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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Be With You Episode 54-59 Summary

3:07 PM Posted by ninja , 5 comments
Be With You Episode 54-59 Summary
Despite grandma's best effort, Man An's memory still gives no hint of coming back anytime soon. However, unable to remain unmoved in the face of the warmth and love every member of Xia family has showered her with, Man An is fast opening her heart to them.

Impatient at the snail's pace Ying Jie and Man An's relationship is progressing, Ying Qian decides to take things into his own hands... Having gotten the green light from Xiao Bin (Man An's therapist) that a little "push" to make Man An's possessiveness of Ying Jie come out might be a good thing, Ying Qian decides to orchestrate little incidents to make Man An jealous.
After a failed attempt when Xuan Xuan lost her nerve, Ying Qian finally successfully coached Xuan Xuan into kissing Ying Jie just when Man An walks in the door.
A stunned Ying Jie pushes Xuan Xuan away only to see Man An right at the door. Walking past Ying Jie who is trying to explain, Man An simply looks at Xuan Xuan with determination "Zhen Ying Jie.. is mine."

Her face breaking out in a excited smile upon hearing Man An's words, Xuan Xuan clap her hands as Ying Qian comes out with firecrackers
Ying Jie and Man An's confusion is soon cleared up when Ying Qian explains that the whole thing was a set up so Man An would confess her feelings. It finally dawns on Ying Jie that Man An has actually claimed him as her man and an overjoyed Ying Jie smiles as he holds Man An in his arm.
Happily announcing to Ying Jie's pet eagle Rafi that she is also one of his master now, Man An confesses to Ying Jie that he is the one in both old and new Man An's heart. Formally announcing their happy news to their family, the Xia and Zhen family are back to looking forward to their future as in-laws. Apparently, Daddy Zhen's strange attitude when Man An first had her accident was only because he was worried about the pain Ying Jie would have to go through. 

Xuan Xuan surprises Ying Jie by all the sudden handing in her resignation, words of protest quickly dies from Ying Jie's lips when Xuan Xuan informs him that the person she is going to train to replace her in none other than Man An.

Showing up at work bright and early, Ying Jie smiles brightly as Man An shows up for her first day of work as his secretary.
After overhearing Xiang Ning's conversation on the phone with the crook who faked the car incident, Li Qi starts to put two to two together especially when Shang De casually mentions seeing Xiang Ning's one and only designer sun glasses in a cafe where the crook was.

Calling the crook out under the disguise of wanting to pay compensation money for Man Li (the crook is suing Man Li for beating him up), Li Qi freezes in the process of punching the guy when he cries out that the whole thing with Xiang Ning was fake.
Li Qi confronts Xiang Ning about what he found out and is horrified by how far she would go in the name of loving him.

Looking at a sobbing Xiang Ning who keeps asking why he wouldn't love her after she has abandoned all her self respect Li Qi replies "I carried the guilt of not being able to protect you and gave up the woman I love to keep my promise to you. Your kind of love has brought me nothing but pain. From now on, we are not friends anymore, you sicko." Ha ha, I added that last sicko part. 
While Li Qi is in the process of realizing how much of fool he has been, Shang De is fast scoring points with Man Li especially when Man Li realizes how grown up and manly Shang De is when he is working.
Determined to get the woman he loves back now that the whole mess with Xiang Ning is over, Li Qi shows up bright and early to talk to Man Li. However, Li Qi's plan hits a snag when he sees that Shang De is also there to see Man Li.

Ticked off to see both guys in a face off in front of her, Man Li refuses both of their offer and takes off for work on her own.
The competition between the two man for Man Li becomes so fierce that Man Li's whole company is starting to place bets on who would win.

