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Monday, July 13, 2015

Be With You Episode 60-64 Summary

12:50 PM Posted by ninja , 9 comments
Taking Man An on a "business trip" that really was just an excuse to provide a chance to help Man An relax, Ying Jie decides to pop the big question ... again. Expecting pretty much the same answer he got on the first proposal, Ying Jie was pleasantly surprised when Man An quickly said yes.

Their feelings confirmed once again, it is obvious that both Man An and Ying Jie are starting to bond. It is interesting to note that while Man An is getting more playful with Ying Jie, Ying Jie is showing a bit of his chauvinistic side (Drama male chauvinistic is usually seem as a sign the guy actually cares... doesn't usually work that way in real life but there you go.) as he seems to finally accept that Man An is really his. Depending on how far Ying Jie takes his new change, thus far it is a welcoming sight to see our hero finally asserting his manliness a bit. 

After just a short while as Ying Jie's new secretary, Man An makes a huge blunder by forgetting to inform Ying Jie of an important appointment with a famously picky customer. Desperate to right her wrong especially after watching Ying Jie hitting dead ends no matter how hard he tries to fix her blunder with the customer, Man An talks Ying Qian into ambushing the customer at a restaurant.

Toying with Man An who promises to do anything to show her repentance, the customer demands that Man An finishes a HUGE glass of beer. Seeing no other way to fix her mistake Man An starts to drink the beer only to be interrupted when Ying Jie walks in with Daddy Zhen. Apologizing in Man An's stead, Ying Jie drinks the beer for Man An.
Drunk from the large quantity of beer he drank, Ying Jie's only thought is still of Man An as he mutters "I am okay, Man An. I am okay."

Called into the living room by Daddy Zhen, Man An gets a tongue lashing for the embarrassment she caused. Shaking his head in disappointment, Daddy Zhen says "What Ying Jie needs is a secretary who will help him solve crisis not one that will create them." Ouch, but I actually agrees with Daddy Zhen's words. I am starting to be impatient with Man An's ability to cause trouble as well. 

Man An shows up at Ying Jie's room the next day to check on him but ends up being a bit timid when she faces a cold Ying Jie for the very first time. Admitting that he is angry, Ying Jie tells Man An while he can be accepting of her in every way privately, but as his secretary he can't have her rushing off creating trouble without talking to him.

Already dejected knowing Ying Jie is angry at her, Man An is even more dispirited when Ying Jie shows up at work and shuts her out when he has a private conference with Xuan Xuan. Seeing Man An's crestfallen face, Xuan Xuan asks "You love Man An so much, aren't you pained for treating her this way?"
Ying Jie replies "I am trying to protect her. Plus this is my way of training her as well."

Hesitating, Xuan Xuan warns "Oh, I get it. You were pretty harsh with me when you first trained me. But Man An is not just your secretary."

Smiling, Ying Jie assures Xuan Xuan "Yes, I know. So I won't be as harsh with her as I was with you. I will be more gentle."
Jokingly huffy, Xuan Xuan replies "Zhen Ying Jie, it really won't do to be so honest."
Ready for lots of kisses?! Determined to cheer up a depressed Ying Qian after they had to give their dog back to its original owner, Yu Ching takes him to a exercise class and ends up getting kissed by Ying Qian accidentally.

Despite Ying Qian's claim of innocence, he still got slapped for the kiss.
After talking to his mom, Ying Qing decides to plant a second kiss on Yu Ching to figure out his feelings for her... and got his second slap.

Finally figuring out for himself that he must like Yu Ching after all, Ying Qian decides to pursue her with his usual gusto.
Unfortunately for Ying Qian whose idea of chasing a girl means throwing lots of money around, Yu Ching is soon demanding an explanation why he would ever think buying out a whole exercise class just for "her comfort" would be a good way to pursue her.  Out of ideas, Ying Qian replies "I have never chased a girl like you before... why don't YOU teach me how to pursue you?" Feeling even more infuriated after hearing Ying Qian's reply, Yu Ching grabs his collar to yell at him only to be interrupted when Ying Qian kisses her a third time.

ps. Ying Qian didn't get slapped the third time, because his mother walked in just then.
Wow, everyone is getting kissed this week. Shang De surprises Man Li by kissing her in the middle of the street. Staring at Shang De in shock, Man Li runs away to the ladies bathroom and after covering her face in embarrassment promises herself that she will yell at Shang De the next time she sees him.
Shang De and Man Li's cute progress hits a major road block when Xiang Ning confesses to Man Li about everything she did to poor Li Qi.

Now that she knows the real reason Li Qi broke up with her, Man Li is caught between her lingering feelings for Li Qi and the feelings she has already developed for Shang De. Overwhelmed with guilt that she could like two men at the same time, Man Li decides to wipe the slate clean and tells both guys that she is simply not ready for a relationship at this time.
Undaunted by Man Li's words, the two men just end up increasing their effort to pursue Man Li even more. Man Li finally loses her temper in a big way after hiding in her room for over an hour while both men sit in her living room determined to wait until she gets home from work.

Stunned to see Man Li so angry, Li Qi and Shang De quickly bid Man Li goodbye. 
Sitting together for a drink, Li Qi and Shang De decide to patch up their differences by agreeing they will start competing for Man Li's heart in a way that wouldn't put pressure on her. 


There! Li Qi is back in the game. Sigh! I am still shipping Man Li with Shang De but after this week's episode I am starting to be okay with whoever Man Li chooses. 

