only watch her through the store's window. 

The next day, Deok In gives all the groceries she had bought with Jin Woo in preparation for their trip to cook meals at an orphanage with a few other students back to him and apologizes for not being able to go on the trip anymore. Unwilling to let things end so awkwardly between them, Jin Woo takes Deok In to nearby park to talk things out. 

In a matter of fact voice, Deok In tells Jin Woo "As a person who considers herself as useless when it comes to being a woman, all the things you said to me, your warm voice and your gaze all imprint themselves deep in my heart. I thought ah, there is a man who would actually speak these kind of things to me. But now, what's this? You are Kang Jin Hee's brother? So now I have no option but believe that all the things you did and said were only out of pity for me." Finished with her speech, Deok In gets up to leave but is stopped by Jin Woo's voice.

Jin Woo "Does love stop just because we can't be together? Does my love have to stop just because we can't be together? While you have been so cold to me the last few days, my head has been completely blank, I have no energy and it's like the whole world has disappeared."

Seemingly unmoved by Jin Woo's words, Deok In walks away. 

Deok In goes back to her store to find Gyeong Cheol waiting for her. Determined to get a divorce no matter what, Gyeong Cheol tells Deok In "I will worry about my own mother so you stop trying to put on that disgusting goody act. Please leave me now!" Feeling no remorse at all for his harsh words, Gyeong Cheol drives the nail home and tells Deok In "I have wasted twenty years of my youth on a woman like you. A woman such as you... even if you were to stand by the road completely naked, no one would want you." Devastated by her husband's words, Deok In slaps Gyeong Cheol and promise to give him the divorce he wants so much. 
Deok In locks up her store to go home but stops when she notices Jin Woo sitting right outside of her door. Without preamble, Jin Woo says "I did it because I was lonely. I was afraid I would be lonely again." He is referring to why he didn't tell her the truth about his identity the moment he found out Jin Hee's boyfriend is actually Deok In's husband. 

Taking his turn to make the long speech, Jin Woo goes on to tell Deok In how much happier he has become since meeting her and asks "At our age, is it really that important if we can be together or not? Can't we just rely on each other, and keep each other company?" 

Not answering Jin Woo's question, Deok In leaves after making the excuse that she needs to get home. 
The next morning, unable to stop thinking of Jin Woo's words from the night before, Deok In finally makes up her mind and barely arrives at the train station in time to go on the trip to the orphanage with Jin Woo. 
Looking at the beautiful children in the orphanage, Deok In wonders out loud how their parents could stand to give their children away. Jin Woo asks Deok In if she has ever thought of finding her birth mother but she replies that it is hard enough to just survive in life let alone finding someone she doesn't even remember. 

Jin Woo remarks how amazing is that Deok In could turn out to be such a bright optimistic woman, and she replies "it is easy because if I let myself think of the unhappy things then it would never end." 

In a matter of fact voice, Jin Woo replies "I will be right next to you. I will keep thinking of you. Even if I am not next to you, think of me when something sad happens. You will think "ah, that person is thinking of me, so I am not by myself."" For a character that is suppose to be very stingy with his words, Jin Woo is sure good at pouring out the sweet words. 
Not knowing how to stop her son from divorcing Deok In, Mama Hwang (Deok In's MIL) takes the drastic measure of commit suicide. Leaving a note for Deok In, Mama Hwang assures Deok In that her son probably wouldn't divorce her now that his own mother has gone to this extent. Knowing that her if her son really does marry Jin Hee his life can't possibly end well, Mama Hwang begs Deok In to take Gyeong Cheol whenever he comes back. I am starting to be a little resentful of Mama Hwang after this scene. I thought she really thinks of Deok In as her daughter but her letter sounds like she expects Deok In to stay married to her son whenever life hits him in the face and he comes crawling back with no thoughts of Deok In's happiness. Granted, even Mama Hwang probably can't imagine that some hot dude is chasing after her daughter-in-law. 

Rushing to the hospital, Gyeong Cheol is stunned to read his mother's note but quickly proves that Mama Hwang really didn't understand how much of a jerk her son is when Gyeong Cheol tells Deok In "This doesn't change anything. We are still getting a divorce." Fortunately, Mama Hwang was rushed to the hospital in time and was saved. 
Gyeong Cheol pays another visit to Jin Hee's house and the Kang family is still very much unsatisfied with Gyeong Cheol especially when he acts like he did nothing wrong in front of Jin Hee's parents. Feeling bad for his sister, Jin Hee's oldest brother offers to pay for any settlement amount Gyeong Cheol might need to pay his wife, but on the condition that Gyeong Cheol bring him the proof of his divorce soon. 