Man Li's temper finally erupts when she comes to home to find Li Qi and Shang De both at her house. Seeing how frustrated Man Li is, Man An advises her sister to think of her problem in another way "Which of the two man would you give the chance to just simply getting to know you?" Thoughtful after after listening to Man An's advises Man Li answers "If I just need to give someone the chance to get to know me then it would be Shang De." 
The next morning Li Qi shows up with Man Li's favorite coffee only to stop dead in his tracks when he sees Shang De jumping up and down in excitement after Man Li agrees to give him a chance... with the condition that 1. Don't waste unnecessary money on her. 2. Shang De needs to do what she says. 3. He can only come to the house once a week. 
Now that Shang De finally has Man Li's permission to peruse her, he is holding nothing back (I guess he wasn't really holding back before either) and Man Li is quickly seeing his charm. 

Obediently following Man Li's order to not take her home after work, Shang De follows behind Man Li's bus just to make sure she gets home safely. Shang De's thoughtful gesture turns out to be fortuitous since Man Li falls asleep on the bus after taking some cold medicine and wakes up hopelessly trapped on the bus alone. Worried about Man Li's twisted ankle, Shang De goes against Man Li's protest and carries her in his arm. Judging by Man Li's expression I don't think she is too upset that Shang De disobeyed her this time.

Sitting at home completely bored, Man Li calls Shang De and is pleasantly surprised that he is actually standing right at her door with a lunch box for her. Moved that Shang De didn't even buy a lunch box for himself since he didn't get her permission to have lunch together beforehand, Man Li decides to share her lunch box with Shang De. 

Well, well, I am pretty surprised by this week's progress.  Man An and Ying Jie's confirmation of their feelings came a whole lot faster than I thought. I really thought Man An's therapist is going to be a contention for Man An's feelings but I guess we are not going that route. I am hoping though that if Man An's therapist really is not going to be Ying Jie's competition maybe he could become Xuan Xuan's love interest?? 

I have no clue where Man Li's plot is going since according to all the promos Li Qi really is suppose to be paired with her. As a viewer I am solidly in Shang De's camp now. Shang De would have to mess up big time for me to stop cheering for him. If Man Li just simply didn't like Shang De no matter what he does then I might hold out a little longer for Li Qi but judging by Man Li's reaction to Shang De she seems to be falling in love with him just fine. Moreover, Man Li seems more like herself when she is with Shang De compare to when she is with Li Qi. Anyhow, I sure hope the writer knows what she is doing when it comes to Man Li's plot because I will be one angry viewer if Shang De is just going to be kicked to the curb without a good explanation later. 


  1. I also vote firmly for He Shang De not Li Qi. Shang De only have eyes for Man Li from the start. Even though surrounding Shang De are younger-prettier girls, but Shang De only likes Man Li. This dude clearly know what he wants. Example, Shang De left home for 8 years just to train to become a cake baker despite family objections. Shang De knows Man Li is the only girl for him when he first saw her on the bus.

    But for Li Qi, he ask for it. It's Li Qi fault for being so trusting to Xiang Ning from beginning to end. If not for Lu Dong Bin lies exposed, Li Qi still blindly trust Xiang Ning instead of Man Li. Since Xiang Ning appeared, Li Qi never trust Man Li words and actions nor He Shang De's. He only trust and side with whatever Xiang Ning said, even though Man Li and Shang De said otherwise. This can be seen from the bed incident of Man Li and Shang De. Li Qi never trust Man Li, instead believe to every word that Xiang Ning said. Serve him right that he lost Man Li forever (if that's the case, best).

    Relationships always based on trust, only then it will last through trials and bad times.

    On contrast, Zheng Ying Jie and Man An never sway, no matter what others said and when faced both side father's objection. They trust and grounded on their belief to each other. That's why after ten over years of secretly loving each other, the relationship still exist and last. Even though a richer, sweeter, gentler, nicer bodyline, long-hair, more feminine, more beautiful Xuan Xuan appear by Ying Jie side and she never stop helping and loving Ying Jie for 3 years, Ying Jie also did not fall for her. Kudos to Ying Jie for loving Man An non-stop. A very faithful man is trustworthy for lasting relationship.

