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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 2 Mini Recap & 2nd Impression

When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼) Episode 2 Mini Recap
Wanting to save her B&B but unable to make herself marry Jiang Hai Kuo, An Xi struggles agaisnt Hai Kuo's hand as he tries to make her put her thumb print on the marriage licence. 

Just when all sees lost and An Xi might actually gives in to Hai Kuo's demands, You Qian shows up as the glorious knight in the shining armor. Well... Kinda. Handing $10,000 NT to An Xi, You Qian proceeds to give Hai Kuo myriad of reasons why he wouldn't want to marry a girl like An Xi. Not sure if she actually likes the way You Qian is bad mouthing her, gratitude finally wins out and An Xi eagerly accepts the $10,000 NT so she can hold off Hai Kuo for one more month by paying the month's interest. 

Ecstatic that she narrowly escaped an unwanted marriage, An Xi is the queen of patience when it comes to dealing with You Qian's perpetual icy prince exterior. Giving in to An Xi's insistence that she pays back the $10,000, You Qian decides to book the whole B&B for five days and ends up staying the night reluctantly. 
Ready for some OTP accidents? While fixing a broken window in You Qian's room (from the outside with a ladder), An Xi is surprised by You Qian's sudden appearance and almost falls. You Qian saves An Xi from falling to her death by yanking her through the window... right into his bed. 
A sudden knock comes at the door and our two leads dive under the cover to hide from being caught in an embarrassing situation. 
After sending a rather embarrassed An Xi off to bed, You Qian takes out a fish key chain he picked up that An Xi accidentally left at the food competition site. In a flash back we see a conversation between a young An Xi and You Qian 

Looking at the fishes swimming in the aquarium You Qian tells An Xi "These fishes will always be here but I am different. I will leave one day." 
Judging by the dismay on young An Xi's face and the assertion she made at the dinner table that night ("I am the kind of fish the will stay at one place. Always here forever.) the person An Xi has been waiting for is probably You Qian.  
The next morning An Xi wakes up to find You Qian gone from his room and wonders how she will repay the rest of the ten thousand dollars. 

On a business visit to the hospital, You Qian sees An Xi frantically trying to figure out a way to get her sick friend, Ya En to see a specialist. Meeting with the hospital director, You Qian makes a special request on Ya En's behalf and An Xi breath a huge sigh of relieve when the specialist all the sudden magically has an opening. 

Literally running into You Qian who was on his way out, An Xi insists on figuring out a way to pay back You Qian. Looking at An Xi thoughtfully, You Qian replies that there happens to be one thing she could help his company with. 
Taking an all decked out An Xi to a restaurant, You Qian asks An Xi to put on a show for the hospital director's wife in order to solve the husband's marriage crisis. You Qian's plan goes off without a hitch and An Xi gets slapped by both the director and his wife for being "a gold digger" who was trying in vain to seduced a very faithful guy. (You Qian was trying to solve the hospital director's crisis so he will sign a contract with his company. Kinda I solve your problem you solve mine.) 

Feeling pricks of guilt as he watches An Xi trying to hold an ice pack to her swollen cheek, You Qian puts his own handkerchief on the ice pack and holds it to An Xi face while looking at her intently with heart melting eyes. Flustered by You Qian's gaze, An Xi jokes that she has never made such easy money and all but runs away from You Qian.  
Time to introduce our male second lead, Hu Yan Ze, You Qian's boss's step son. After finishing up his business at the hospital, Yan Ze meets Ya En in the hospital garden and ended up rushing the poor girl right back into the hospital when she faints into his arm. (Ya En has Long QT Syndrome, a genetic heart condition.) 

An Xi assumes the worst when she sees a stranger bending over Ya En in a suspicious manner and loudly accuses Yan Ze of being a pervert. Fortunately for Yan Ze, a nurse quickly explains the misunderstanding and Yan Ze was able to leave after teasing an embarrassed An Xi. 
Yan Ze pays You Qian a visit at his house and is speechless when You Qian quickly guesses his purpose. Admitting that You Qian's impressive ability to solve the most difficult problems through his ability to read people correctly is indeed great but Yan Ze also expresses concern that You Qian's shining brightness in the company could be a double edge sword. Yan Ze points out that maybe that's why his own mother (the president of the company) assigned You Qian's case to someone else and sent him to the tiny Pu Lang Village (An Xi's village) instead. 

While You Qian agrees that being in the spot light could indeed by a double edge sword, but he tells Yan Ze that the President never does anything without meaning so he is guessing that there must be a project that will involve Pu Lang Village in the future and that's why Yan Ze's mother sent him there. 
An Xi wakes up the next morning to find You Qian standing at Ya En's hospital room door. Without any preamble, You Qian asks "You want to get rid of your debt to Jiang Hai Kuo right? Let's go." 

Oooo.... I am getting my hopes up that we might have a winner on our hand! It is of course still kinda early to really tell if the show will keep up the cute and fun story line but at least I can be sure that the two leads' has great chemistry together. 
I will admit that it does strike me as strange that An Xi seems to have no clue at all that You Qian might be the man she has been waiting for all these year. Still, I am plenty happy just to watch the cute interaction between our OTP and try not to melt into a puddle whenever Jasper Liu (You Qian) does one of his "intense gaze". 

I didn't bring this up in the summary, but I am really glad that the show made a point to showcase You Qian's ability in this episode. Maybe I was just being dense but I couldn't quite figure out from the promotional material if You Qian was suppose to have some super ability to read people or he just have some uncanny ability to put together clues. Based on episode two I am fairly sure we are probably talking about the second ability and not some super hero kinda of thing. 

As for the second male lead, Yan Ze, I am hoping his love line will actually be with Ya En instead of An Xi. Based on the show's character intro, Yan Ze's half sister is suppose to be the second female lead who has a long time crush on You Qian, so it seems over the top if both siblings are in love with our OTP.


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