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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Seven Friends (T-Drama) Episode 1 First Impression

Drama: Seven Friends (七個朋友)

Synopsis: Um... stories about seven friends?? Ha! But with angst of past school rivals, first loves, friendships, old enemies and new romances of course. 

Seven Friends Episode 1 First Impression 
The show obviously had to spend most of Episode 1 on introducing the seven characters with most of the emphasis placed on Lorene Ren's character Qu Xin Tong and the two boys in her life.
I found Xin Tong's story with You Ze (one of the boys and also the hero I believe) hilarious and really wished the writer actually could've just wrote a whole drama based on their story instead. Always quicker with his temper and rough manner, You Ze spends most of his high school days yelling at Xin Tong whenever they meet... which is a lot for some strange reason. Xin Tong's entanglement with You Ze continues until the school steps in and orders the kids to keep a minimum distance from each other. 

Seven years after their high school graduation, Xin Tong and You Ze meet once again. Xin Tong confesses to You Ze that she actually never minded all his yelling and has always been confused why the school forbid them to even share the same space. Now that the school days are far behind them, Xin Tong and You Ze decide that they can pick up their friendship right from where they left off. 
Unfortunately for Xin Tong, just when she is able to regain an old friendship so did she regain an old "enemy". Zheng Ya Bo, Xin Tong's new boss begged his dad to let him manage Xin Tong's company for the expressed purpose so that he could torture Xin Tong at his will. Using Xin Tong's innocence and overflowing empathy, Ya Bo forces Xin Tong to sign a "friendship" contract with him in order to protect her co-workers from being fired. 

Old nemesis meet again, You Ze and Ya Bo fight whenever they see each other with poor Xin Tong hopelessly trying to stop them. 

I was feeling quite hopeful about this drama until the show started to spend a large amount of time on Ya Bo who is just such an annoying character. It really is a shame because the story between Xin Tong and You Ze is a great set up and I would've loved it if the story was more about how Xin Tong slowly come to see past You Ze's rough exterior. Instead, most of episode one was more about how a spoiled brat Ya Bo tortured our heroine who is dangerously close to annoying herself with her propensity to shower her sympathy even towards those who never asked for it in the first place. 

 On the flip side, some of the other characters does have some good potentials for interesting development even though we haven't see much of them yet. Still, judging from the first episode I am not sure I will make it back to watch episode two unless I hear some glowing reviews from other viewers on the subsequent episodes. 


  1. where can i watch this with eng sub?

    1. I haven't been able to find English sub on this one yet. It looks like Viki has a create a fan page on it, but no episodes yet.