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Thursday, June 25, 2015

When I See You Again Episode 4 Recap

Apparently smarter than their boss, Jiang Hai Kuo's minions convince him that maybe the whole bet is a set up by You Qian to steal both the money and the girl from him. Unwilling to be the person to call off the bet, Hai Kuo and his man decides to throw a letter into You Qian's room to dare him to pay a visit to the local hunted house. 

Unfortunately, the letter ended up in An Xi's hands. Knowing full well that Jiang Hai Kuo must be up to no good, An Xi decides to answer the letter herself. Ha, I love that the note even has a mistake in it.  

Finding the crumbled note in his room, You Qian race towards the hunted house on the map... only to arrive at his old house. 

Chiding An Xi for having no fear, You Qian frees her from a giant fishing net that Jiang Hai Kuo had set up to trap You Qian. Focused on her amazement over the size of the net, An Xi trips and You Qian catches her in his arms. Sadly, just when it looks like we might get a kiss, a sound distracts our couple.  
Deciding to check his old house out, You Qian takes a tour of the house against An Xi's suggestion that there is nothing to see. Worried after hearing You Qian's remark about how the house would make a good investment, An Xi quickly gives a long spiel about the many ways the house is cursed. 

Furious that An Xi would make up lies about his house knowing full well that it was his old house, You Qian storms away in anger. Poor An Xi, judging from the way she cleans You Qian's house on a regular bases, An Xi spread the rumor so You Qian would have a home to come back to. 
The next morning, An Xi waits anxiously at the onion farm while You Qian is caught up in his memory remembering when his grandfather and him were forced to sell the house. 
The flash backs finally makes You Qian's anger towards An Xi makes a lot more sense. After overhearing some girls talking about An Xi's requirement that any guy who wants to date her has to climb the treacherous mountain road to obtain a bottle of water from the Angel's Tears Lake, You Qian decides to make the hike. 

Disaster happens when You Qian slips and severely injures himself. Clutching the bottle in his hand even when the ambulance is rushing an unconscious You Qian down the mountain, You Qian excitedly shows up at An Xi's house the first chance he found to slip out of the hospital. Clueless of the sacrifice it took for You Qian to get the Angel's Tears, An Xi throws the bottle to the ground and yells at You Qian for being naive enough to believe her words. 

Slowly pushing You Qian in a wheel chair to their house, You Qian's grandfather informs him that because of his hospital bill there was no choice but to sell the house. 
While driving towards the onion farm, You Qian mutters "Grandfather, you said no matter what others has done to us we should do no wrong against others... but I am not so forgiving as that." 

A desperate An Xi is about to give up on You Qian actually showing up, You Qian all the sudden appears and wins the competition easily. Amidst An Xi's excited cheers, You Qian takes the debt papers away from Jiang Hai Kuo but still hands a check to him even though according to the bet You Qian didn't have to pay anything. 

Awe, I actually feel kinda bad for Hai Kuo. 
Fully expecting You Qian would give her the debt proof back to her, An Xi is surprised when You Qian not only refuses to give up the debt proof but also decides to commander her room as his own. 
Touching the growth chart carved in An Xi's room, You Qian wonder why An Xi dislikes him so much as to make up lies about his home. By accident, You Qian discover boxes of gifts An Xi has carefully kept in her room and complains "so you treasure the gifts from other people but throws my gift to you?" Hmm... those gift looks like they are wrapped so I am wondering if they are gift An Xi prepared for You Qian. 
After an argument with An Xi about if people are naturally kind or not, You Qian decides to call An Xi to change his flat tire so she could have a chance to prove her belief that people are naturally kind and does not expect any return when they do something good. Despite silently vowing to exact his revenge on An Xi, You Qian's resolve visibly shakes when he sees An Xi struggling as she tries to change his tire.     
Mistaking You Qian's seething anger towards her as a sign that he is over stressed and needs to relax, An Xi and her employees puts on a little music show and takes You Qian out to watch the fireflies. 

Getting drunk on a special homemade drink made by one of An Xi's friend, You Qian ends up dozing off on An Xi's lap. 

Dang, when can we get a kiss? The two leads' has such good chemistry! I can't wait for You Qian to figure out that An Xi has been waiting for him all these years. 

This sounds kinda bad, but I am really glad that You Qian's grudge towards An Xi wasn't just simply based on her breaking his gift. You Qian's anger makes a lot more sense now that we see the amount of hardship he endured for the simple gift that An Xi throw away. Of course, someone as smart as You Qian really should've realized something pretty bad must have also happened to An Xi or she would not have acted so out of character. Oh, well, I guess deep down You Qian probably has plenty of self doubt when it comes to An Xi so he loses all of his sharp observation skills whenever she is involved. 

I do love the fact that An Xi is slowly getting under You Qian's armor and he is letting his guard down whenever he forgets to keeps it up. 


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