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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mask Episode 1- 6 Summary & First Impression

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Drama: Mask (K-Drama, 가면)

Synopsis: A story of an ordinary woman who gets dragged literally kicking and screaming into the dark world of a chaebol family to take on the identity of a dead woman who looks exactly like her. 

A brief summary of Mask Episode 1-6 
On the left is our heroine, Byeon Ji Sook who is your ordinary woman who tries her best as a department employee. Worried and weigh down by the debt collectors that frequent her home (due to her father's debt), Ji Sook nonetheless has a loving relationship with her family.

On the right is Ji Sook's doppelganger, Seo Eun Ha who unfortunately is NOT the heroine so dies rather quickly after the story is finished setting up. Leading a life completely opposite of Ji Sook's, Eun Ha is the only daughter of a prestigious wealthy family. 
Knowing they have to follow the rule book of their world, Eun Ha informs her fiancee, Choi Min Woo (our hero) that she already has a lover that she plans on seeing even after their marriage. Comparing their engagement to a business arrangement, Min Woo agrees to Eun Ha's condition. 

Min Woo's path to what promises to be an amicable loveless marriage is thrown into chaos when Eun Ha ends up unconscious in the pool after having dinner at the Choi family mansion. Strangely without any memory of what happened (b/c he shared a drugged wine with Eun Ha), Min Woo is stunned when under hypnosis he remembers himself strangling Eun Ha with the straps of her purse. 
Relieved that Eun Ha apparently is only suffering from amnesia but otherwise is recovering nicely, Min Woo rushes to the hospital to try to figure out if he really did attack his own fiancee.

What Min Woo doesn't know is that Eun Ha is actually dead and his brother-in-law, Min Seok Hoon has replace her with Ji Sook to further his grandiose plan of taking over the Choi family fortune.  

As the only sane person in the show, Ji Sook tried everything she could to run away from Seok Hoon's control, but unfortunately the truly evil Seok Hoon who used to be a prosecutor has too many cards up his sleeve and easily traps Ji Sook by using her family's debt against her. (Long story short, Seok Hoon has set it up so Eun Ha "died" in Ji Sook's stead. Not only that, Ji Sook was framed for one of her debt collector's death so if she dares to show herself to the world in her real identity then she would have to go to prison.)
A very reluctant Ji Sook marries Min Woo who still has no clue that his fiancee has been switched. Remembering Seok Hoon's demand that she gets Min Woo to trust her by getting his body first, Ji Sook nervously enters into Min Woo's room as his wife... only to have Seok Hoon who is a germophobia banishes her to the sofa.  
Living in fear of Seok Hoon's watchful eyes, Ji Sook has no choice but be a pawn in his grand plan to dispose Min Woo as the heir to the Choi fortune. 

However, a spunky girl at heart Ji Sook's rebellious spirit finally comes out in full force when she realizes Seok Hoon has lied about finding her grief stricken mother who has gone missing. After a car chase and being nearly ran over by the car Seok Hoon ordered to hit her (Min Woo saved her), Ji Sook finally finds her mother but has too hide from her family once she rushed her mother to the hospital.  Because she is suppose to be dead. Ji Sook's family buried Eun Ha's body thinking it was Ji Sook's. 
Ji Sook's true personality comes through once again when she takes Min Woo to a street market inspection trip under disguise. Things gets dicey when the market people recognize Min Woo as the director who is trying to kick them out in order to build his fancy department store and start chasing them. Running away hand in hand, Min Woo and Ji Sook rushes back again when they see a bunch of men with sticks showing up to forcefully evict the restaurant owners. 

Flashes of her own mother's restaurant being trashed by the debt collectors, Ji Sook jumps up to stop the stick wielding men and is narrowly saved from being hit when Min Woo shows up to protect her. 
Despite his cold and harsh attitude towards Ji Sook it is obvious that Ji Sook is beginning to soften towards Min Woo so much so that he is even beginning to loosen up on his many phobias. 

On the day of his mother's death anniversary, Min Woo takes Ji Sook to formally introduce her to his mother. Ji Sook accidentally falls into the water and is drenched without anyway to change out of her cloth. Things becomes desperate when Min Woo's car breaks down, and Ji Sook faints from hypothermia. 

Rushing out after finding out his own wife  has purposefully tempered with Min Woo's car so he and Ji Sook would be stuck together, Seok Hoon does his evil smile when he finds a naked Min Woo holding an equally naked Ji Sook to give her warmth. He is smiling because he knew for someone who hates any sort of physical contact like Min Woo, he must be falling in love with Ji Sook if Min Woo go to that extent for her. 

First Impression:

Dang... what a crazy world. Almost every character in this show is deranged and crazy.., or at least it feels that way. It was kinda disappointing that as a viewer I really had to overlook some glaring plot holes in the first two episodes (ie. how did Ji Sook survived falling off the cliff in a car?) and just believe that our villain somehow has godlike ability to bend everything to his will.   

It was also difficult to feel attachment to our hero Min Woo for the first four episodes because he just appeared too... crazy without any attractive quirkiness to endear himself to me as the viewer. Granted, we probably should give our hero a break since even his own therapist is one of Seok Hoon's minion that works to convince Min Woo of his own craziness. 

Still, despite my initial thought this show might be a no go for me for some strange reason I am typing this post after watching six episodes of it. I kept thinking "I need one more episode to make up my mind..." and well... I am still making up my mind. 
By episode six, I feel the show has definitely grown on me and I am intrigued by the two leads' growth. The acting is great all around, even in all the side characters that really allows me as the viewer to fully immerse myself into the world. I will have to admit some weird fascination with our villain Seok Hoon. Am I going crazy in thinking the chemistry between the villain and our heroine is really sizzling? Every time Seok Hoon threatens Ji Sook for some weird reason I always think he is going to kiss her any second now? 

Anyhow, this show currently falls into "this just doesn't seem my type of show but for some reason I just keep watching it" for me. Still, if you are one of those who likes intrigue and likes to dive into the psyches that harbor the darkest part of human desires then this show might just be your drama. 


  1. Thanks for your summary, I may try this drama, so far this season no Kdrama is making me loose sleep waiting for the next episode, there isn't any that I'm enjoying. Saying that I've been enjoying Taiwanese & Chinese drama so much lately. Thanks to your summary & review of them.
    Please continue, your input helps me decide what to watch,I so value your opinion on eachbof the dramas. ��

    1. If you do try it out let me know how you liked it! BTW, what Taiwanese and Chinese drama have you been watching?

  2. I fell in love with Mask, and I agree about the chemistry between Seok-Hoon and Ji-Sook, I even wanted Seok-Hoon to be the lead and not the villain at some point, because I thought she looked better with him than Min-Woo. Plus his acting is so impeccable and he's so scary it's insane. Keep enjoying the drama, have you watched until episode 10? Hope so!