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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When I See You Again (T-Drama) Episode 1 Recap & First Impression

Drama: When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼)

Synopsis: As someone who prize his ability to read people at one glance, Xia You Qian's ability seems to lose its magic when it comes to his school age crush, An Xi. Believing An Xi has grown into a girl who will do anything for money, what will our hero do when An Xi keeps surprising him upon closer inspection? 

When I See You Again  Episode One Recap
Hiking through the forest to collected the "Angel's Tears" for the girl he idolizes, the school nerd Xia You Qian excitedly presents An Xi (the local beauty) with his prize. Sneering at You Qian's present for her, An Xi yells "Why would you believe everything I said? Are you dumb?" at him then viciously grabs the bottle from his hand and throws it on the ground. Storming away, An Xi loudly mutters "Retard. You've got eyes so why can't you be good judge of people?" Despite An Xi's callous words though, it is obvious from the tears that she keeps trying to hold back that she is not as heartless as appears. 
An interesting side note is that An Xi was also clutching a piece of paper very tightly in her fist, so something unpleasant probably set her off before poor You Qian showed up. 

A big time jump later. We meet our nerdy hero again, except You Qian has become a tough business man who acts and looks like the golden catch he has become. After making yet another successful contract for his boss by using his sharp ability to read everyone he meets, You Qian is surprised when his boss sends him on a business trip right back to his old home town where he left a long time ago.
Time to check in with our heroine, An Xi is now the proud owner of a struggling B&B. Working at various odd jobs to keep her B&B afloat, An Xi's has little choice but plead with her creditor Jiang Hai Kuo for more time to pay back her debt. Showing his sincerity with a huge bouquet of roses, Jiang Hai Kuo assures An Xi that if she would only consent to a romantic dinner with him, then he will extend the deadline for the repayment.
Feeling like she has no choice but to submit to Jiang Hai Kuo's demands, An Xi shows up at the hotel for the romantic dinner only to be tricked when her friends trick her by telling her the meeting has been changed to the hotel's swimming pool.

As luck would have it, You Qian just happens to be swimming at the pool and is puzzled when he recognizes An Xi as the woman who keeps talking to him while covering her eye. (After getting a quick glance of You Qian's naked torso, An Xi mistakenly assumes You Qian must be Jiang Hai Kuo.) Feeling desperate, An Xi tries to get on Hai Kuo (You Qian really) good side by massaging his shoulders and promises that "I am willing to do anything for the money."

Totally jumping to the wrong conclusion, You Qian reveals himself to not be Jiang Hai Kuo and tells An Xi "I despise girls like you the most." At first surprised that the man she has been begging is actually not Hai Kuo then offended to hear You Qian's words, An Xi gets into a full body fight with You Wi and they both fall into the pool together.  
The impromptu water fight finally ends when An Xi's friend arrives to pull her off You Qian. As a still furiously yelling An Xi is being dragged away by her friend, You Qian all the sudden surprises the two by dropping a towel over her soaking wet shoulder. Oh, my... I think I am going to like this hero. 
Grasping at straws to save her B&B, An Xi jumps at the opportunity to enter into her town's competition the next day. To An Xi's great dismay, You Qian shows up at the competition as a judge representing his company who is sponsoring the event.

Watching You Qian's gentle manner with her fellow contestants, hope starts to swell up in An Xi that maybe You Qian will not hold their fight the night before against her. Unfortunately, An Xi's hope is dashed ruthlessly when You Qian publicly accuses her of meeting up with the event organizer the night before at the hotel in order to enter her team into the competition after the registration deadline. Ignoring An Xi's angry protest, You Qian tells her "You are the one that admitted that you are the kind of girl that will do anything for money."  
Thanks to You Qian, An Xi's loses her right to be in the town's competition and goes back home dejected. To make An Xi's day even worse, Jiang Hai Kuo shows up with a backhoe and gives An Xi an ultimatum to either marry him that very day or he will exercise his right to tear down her B&B.

First Impression
Not bad at all! I will admit that I havn't been super impressed with the two leads' (Jasper Liu and Mandy Wei) previous work but I am liking the chemistry between the two which makes me hopeful maybe When I See You Again will make me into a fan of the two actors. 

Thus far the plot is kinda predicable but cute nevertheless. I am especially powerless against a hero who is obviously still head over the heel in love with our heroine despite believing she has turned into a materialistic woman. Anyhow, definitely planning to check out the next episode and crossing my fingers that this will turn into a winner.  


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