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Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Beautiful Bride Episode 1 & 2 Summary and First Impression

Drama: My Beautiful Bride (아름다운 나의 신부)
Total Episodes: 16
Airs: Saturday/ Sunday
Network: OCN

My Beautiful Bride Episode 1 & 2 Summary

Ready to take that next step with his live in girlfriend (Yoon Joo Young), Kim Do Hyeong (hero) shows up at Joo Young's house to formally asks for her hand. Overjoyed, Joo Young's family urges a strangely reluctant Joo Young to accept Do Hyeong's proposal when Do Hyeong is obviously a man more than they ever hoped for.
Talking to Do Hyeong on the phone, Joo Young asks Do Hyeong for more time before they get married. After stressing to Joo Young his determination to marry her, Do Hyeong agrees to postpone the wedding.
For all of Joo Young's hesitation, the next day while looking at an ultrasound picture of her baby, Joo Young makes the brave decision to accept Do Hyeong's proposal and asks him to come home with some fried chicken so she could make a big announcement.

Coming home with the requested fried chicken, Do Hyeong finds an empty house with evidence showing Joo Young left in the middle of making dinner. Picking up the engagement ring Joo Young has left on the counter, Do Hyeong's uneasiness grows.

After three days of trying everything to find Joo Young, Do Hyeong finally goes to the police station but quickly loses his temper when the police refuses to take Joo Young's disappearance seriously.
Things becomes even worse for Do Hyeong when he finds out from Joo Young's family that she was already pregnant. Convinced that Joo Young was going to tell him about the baby that fateful night, Do Hyeong brings home a baby crib. Dang, I feel really bad for this guy. 
As luck would have it, Joo Young's disappearance catches the attention of our heroine (yeah! finally), Cha Yoon Mi who is the team leader of the police unit that specifically deals with disappearances. Showing up at Do Hyeong's house, Yoon Mi interviews him as he slowly recounts how he met and fell in love with Joo Young. A side note: Do Hyeong was really uncomfortable with Yoon Mi recorder and only relaxed slight when she promises that the recording won't go past her. 

Piecing everything together, Yoon Mi figures out that Joo Young has never told Do Hyeong of her past as the girlfriend of an underworld boss, Song Hak Soo who deals in human trafficking. Feeling responsible to look into Joo Young's case because she is actually the informant that helped Yoon Mi lock Song Hak Soo away, Yoon Mi worst fear comes true when she finds out that Song Hak Soo has been released from prison. Another interesting tidbit is that Do Hyeong was probably Joo Young's first crush and he was the one that gave her the courage to rat out her boyfriend. The first "accidental" meeting between the two was also orchestrated by Joo Young.  
Using his connections at the bank he works at, Do Hyeong tracks a phone number Joo Young left behind to a guy named Park Joon Beom who is actually one of his client. Thinking it would take very little effort to beat up a banker, Park Joon Beom sends his men after Do Hyeong only to be stunned when Do Hyeong easily took his man out. 
Chasing after Park Joon Beom in a car, Do Hyeong is stopped when two traffic police stops him after Joon Beom turns himself in for drunk driving and accuses Do Hyeong of doing the same. 

Perhaps feeling bad for Do Hyeong knowing that he has been kept in the dark by Joo Young of her messy past, Yoon Mi shows up to vouch for Do Hyeong... until the traffic cop open Do Hyeong's trunk and finds the dead body of Song Hak Soo (Yoon Mi's ex-boyfriend, the one that just got out of prison). Things is going to get very troublesome for Do Hyeong because Yoon Mi has just been informed by her subordinate that Do Hyeong actually used to be part of the special forces, which mean he has both the motive AND the ability to kill Song Hak Soo. 

First Impression
I was quite relived once it came out that Do Hyeong was in the special forces because so many things made sense after that little information came to light.  For example, up to the point of Do Hyeong losing control because Joo Young's disappearance he was almost robot like in his daily life and it was obvious there was always a tension just beneath his calm exterior.  As a hero he was kinda of hard to get use to in the beginning but by the end of episode two Do Hyeong is starting to give off a Jason Bourne vibe... and I LOVE Jason Bourne!!! So I am totally on board if that's the direction the show is going. 
While we didn't get to see Lee Si Young's character a lot in the first two episodes, I think Yoon Mi's passionate but kind character is a nice balance to a somewhat stiff hero. The only thing that worries me is that I am afraid there might be next to zero romance in this show, since judging by the title our hero is probably going to be pretty focused on his girlfriend through the whole show. Sigh... that's just too bad because based on the small amount of interaction between our two leads I think they could have great chemistry together. 

Anyhow, a pretty good start for the first two episodes that leaves you wanting more. I was completely surprised by the death of Song Hak Soo (Joo Young's ex) since I thought for sure he was going to be THE villain but he I guess we haven't even met the villain yet.  A word of warning though. Unless you couldn't tell by the poster, this show is pretty gritty with lots of focus on the dark side of society that makes you want to run away screaming. I am not usually drawn to shows that are this dark... but if our hero can start channeling Jason Bourne then I am sold. 


  1. We have similar tastes as I just got hooked on this drama this weekend as well! Are you going to continue recapping? I wanted to start but I figured I should catch up on what I started first ^^;;;

    1. I am probably too chicken to recap this one since I am rather allergic to bad endings and this one looks like one of those that could go either way. :-)