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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Be With You Episode 70-72 (Final) Recap

1:56 PM Posted by ninja , 16 comments
Be With You Episode 70-72 (Final) Recap
Daddy Zhen finds Ying Jie sitting with a drink in one hand and staring at the "surprise" Man An has gave him. With one single glance, Daddy Zhen figures out that Ying Jie is fighting with his inner fear of confronting the revelation about his birth mother. Assuring Ying Jie of his and Mama Zhen's support of him finding his birth mother, Daddy Zhen advises his son to face his own fears 

The next morning, an excited Man An takes Ying Jie to the last known address of his birth mother only to find out that the birth mother has already passed away. Leaving Man An outside of the cemetery to talk to his mother alone, Ying Jie slowly talks to his birth mother of the blissful life he has right now.
Ying Jie walks out of the cemetery to find Man An squatting over some clovers and thank her for giving him a chance to fulfill a wish he has always hidden in his heart. Looking up at Ying Jie standing in the sun, Man An all the sudden has a flash back of her childhood where a young Ying Jie stood in the sun and took her hand. 
In reply to Ying Jie's words of thanks, Man An says "You have finally solve the hurt you carried since the day you saw your birth record." 

Nodding in agreement to Man An's words, Ying Jie quickly stops in confusion as he realizes the significance of Man An's words. 

Lookign at Man An in uncertainty, "You remember everything now?" 

Flashing a bright smile, Man An nods and calls him "Ying Jie ge ge" (brother) like she used to call him since she was little. 
Overjoyed, Ying Jie pulls Man An into an embrace. 

Now onto everyone else... 

After getting caught by Yu Ching that his show of being a weak patient is all a pretense, Ying Qian reveals his manly side when Yu Ching storms away in anger vowing to never see him again. Pushing Yu Ching against the wall after she has slapped him twice for kissing her, (Counting the previous two times. So Ying Qian has been slapped four times by this point) Ying Qian plants another kiss on Yu Ching... and surprisingly the fifth time is the charm. 

ps. In case for those viewer who feels Ying Qian was forcing himself on Yu Ching, the writer does kindly show us later that Yu Ching has been trained in the martial arts since she was young and could (and did) take Ying Qian out anytime she wants. 
Man Wu finally marries Xi Ru and Xi Ru is doted on by all at the Zhen family especially since she is pregnant with the first grandchild. 

Confessing to Man An and Man Li that she was initially uncertain about the arrival of the baby, Xi Ru assures the two sisters that after realizing Man Wu would be with her every step of the way she has gotten over her fear. 
Out on her routine run, Xuan Xuan is surprised when Xiao Bin shows up to accompany her. The duo's exercise is interrupted when a stranger passes out right in front of them and Xiao Bin jumps right into action to give the stranger CPR. Impressed with Xiao Bin, Xuan Xuan looks on with a small smile. 

Saving the best for last! While riding an elevator at her work, a pervert touches Man Li using the crowd as a disguise. When Man Li's two friends confront the pervert, the man's wife loudly proclaims that her husband couldn't possibly done such a thing. 

Things snowballs out of control when Man Li could not prove her words with the security camera footage (because it was too crowded) and the man's wife makes a big deal out of the whole thing. Wanting to protect Man Li, Li Qi takes the responsibility for the whole incident and ends up getting fired by the shopping mall. 
Feeling really guilty knowing that Li Qi lost his job because of her, Man Li breathes a sigh of relief once she finds out from Li Qi that he is already receiving job offers. 

Sitting in a cafe together, it doesn't take much for Li Qi to notices that Man Li seems to only order desserts that Shang De used to make for her and the various signs that points out Man Li is missing Shang De like crazy. 

Li Qi "I want to thank you for coming out to meet me out of your kindness and also allowing me to see that while Shang De has slowly walked into your heart, I am slowly being erased out of it." 

Not denying Li Qi's words, Man Li expresses concern of the age difference between her and Shang De but Li Qi assures her that age should not be a factor in love. 
Taking courage from Li Qi's words, Man Li leaves the cafe to go find Shang De but not before she runs back once more to give Li Qi a hug. Holding Man Li in his arms, Li Qi gives a small smile ... to tell us he is letting go as well? 
Rushing to the airport to catch Shang De before he leaves for Japan, we of course has to put up with a few frustrating scenes of the two missing each other repeatedly. Thankfully, since this is the last episode Man Li does find Shang De and confesses "I want to start a romance with you" to him. 
Ecstatic to hear Man Li's confession, Shang De replies excitedly "I really want to start a romance with you too!" 

We don't get to see all the sweet talks right before Man Li sends Shang De on the plane, but we do get the exchange between Man Li and her mom as she assures Mama Xia that she and Shang De will just use their vacation days to visit each other in the two years Shang De will be studying in Japan. 

