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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Journey of Flower (C-Drama) Episode 1 & 2 First Impression

Drama: The Journey of Flower (花千骨)
Synopsis: The journey of a girl who falls in love with her immortal master and their epic love story as their love challenges the very survival of the magical realm. 

A Quick Summary of The Journey of Flower Episode 1 & 2

On the night Hua Qian Gu (our heroine) was born, Daddy Bai not only loses his wife but starts his life of exile since his daughter is born with a special scent that attracts all the monsters to her. Thankfully, a master leader shows up in time and was able to put a mark on Qian Gu to protect her until she is 16 years of age. 
On a late night, a young Qian Gu has no choice but to hurry into the town in order to get a doctor for her dying father. However, a monster follows Qian Gu and kills the doctor before she even gets there. Chased by the monster, Qian Gu seems destined to be the monster's dinner until a man appears out of nowhere and catches her in his arms. 
On his last "human experience" trip before he becomes the superior immortal guardian that guards the human realm, our hero Bai Zi Hua saves Qian Gu but could not save her father because he was forbidden to use his powers while there. 

Wanting to help the poor girl that is hated by all the towns people (because of the monsters that are attracted to her), Zi Hua agrees to stay for a few days with Qian Gu to celebrate her birthday with her. 

Waking up one day and finding Zi Hua gone without a word, Qian Gu can only set off on a solo journey to find the master that promised to teach her once she turned 16. Unfortunately, Qian Gu arrives to find her master struggling with his last breath after being mortally wounded by a traitor who stole the heavenly chain that his clan has vowed to protect. Charging Qian Gu with the task to go tell the Imortal Guardian Bai about the loss of the heavenly chain since she is the last surviving student that is with him at the moment, Qian Gu has no time to mourn for her teacher's death but to run for her life when the traitor shows up. 
Saved once again by Zi Hua's timely arrival, Qian Gu nonetheless could not recognize the Immortal Guardian Bai as the same man that saved her before. (Due to some sort of magic, any mortals that comes into contact with the immortals during their "trip" will forget that person.)
The villains traps both Zi Hua and Qian Gu together using the Heavenly Chain. While talking to Qian Gu, Zi Hua finds out that Qian Gu for some strange reason actually still remembers him and is set on to go find him at the Chang Liu sect (the very one Zi Hua is at) even though she can't remember his face. 

Thanks to Qian Gu's mystery blood that not only kills all flowers but also breaks the force of the Heavenly Chain, Zi Hua and Qian Gu were able to escape. 

Unlike the kind brotherly figure Zi Hua was to Qian Gu while he was on his "human experience", as the Immortal Guardian Bai, Zi Hua coldly shoots down Qian Gu's hope of becoming one of Chang Liu's disciple. Her fighting spirit rising after being told by Zi Hua that she doesn't have what it takes, Qian Gu looks at Zi Hua's retreating back and vows to get into Chang Liu no matter what. 
Back at Chang Liu, Zi Hua realizes that the chain of fate that is suppose to bring the person that was suppose to bring about his "down fall" to him has started. Deciding to obey his master's order that he should find the person and kills him/her without hesitation, Zi Hua goes into the mortal world only to be stunned when he realizes Qian Gu is the one he is suppose to kill. 

Completely clueless that Zi Hua actually showed up to kill her, Qian Gu even hides behind him thinking he must be there to catch some monster. 

Pointing his sword at a sleeping Qian Gu, Zi Hua finally decides that it is not right for him to kill an innocent just to save himself and starts searching for a way that he can save himself without harming Qian Gu. 
Qian Gu wakes up ignorant that she has narrowly avoided the death's door and is rather shocked when she finds out the necklace a mysterious man (actually the villain who knew that she is going to be our hero's downfall) gave her suddenly birthed a magical... worm.  The guy right next to her is the second male lead who keeps referring to Qian Gu as his wife because he accidentally saw her naked while she was taking a bath underneath a waterfall. 

First Impression

So pretty!!!! I was a bit worried about Wallace Huo playing the soft spoken and perpetual icy type but he actually looks really good in this particular role. The promotional poster had me worried a bit with the willowy image but Wallace looks great in the show itself. 

Zhao Li Ying (heroine) also looks awesome in her role. Li Ying looks so different from when she played Boss & Me but she looks perfect for the role. 

I haven't read the novel version of The Journey of Flower but I am guessing from all the internet chatters that Zi Hua wasn't suppose to be that warm of a guy when he saved Qian Gu the first time. But I actually personally liked the contrast because one could see Zi Hua really feels the weight and the need to suppress his own emotion for his responsibility as the guardian.  

All in all, the plot moves really fast (probably b/c they have to cover a lot of ground) and the chemistry between the two leads are also quite promising as well.  So do check this one out if you are in the mood for an epic love story (it should end well though so don't get scared off by the epic description) that is kind enough to have a cute magical worm in it. 


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