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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ninja Drools #22 Asian Diet Food: Breakfast

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I am still on my quest to eat better lately, but breakfast has been just DIFFICULT for me. In fact, there are just some mornings that nothing sounds good that eating becomes a chore. So, I have been on a look out for healthy BUT appetizing Asian breakfast and one of my top choice is congee. 

Congee is essential rice porridge that most Asian cultures will have their own versions. 

For my congee I used a mixture of Quinoa, mixture of 7 grains and oats (not in the picture)

I personally use the ratio of 1 cup of grain to 4 cups of water for my congee, but you could decrease the ratio of water according to your personal preference of course. 

Soaking the grain first would probably save some cooking time... but I am never that organized so I just get to patient in the morning. 

I have a simple one button rice cooker, so I just cooked the congee twice and let it sit for about 20 more minutes after the second cooking. If you pre-soak your grain overnight you will probably only need to cook it once. 
I ate my congee with fermented soybean curd (left) and hmm... the English name is peanut gluten (right)?? 

I will freely admit that my choice of sides with my congee really is not the most healthy one since there were both from canned food. If I can get my act together I think a simple fried egg with some boiled spinach with a drizzle of soy sauce on it would be a lot better for me. 

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  1. I like eating something similar to yours but mine is more like a dessert. Green beans, red beans, peanuts and tapioca with brown sugar bars that sell at Asian markets. It tastes really good, I don't put a lot of sweet, but just enough to taste a little bit of sweetness. You can just use condensed milk if you don't have brown sugar bar. That's one of my favorite dessert and easy to make too. Like you said for congee, it's a MUST for soaking all the beans overnight.