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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Super Cool Takuya Kimura!

2:16 PM Posted by ninja 3 comments
 Takuya Kimura who is currently in the show I'm Home garnered much praises lately when Masami Horiuchi, a very experienced actor in Japan who plays the heroine's father in the show posted an experience he had while on I'm Home set. 

The 65 years old actor, Masami Horiuchi arrived on the filming set and was surprised when he saw Kimura who greeted him with "Father, Good morning. I will be leaving first" before taking off with his manger. A bit perplexed, Masami Horiuchi wondered why Kimura is still around when his filming should've wrapped up over an hour ago. Confusion aside, Masami Horiuchi still felt happy to have been called "Father" by a superstar. 
 After Kimura left, the staff informs Masami Horiuchi "Actually, he (referring to Kimura) has been waiting for you." Moved to think a superstar like Kimura would actually wait around just to greet him, Masami Horiuchi posted his thoughts on facebook "In my 40 years of filming, I have never seen a lead actor staying behind just to greet someone. What a great guy!" 
Masami Horiuchi's facebook post created a lot of chattering online and many netizens compliments Kimura for still being so respectful despite his fame. 

As a long time fan of Takuya Kimura, I was sure happy to read this tidbit about him. One hears horror stories of how idols are sometimes nothing like what their image is in the public eye (in a bad way), so it is always a pleasant surprise when you find out your own idol is actually cool in real life as well.  


  1. Thanks for sharing! I really like Takuya Kimura as well, so I'm glad to hear he's so classy.

  2. I really like him as an actor and am completely enjoying this show. It's nice to see how humble and respectful he is.

  3. Just makes me even more proud to be this fan! To show respect when his elders deserve it, a true star!