Feeling the urgency to get a divorce, Gyeong Cheol goes back to his mother's house to find Deok In only to be shocked when he sees her with Jin Woo. 
Acting like the furious husband that just caught his wife cheating, Gyeong Cheol storms into his mother's room and accuses Deok In of having an affair. Ignoring her son completely, Mama Hwang just talks to Deok In then yells at her son for wanting a divorce so bad that he would make up lies about his own wife. Angry that his mother wouldn't believe him, Gyeong Cheol asks his older brother if he could believe Deok In would be so shameless as to have an affair. Dryly, Gyeong Cheol's brother asks "And what about you who are living with another woman?" Acting like his brother is being dense, Gyeong Cheol replies "Can that be the same? I am a man. No matter what a woman should know her place." Speechless, Gyeong Cheol's older brother dumps a bowl of seaweed water over his head. Ha! I love the older brother. Gyeong Cheol's brother has actually seen Deok In with Jin Woo together once before and looks like he is actually not oppose to Deok In finding another man. 
Deok In catches Jin Woo heading off to meet with Gyeong Cheol and decides to tag along. Looking at the two men, a sense of déjà vu overcomes Deok In as she remembers the same exact set up but it was a face off between her husband's mistress and herself. 

Remembering how Gyeong Cheol ignored her and sat beside Jin Hee's during their previous meeting, Deok In sits down beside Jin Woo. After some unpleasant exchanges, an incredulous Gyeong Cheol watches with disbelief when Deok In obediently leaves when Jin Woo gently tells her to let him speak privately with Gyeong Cheol. Not hiding his feelings once Deok In is gone, Jin Woo tells Gyeong Cheol that he does like Deok In and someone like him doesn't deserve a woman like Deok In. 

Venting his anger at home, Gyeong Cheol doesn't bother to hide that he is furious over the fact that his wife might be having an affair. Not understanding why Deok In having an affair is actually a bad thing for them, a ludicrous idea all the sudden hits Jin Hee "Do you actually still love your wife and is only with me because I am from a chaebol family?" 
Sneering, Gyeong Cheol replies "You call your family a chaebol family?" Seriously, I don't get this guy. He almost act like Jin Hee is the one that should be begging him to marry her. Well... I guess she is actually the one doing the begging. 
Sitting together after a walk, Deok In hesitantly confesses to Jin Woo that as an orphan she has always wonder what her mother is like. 

Wanting to fulfill Deok In's life long wish for her, Jin Woo decides to ask his estranged older brother to help him track down Deok In's birth mother. Unfortunately, I don't think Deok In's mother is really worth finding judging by the brief glimpse that the show has shown us.  
Upset to find out that her brother actually likes a woman like Deok In and afraid that her family would choose to let Jin Woo marry Deok In instead of allowing her to marry Gyeong Cheol, Jin Hee shows up at Deok In's store again. For some reason only one person between Deok In or Gyeong Cheol can marry into the Hwang family. That wouldn't really be a problem in the west. VERY awkward family gathering for sure but not that big of a deal. 

Seeing right past Jin Hee's facade, Deok In asks "Are you afraid that my husband might actually still love me and he is just going to you because of money?"
Deok In's words rips open Jin Hee's darkest fear and she raises her hand to slap Deok In ... just in time to be stopped by Jin Woo. 

Holding his sister's hand firmly, Jin Woo tells her "From now on, don't treat her without respect. This person, this person is the one your brother loves." Melt... judging from Deok In's face she is feeling the same. Poor girl, this is probably the very first time a guy has stood up for her. 

Boy, the writer sure makes Gyeong Cheol real easy to despise. I am guessing deep down he actually expects Deok In to just pine after him for the rest of her life after they got a divorce. It was great to watch Jin Hee's stunned face when Gyeong Cheol tells her "Through all this time with you, there is not one moment I didn't consider her to be my woman." I know love is blind but it is amazing that Jin Hee can't figure out that for a man who treats her so shabbily right now he is just going to turn into a bigger jerk if she actually marries him. 

By the way, like I wrote in the past recaps I am totally skipping over the Kang family (Jin Woo's family) story line in my summary. I really feel like I am watching two shows when it comes to the Kang family story line. The Kang family story is actually getting mildly interesting especially the part about the hilarious romance of the younger generation but it really feel disconnected from the rest of the story. It is made worse by the fact that Jin Woo, our hero doesn't really interact a lot with his family anyway, so it makes little sense why I am watching the power struggles of his two sister-in-laws when he has seen them like twice since the first episode. 

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