As for Ying Jie and Man An's romance, I am really hoping the writer will stop making Man An into a trouble magnet. I know Man An's character is just suppose to be kinda of a naive forthright girl but as a viewer I can only handle so much bumbling mistakes before I start wondering what Ying Jie sees in her. 


  1. 2015.07.14.
    Thank you Ninja, you are so fast and timely with your summary.
    Already watch Episode 65. Tonight will be Episode 66.

  2. Whether it is the former Man An or the current amnesia Man An, still don't like her. Her duck voice really a huge turn-off. Man Li screeching voice, a piss-off.

  3. Fully agree with Ninja, what does Ying Jie sees in Man An. Totally unbelievable, especially in reality is a no-no. A so-called 32 years old, capable CEO with such a judgement. Just due to some beautiful, childish childhood memory. Definitely not opposite attracts. Too huge gap in personality. Why people divorce? Due to personality differences, explain a lot.
    Even before and after Man An amnesia, she can't and still can't cook, can't perform her job properly at the shipyard factory (suppose to be an overseas degree graduate), also can't perform as a secretary.
    Agree with Ying Qian, Man An maybe faking her amnesia. She seem to be the same annoying Man An. Her naïve is so over-reacting, too pretentious cute for a 27 years old mature adult.

  4. Li Qi is so selfish. Up to the end, he still want to protect Xiang Ning despicable character. He want others to see Xiang Ning as a good person. He refused to reveal the truth about Xiang Ning although Man Li and her family keep probing, and he knows Man Li, her family hurting due to Man Li miserable, cried, heartbroken from Li Qi sudden request for break-up with no valid reason.
    If truth is reveal, Man Li will learn of Li Qi unfaithfulness, his stupidity for foolishly believing Xiang Ning more than her. Man Li will boil further and refuse to reconcile with Li Qi.
    Li Qi always demand Man Li to stay away from Shang De, but he will stick like a glue to Xiang Ning. One phone call from Xiang Ning, Li Qi will fly to her side.
    Please, Shang De together with Man Li, please. Li Qi points spiral down since Xiang Ning appear.
    p.s. can't stand Man Li always speaking like screaming at the top of her voice.

  5. Being with Li Qi will add stress and pressure in life. He's a devil in disguise by requesting perfectionist in life. He think he's above others. He's those type who can't forgive and can't forget. Now that Man Li has seen Li Qi true color, hope she doesn't go back to Li Qi. Let him learn his lesson. Like Man Li dad said, once the chance is gone, it's gone forever. There's only 1 chance. On the other hand, Shang De is simple-minded, not some slimebucket.
    By refusing to come clean about why he broke up with Man Li, what does he try to prove? That he is holy and pure? He want to be seen as ethical? He only want his girl to be pure, vaginal, innocent mind. Once he learn Man Li in bed with Shang De, even though it was a prank and nothing happen. He can't deal with it. Like how he will never accept Xiang Ning who he thought was gang-raped. He has this concept that he look down on others lowly than him.

  6. Hope Man Li will wait for Shang De to return from his overseas studies, Le Cordon Bleu College France graduate to be accomplished baker.
    Conclusion is, we hope ending is, Man Li willing to wait for Shang De and don't leave him for Li Qi while Shang De is elsewhere.
    Man Li can be good assistant to Shang De bakery business. Husband-wife team. Man Li good taste tester, Shang De design cake flavour according to Man Li taste.
    At the furniture shop, her career doesn't seem promising, always seen in open-toes sandals, carrying boxes, pushing trolley, like some delivery odd job worker. Her clothing so ... don't know what to say. Even those in supporting roles, and antagonists clothings nicer than Man Li.

    1. Ha, I thought the same thing about Man Li's clothes ... it's almost they go out of their way to make her shapeless?

  7. Man An don't need to solve amnesia problem. Her acting is the same before and after. Just like this drama never deal with who is Ying Jie real father. Also just mention briefly that Shang De parents accepted his baker job.
    Today will be Episode 68. 4 episodes left before bid farewell to annoying Man An and Man Li.
    Just want to get rid of this drama quickly. Just want to know the ending. This drama lost steam since Episode 15. Uninteresting. Skipping too many scenes. Most of the time, just listen, without watching. Doing other things.
    Next time anything with Man An in it, won't watch. Pain to watch. More direct, pain in the ass...
    Why K-dramas so successful.... girls are prettier. Even ladies with small roles are pretty.
    Man An is so plain looking, not a good-looker, dressed badly, even after as boss fiancée still dress poorly, no feminine look. Her hair color too orange, hair too short, shorter than Ying Jie. When Man An kiss Ying Jie, I thought, I saw 2 men hugging and kissing. So the 2 men, oops, I mean Man An and Ying Jie finally got married in Episode 67.
    Also don't know why the 2 sisters can't speak normally, must scream at top of their lung, must shriek voice, high-pitched, piercing sound. Our poor ears. Deafening.
    Episode 67. Happy for beautiful Xuan Xuan finally find love with the gentle doctor Xiao Bin, who has better voice than Ying Jie. Ying Jie speaking is weird. He should take up class to speak properly and accurately.
    So, from Xuan Xuan and doctor ending, meaning supporting roles male with supporting roles female.
    Fate of Shang De and Man Li...sigh...Already predicted. Man Li and the MCP Chauvinist Li Qi. Hate long drama, after all the long months, ending sucks.
    Quickly wrap up this drama. So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye, Goodbye.....

  8. what! it says last episode now lengthen to Episode 72. Arrggghhh...