    Side track, in my humble opinion, the actress acting as Xuan Xuan has the potential of being the next OTP for new drama. She is a lead actress material. The way she speaks and carries herself well. She is more likeable than Man An. I do not why Man An is chosen as the 1st main lead. Before Man An lost her memory, the way she speaks (heavily "sha-jiao" voice and action like Lin Chi Ling does) and acted, I really can't stand, irritating. Man An more like a child than an adult. Love story for a mature, 6-packed, masculine and manly Ying Jie and childish Man An so unconvincing. Like a big brother and little baby sister. Not much chemistry. Now that she lost memory, she acted more serious, in more serious voice tone. Bit acceptable. If Xuan Xuan is the 1st main lead, maybe the ranking for this long drama is slightly higher, drama more likeable, more "see-able". Other high-ranking drama "Murphy's Law of Love" and "Someone Like You" where the 1st main lead actress is more beautiful, more chemistry and believable, convincing pairing. Netizens skipping the drama few episodes as storyline is boring, nothing to look forward to, plot is not captivating, slow and do not stay true to the plot. Diverting to make the drama longer.

    Well, generally human like to see beautiful things and people. It's life, can't deny, especially after a hard day work. Real life can't get, watching drama is like fantasy that people adore. That's why K-drama so successful worldwide. Some ladies and men in k-drama even go under knife and some kind of face and body features enhancement to look more beautiful.

  2. The drama is still filming, if netizens and fans firmly rooting for Shang De and Man Li, the writer may head towards the direction of Shang De and Man Li romance to blossom into marriage.

    From observation of the opening and closing song MV, the storyline seems like Li Qi and Man Li appear to be together. But in deeper insight, opening song: When Shang De with Man Li push against the wall, Man Li put up a card with at least 3 ticks. Does this tell the sign and answer of the guy Man Li will end up with? Also in opening song: Another scene where, Shang De appear with a cake and Li Qi appear with a glass of drink, Man Li seem to be choosing the cake as her hand appear longer, heading towards Shang De. In closing song: during the ending, Li Qi and Man Li sitting facing the glass window looking out, both seem to smile at each other like old friends do. Sat and look quite like a distant smile not lovey-dovey type of smile. No skinship at all.

    However, the only obstruction for He Shang De and Man Li will be strong objection from Shang De family. Since Shang De is cousin with Xuan Xuan, Shang De family background will be a very rich man's son. His father would want him to be the next CEO of the company instead of a cake baker. Shang De parents may object his choice of bride not from the same background as them i.e. some rich and famous family, and moreover Man Li is older than their son. Unless the twist of the storyline will be, Shang De parents appreciate and grateful that their son finally return home after 8 years and acknowledge their son capability that he achieved 3rd place at the cake baking competition. Also his parents recognize their son strong desire and happier to be a cake baker than a CEO. Happier to be with a normal background girl than a scary, spoilt, liar rich girl like Xiang Ning.

    Man Li sure look comfortable with Shang De than Li Qi. When dating Li Qi, Man Li doll up, with make-up, shop for new dress, speak lady-like, in high heels. But with Shang De, she is casual as she feels no pressure as Shang De has seen her worse, her bad temper, sharp words, scolding. But Shang De still like her no matter what. Rooting for second OTP to be He Shang De and Man Li. Yay...

    Thank you Ninja for your blog, review and recap.

  3. Liqi as 2nd male lead is over. The moment he did not trust Manli bed error with Shangde, it is over. Manli was so frighten after the "bedding error" with Shangde. She hated herself for being dirty, for being so careless, for being alcoholic, she's so guilty, apologetic, bow and apologise to Liqi for her "unfaithfulness", can't sleep, so scared, has no one to talk to about her guilt except her sister Manan. Then Liqi "forgave" her but in actual fact, deep down, he doubted her, didn't really trust that nothing happen and that it's just a lousy joke played by Shangde bad buddies.

    After some mere malicious words by Xiangning, that something did happen, that inconsiderate Liqi pour cold water and just dump Manli hopeful feeling into the drain. Manli thought Liqi is a very understanding boyfriend but ..time tell when Liqi is otherwise. Manli protested that she didn't sleep with Shangde. Shangde swear that nothing happen. But Liqi didn't buy it.

