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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 3 Recap

When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼) Episode 3 Recap
Trusting You Qian's (hero) words, An Xi takes out a check that You Qian gave her to pay Jiang Hai Kuo in full. Acting exactly like You Qian predicated, instead of accepting the check happily, Jiang Hai Kuo refuses to accept the money and all but runs away. 

Overhearing An Xi's friends complaining how You Qian treats An Xi like a servant just because he gave her money, Jiang Hai Kuo's imagination goes into overdrive and he imagines all kind ways You Qian must be shamelessly abusing his precious An Xi. An Xi's friends are of course only saying those things because You Qian asked them to. 

Determined to rescue his princess from You Qian's "evil" grasp, Jiang Hai Kuo challenges You Qian to a competition with the condition that if You Qian loses then he will not pay for An Xi's debt. 

In return, You Qian was able to get Jiang Hai Kuo to agree to void the whole B&B debt if Hai Kuo loses. 
In true Pu Lang Village fashion, You Qian takes Jiang Hai Kuo to the local goddess temple to swear in their bet. An Xi's face falls when Jiang Hai Kuo announces that he has decided the competition will be pulling green onion since Hai Kuo himself is supposedly a green onion pulling king. 

Thinking a city folk like You Qian wouldn't even know how to harvest green onions, An Xi tries to convince You Qian to do a practice round before the competition, but You Qian just firmly refuses her offer. 
Despite being angry at You Qian for his refusal to practice, An Xi still buys him a take out pork rice dish for lunch. Holding the very familiar pork rice dish in his hand, flash backs of when a young An Xi convinced him to eat her "extra" pork rice for her (b/c she noticed that he was hungry) comes rushing back to him.  
Giving in to An Xi, You Qian lets An Xi takes him to the green onion farm and pretends to be a novice while An Xi teach him step by step how to harvest the onions. The ironic thing is that in a flash back we see that You Qian was actually the one that taught An Xi how to harvest the onions properly when they were young. 
Lost in his own memory of the past, You Qian holds his hand to his pounding heart and wonders if his usually unshakable heart is being shaken once again. 
Thinking You Qian is abusing his precious An Xi again, Jiang Hai Kuo shows up and gets into a fight with You Qian. In the chaos of the fight, An Xi falls and cuts her leg open. Springing into action, You Qian quickly treats An Xi's wound using the local treatment methods that is well known to the villagers. Leaving behind a frozen Jiang Hai Kuo (looks like he might be afraid of blood), You Qian rushes An Xi back to her house. 
The next morning You Qian wakes up to find An Xi already gone on one of her many part time jobs to gather seaweed at the sea. Irked that An Xi puts money above her own health, You Qian rushes to the seaside and literally picks her up so her leg wouldn't be in danger of touching the sea water. 

Unable to convince An Xi to go home before she finishes her job, You Qian ends up picking all the seaweeds himself much to An Xi's surprise. 
Fawning over An Xi's wound, You Qian complains to An Xi that she calls Jiang Hai Kuo by his full name. Puzzled, An Xi tells You Qian that ever since she stood up to clear Jaing Hai Kuo of something that he was falsely accused of, he has been chasing after her and Jiang Hai Kuo has always been the name she calls him so it seems kinda weird to call him something else now. 

Frustrated that An Xi can't seem to understand his meaning, You Qian finally mutters "You don't have to call me Mr. Xia. You could just call me You Qian." Is that jealousy?? Ha!


Ha, what a cute show. The plot really is kinda going at a snails pace but for some reason this show is such a great watch that the hour always end surprisingly fast for me. 

I do like the fact while You Qian seems to be to read everyone around him almost frighteningly accurately he loses all of his sharpness when it comes An Xi. Frankly, judging by all the flash backs we have seen You Qian really should know someone as kind as An Xi would never hurt him intentionally unless there is a reason.  
The story for some reason still feels like its in the setting up stage. But like I said for some weird reason I am just sitting back and enjoying the great chemistry between our OTP and is willing to let the show go at its own pace. 

By the way, Jiang Hai Kuo's character is actually growing on me so much so that I am hoping maybe the writer will give him a girl who will chase him around like he chases An Xi... wouldn't that be awesome?  

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  1. Plan to watch this drama but i will wait until it's almost finished airing since this is one ep per week.