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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Cage of Love (C-Drama) Episode 1-2 Summary & First Impression

Drama: Cage of Love (抓住彩虹的男人)

Synopsis: With the memory of his father dying in front him carved into his heart, Jiang Yu makes it his life's goal to seek revenge on the man who was responsible for taking everything away from him. However, Jiang Yu's revenge plan hits a snag when he falls in love with an innocent but kind Cai Hong without realizing she is his arch enemy's daughter.

The Cage of Love Episode 1-2 Summary
Volunteering to go find his dad who is still working at his fabric dyeing plant when he is suppose to be home for his birthday celebration, Jiang Yu is horrified as he watches his father falls to his death.

With tears in his eyes, Jiang Yu looks up with hatred at Wu Hong Da, the government official who has falsely accused Jiang Yu's dad of drug trafficking in order to get his hands on the Jiang family secret fabric dye recipe. Jiang Yu's dad refuses to give up the dye recipe and ends up dead when Wu Hong Da accidentally kicks him out of the second story window.

Jiang Yu tries to ask his relatives for help to clear up his father's name (of drug trafficking) but no one is willing to believe him.
In fact, not only did Jiang Yu's relatives refuse to help but they ruthlessly throw the just widowed Mama Jiang out with her two young kids.
While a young Jiang Yu is busy trying survive after his father's death, another young boy is also desperately doing the same as well. Young Zhou Shao Tian is willing to do anything to get money in order to buy medicine to save his dying father. The two young boys' path cross when Jiang Yu sees Shao Tian begging the very same bullies who just beat him up for money. Moved by Shao Tian's pleading, Jiang Yu quietly gives Shao Tian a coin.

Unfortunately, just when an excited Shao Tian goes home clutching the coin, he arrives in time to see his own mother holding a pillow over his dead father. (To be fair, Shao Tian's dad actually begged his mom to kill him so he wouldn't suffer in pain and drag them down with his illness anymore.)
On a rainy morning, all the town's people gather to celebrate Official Wu Hong Da's promotion for breaking a drug trafficking case. Staring at Wu Hong Da with hatred in their eyes, Jiang Yu and Zhou Shao Tian slowly walks past each other.

Shao Tian has reason to hate Wu Hong Da because his mother worked for Jiang Yu's dad who was more than willing to help Mama Zhou by lending her money so Daddy Zhou could get well. If Wu Hong Da had not kill Jiang Yu's dad, then Shao Tian's dad would not have died from lack of money. 

Big Time Jump. Master of his own fabric dye plant now, Jiang Yu looks at the wound in his hand that has been a constant reminder of the wrongs that has been done to his family and orders his people to lower their fabric price until they can force Wu Hong Da out of business. (Wu Hong Da actually took over Jiang Yu's family fabric dye plant so Jiang Yu is trying to force him out of business so he can take his family plant back.)

While Jiang Yu has been busy building a business to take Wu Hong Da down, Shao Tian hasn't been idle either. In fact, in a way Shao Tian might be even more successful than Jiang Yu as he has gained Wu Hong Da's trust and is Wu Hong Da's right hand man. Clueless that his is keeping his enemy right next to him, Wu Hong Da is even planning to have Shao Tian marry his daughter Cai Hong.

Our heroine, Wu Cai Hong meets Jiang Yu when she tries to get Jiang Yu to let her buy his newly acquired limited edition pen so she could give it to her father. Not giving Cai Hong the time of the day, Jiang Yu tells her that if Cai Hong manages to learn his name then he would think about selling the pen. 

Tracking Jiang Yu to a hospice, Cai Hong approaches a woman with a drawing she made of Jiang Yu to find out if the woman can tell her his name. Intrigued to find a young woman with a drawing of her son, Mama Jiang asks "Do you think this man is handsome?" Thinking Mama Jiang must have the answer she has been searching for, Cai Hong eagerly goes off in detail on what a heart throb Jiang Yu is... while he stands right behinds her listening the whole time. 

Holding her head in complete embarrassment, Cai Hong watches in dismay as Jiang Yu walks away with his mother. 

Not willing to give up so easily, Cai Hong shows up at Mama Jiang's room only to find Mama Jiang holding a pair of scissor to herself, threatening to commit suicide. A furious Cai Hong grabs the scissor away from Mama Jiang and slaps her across the face. Angrily, Cai Hong accuses Mama Jiang of being selfish and recounts the pain she herself suffered when her own mother took her own life.
Despite being grateful to Cai Hong for saving his mother, Jiang Yu is still holding onto his condition that Cai Hong has to find out his name before he is willing to consider parting with his pen.

Cai Hong's face slap actually has the desired affect on Mama Jiang and she realizes how much she has been hurting her kids with the suicide attempts. Thankful to Cai Hong, Mama Jiang decides to help her by calling her son's name out loud while Cai Hong hides in the closet.

Speechless to find his own mother helping Cai Hong, Jiang Yu tells her "the term of our agreement was that you couldn't use money to find out my name, but since you "bribed" my mom by showing up with a bouquet of flowers, then now you need to find out my favorite foods before I will consider selling you my pen."

Frustrated with Jiang Yu, Cai Hong gives up on the pen and knits a scarf for her father instead.

It is obvious that Jiang Yu is interested in Cai Hong by now and even "kidnaps" her cat in order to have more opportunity to see Cai Hong. Blissfully unaware that Cai Hong is actually his mortal enemy's daughter, Jiang Yu aggressively attacks Wu Hong Da's business to bankrupt him. 

Wu Hong Da meets with Jiang Yu personally and is both dismayed and relieved when he realizes who Jiang Yu is. Freely admitting his crime for killing Jiang Yu's father and then taking over the Jiang family business, Wu Hong Da kneels down in front of Jiang Yu "I am willing to pay for my crime... I just ask that you spare my family." Unmoved by Wu Hong Da's words, Jiang Yu replies that he will make sure every wit of pain that his family suffered is repaid back to Wu Hong Da.  

As karma would have it, Cai Hong arrives right outside of her father's office to remind him about his birthday celebration. In what looks like the exact same spot little Jiang Yu stood so many years ago, Cai Hong watches as her father falls out of the window to his death. 

First Impression:

This show sure moves at a fast clip. I was kinda prepared for a long drawn out background set up, but nope, the show got right to business and Daddy Jiang dies in the first five minutes of the episode one and the heroine's dad dies as well by the end of the second episode. As a viewer who rarely is patient with set up episodes, I am quite happy with how fast the plot is moving and am hopeful this means the writer is eager to get to the juicy bits of the story. 

While the plot thus far has been a bit predictable, I am liking the acting so far and the character set up of our two male leads. I don't necessary have a problem with Zheng Shuang's Cai Hong character but she is kinda your standard spoiled but kind princess right now. However, with the death of her father I am intrigued to see if Cai Hong's character will undergo a drastic change. 

I am not sure if this one will go on my to watch list yet. The Cage of Love certainly seem like a promising watch but right now I am feeling swamped by too many shows so this one might go on my "watch later" list. 


  1. Harwick Lau seems to love portraying this sort of characters.

    1. Ha, it's funny you said that. His next drama is supposedly going to be one where he will be leaving his cool hero image behind. Instead in this new show (两生花) he is going to be a man who is warm and is willing give his all to the woman he loves.