    If I'm Manli, I won't go through the same thing over with Liqi. In life, one won't know what will happen in the future. Due to past stigma, Liqi will bring up the past wound to poke at Manli, if some other "thing" happen in future. Both will argue no end. No trust, forget it. Only live once in this world, don't waste time with some one who don't trust you. End of story.

    Shangde seem to be a wiser choice. He's considerate and gentleman towards her. Always put her first. Each word utter by Manli, he put it in his heart. Not like Liqi, always put Xiangning first, then his job, then Manli (if he has time left). Although Shangde is younger in age, but he's more mature, wiser, see through people motive easily, has a better eye and judge people better, know who are the good guy and the evil guy. Age is just a number. The person character matters.

    But Liqi, even though at managerial level, older, supposedly to be wiser, but never verify the truth, just blindly believe and trust some else words than trust the "supposedly" woman he love. This tell a lot about a person.

    Shangde eager to bring Manli to see his parents, tells a lot. The drama seem to be introducing Shangde family into the plot. Meaning Shangde will have greater storyline. Hopefully Shangde will climb up the rank to be the 2nd male lead. Agree with Ninja that Manli is more at ease and comfortable with Shangde. She didn't have to hide her true self from Shangde as compared with Liqi, where she has to put up a "show" in front of Liqi, such as more gentle, no temper, speak nicely.

    Shipping for Shangde and Manli.
    Hi, Ninja, great site.

  4. Episode 64 already shown. Final Episode 71. Left 7 episodes before we say good-bye to this boring long drama.
    Don't like the childish, whiny voice Man an. First time watching Man an act, cannot stand her. Too cute for my liking. Wooden, grandpa look, heavy Taiwanese/Hokkien accent Ying jie, his Mandarin/Chinese diction not smooth, find he can't deliver his speech properly. Mismatch lead couple. Pain to watch this couple. Zero compatibility. The amnesia episodess getting too draggy.

  5. With just 7 episodes left. It's impossible to develop Shangde-Manli romance so quickly. Judging from this drama slow pace, tortoise speed, it'll just bounce back to Liqi-Manli.
    Shangde being the considerate, understanding, mature one, will let Manli return to Liqi. He will let her go. He may even advice Manli to go back to Liqi.
    Manli will think that Liqi is the one who solved the greedy scumbag Lu Dongbin money threatening case for her. But the big credit should go to Shangde who's actually the one solving the case for Manli and foolish Liqi.
    Liqi being the jealous, chauvinist, insecure one, will not disclose that Shangde was the one who indirectly help Manli solve the case. Liqi will snatch Manli from Shangde. Liqi doesn't think highly of Shangde as he appear to be just a lowly cake delivery boy. Liqi full of himself, think how can a high position manager can lose to a dispatch boy.
    Manli also doesn't look convincing with Shangde. Manli is only interested in Shangde free cakes.
    Afterall, Shangde is just listed as supporting cast.
    Liqi is under the main cast list.
    Shangde-Manli ending is predictable.

    With just 7 episodes, still many loose end to tie up.

    1. Manan long amnesia case.
    2. Zheng Yingqian-Sun Yuqing-puppy 3-way friendship not yet into bf-gf relationship. Or maybe never.
    3. Shangde going home, his family reaction & their acceptance of his bakery job.
    4. Yingjie-Manan wedding.
    5. Manwu-Xinru restaurant/eating shop grand opening.
    6. Doubt Xiaobin-Xuanxuan will get together, unless Xuanxuan new job is in the same hospital or she loves camping and meet him there.
    7. Think Xuanxuan-Shangde will not end up with anyone, due to just supporting roles.
    8. Shangde open his own cake/bakery shop.
    9. Shangde-Rongfa partnership as bosses of cake/bakery shop.
    10. Xuanxuan new job/new life revelation.
    11. Xiangning punishment. Her arrogance, possessiveness make her lost her position/job.
    12. Lu Dongbin punishment. His greediness for blackmailing for money non-stop.