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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Save The Family Episode 11-20 Summary & 2nd Impression

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Save The Family (K-Daily) Episode 11-20 Summary
Taking a wild chance, Hae Soo (heroine) challenges Ye Won (the second female lead/hero's ex) to a lunch challenge where if the cafeteria ladies wins then Ye Won will pull her company out of the hospital dining service but if Ye Won wins then she can do whatever she want with the cafeteria ladies.

At first confident with the lunch she has carefully prepared, Hae Soo's face falls when she sees everyone flocking towards the gourmet lunch Ye Won has spared no expense at having her team of chefs prepare.

The result of the competition obvious for all to see, the desperate cafeteria ladies fearing for their job beg Ye Won to not fire them, but a haughty Ye Won just sneers back "Don't you ladies have self respect?"  Looking at his ex-girlfriend with disbelief, Woo Jin (our hero) is disgusted with Ye Won's attitude and tells her "It looks like it was a good decision to break up. You are turning into your mother."
For all of Woo Jin's harsh words towards Ye Won, his tough act melts instantly when Ye Won herself released a photo of them to the press to sour her own engagement and Won Jin realizes that Ye Won has never technically "betrayed" him.

Enraged that her daughter would throw her engagement away for a nobody like Woo Jin, Ye Won's mother warns Woo Jin to stay away from her daughter or she will personally make sure he can't be a doctor anymore.
Eager to dig up the dirt on a rich chaebol daughter's secret man while she is engaged to another, the press waits outside of the Woo Jin's hospital to interview him. Her trade mark temper flaring up when she sees the reporters firing endless offensive questions at Woo Jin, Hae Soo steps in and declares herself to be Woo Jin's girlfriend. Snapping out of his shock of suddenly gaining a girlfriend, Woo Jin quickly backs up Hae Soo's lie and walks proudly away with his arm around Hae Soo's shoulder.

Of course Ye Won sees the whole thing and wastes no time in reminding Hae Soo that she is Woo Jin's real girlfriend.
The fact Woo Jin really is someone else's man hits home for Hae Soo when she sees a face off between Woo Jin and Hae Soo's fiancee. Ticked off by the man's insolent attitude, Woo Jin declares "Ye Won, you can come to me (meaning being his woman) and I will protect you."  While Ye Won is overjoyed to hear Woo Jin's words, Hae Soo on the other hand walks away dejectedly with no idea why her heart feel so strange from hearing Woo Jin's words. 
As much as Hae Soo knows that Woo Jin is already taken, her little heart can't help but starts to pound when she comes in contact with Woo Jin and giggles like some love sick high school girl. 
Unfortunately for Hae Soo's budding crush, it is obvious that Ye Won is already weary of Hae Soo's constant presence around her man and is determined to keep her hold on Woo Jin. 
Woo Jin and Hae Soo get into a fight when a misunderstanding arises due to a patient that is actually the grandma of one of Hae Soo's kids. At first furious with Woo Jin, Hae Soo's temper dies quickly when she hears from Ye Won that Woo Jin is the one that asked her not to fire all the cafeteria ladies.

Feeling guilty, Hae Soo decides to talk out the misunderstanding with Woo Jin and the two shares a laugh together. 


Awe, the two leads are currently at my favorite part of the romantic development: Slowly falling in love but both clueless about their own feelings. I guess Hae Soo probably already has a tiny inkling about her budding crush, but I am pretty sure Woo Jin has no clue that he laughs a lot when he is around Hae Soo and his feeling towards Ye Won is starting to change. 

FYI, this show does spend a great deal of time on Woo Jin's father's struggle as a working executive who is being forced to retire. While the actor who plays Daddy Jung is a very experienced actor and does a great job but I will have to admit that I tend to skip his part. 

Anyhow, I am looking forward to our two leads' romantic development and I actually wouldn't mind if the writer would spare some time to develop the story of the kids that Hae Soo considers to be family. The show has done a great job in making me smile whenever I see the kids rallying around Hae Soo.and I would be much more interested in their stories instead of Daddy Jung's. 


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    1. There are no 21-30 recap. When I do first and second impression on shows that doesn't necessary mean I will go on and recap the rest of the drama. I did finish watching Save the Family though and really kinda wish the writer put more time on the two leads' romance instead of the annoying second female lead.

  2. well not to be harsh or anything if you're not going to continue a movie why start. I have not watched it or finished it and I'm dying to know what happened

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    1. Since this was a K-daily it ended like most K-daily would (other than the select few dramas that had blizzard endings)- the two leads got together. K-daily really is more about the process then the endings because they are usually pretty predicable.

  4. can't you do just the third summary