I thought it was hilarious that Mama Xia went from "So you will marry Shang De in two years when he gets back... wait, there is no reason to wait until you guys get married... just get pregnant before!" As Man Li runs away in embarrassment, Mama Xia and Xi Ru is happily planning that Man Li's child would be a great playmate for Xi Ru's.  

Final Thoughts
Happy ending all around! Well...I guess not so happy in Li Qi's case, but other than that poor guy everyone else seem to at least ended on a hopeful happy mood.

Over all I was relatively satisfied with Be With You if you judge it on a T-daily standard. It was a bit strange that as a viewer I started so interested in our two leads but by the end of the series I really was more interested in all the other characters. Man An's character was especially a bit annoying by the end for me which is rather unfortunate since the writer really had a lot of ways to make her character ... well... not annoying. 
 The saving grace for this show in my opinion is that the writer was actually able to make Man Li's romance interesting enough to keep my attention while my interested was waning rather quickly on the two leads' progress.

I was rather pleasantly surprised that Man Li was able to be paired up with Shang De, since Li Qi really seems to be the designated 2nd male lead here. I am really curious if the writer had always planned on Shang De getting the girl or was it due to popular opinion? 

In real life I might not be so supportive of Man Li choosing Shang De since there really is a lot of uncertainty because Shang De is still so young and who knows what he will be like in two years' time. However, in the blissful drama land I am totally shipping Man Li and Shang De if not just for the fact Man Li seemed more like a real couple with Shang De while with Li Qi it always looked like the two were on a perpetual polite blind date. 

One aspect of the show I wished the writer had spend more time on was Xuan Xuan and  Xiao Bin's romance. They look so cute together that I think there could've been a better side story than Ying Qian's romance.

How did you guys like the ending? 

On a side note: Here is the new kid in town: Bitter Sweet.

Bitter Sweet: A story about a retired military dad and his three daughter and one son.


  1. Finally! Hooray! This horrible drama finale. Episode 72 ended on 2015.07.22., Taiwan time.

    Pleading with SETTV, no Season 2, please. Leave the airtime alone to other better productions. The scriptwriter, some cast sucks. I'm sure the 4 production companies, read feedback, reviews, mostly are negative and nasty. Many dropped the drama early. Lots exited drama long ago. Nothing to attract viewers to chase the plot and ending, due to unpleasant cast, terrible voice projections and lousy acting.

    Rush ending, cut budget, cut loss. Decided not to waste precious money from advertisers (Samsung S6 Edge, Apple Watch, Gigabyte Notebook, Garmin GPS, Manli Furniture Mega Mall, Xinru Clothing Shop www.queenshop.com.tw, Manwu Beef Noodle Restaurant, Yingqian Cat Grooming Shop, Shangde Cake Shop, Leo Ku Album Emperor Group EEG, etc.), cut the budget, on the annoying cast. Just cut the lousy story short, from below mediocre acting. No amount of glossy script or glamour dressings can drive up the disappointing poor ratings.

    My prediction and observation from the theme song (opening and ending) MV came true (commented here few weeks ago).

    Sick of Leo Ku (Hong Kong male singer) theme song (opening). Vomit. Puke. Leo Ku songs played continuously (5 songs, that's a lot for a drama, playing a whole album, really hard-sell). Leo Ku Music Label, Emperor Group (EEG), super-rich company must have paid huge cash, advertising his latest Mandarin album, after 4 years of absence.

    Pairing of Shangde and Manli, came true. Bless this couple. Shangde (surprisingly a Malaysian got hugely recognized here, his convincing acting, lively, positive, slowly gain the heart of viewers, got bigger role, snatch more screen-time from Liqi (suppose to be 2nd male lead).

    Shangde role increased and pairing with Manli is obvious, from Shangde frequent appearances in Manli house for meals, dinners, lunches. Shangde immersed into the family and more like part of the family. Haven't seen a single moment, Liqi eat with Manli at the family table. Because most of the time, Liqi dine with the sly fox, Xiangning. Liqi always speak briefly with Manli at the door and left for Xiangning.

    Liqi character and acting became as annoying as Xiangning. Downward spiral and drew ire since Liqi chose Xiangning over Manli. Liqi ending fate, got fired from his managerial position, serve as a punishment for hurting Manli. Liqi disregard Manli feelings when Manli sobbingly beg him not to leave her. His heart hardened. After Xiangning left, about time Liqi leave, too. Liqi thick-skinned trying to snatch Manli from Shangde, like nothing ever happen, chose to return to Manli whenever he feels like it, is ridiculous. Bravo! I like how Liqi, semi-villain got his deserved, just, punishment. He redeemed himself by rescuing Manli from being sued the 2nd time (1s time from Lu Dong Bin the shameless pickpocket, 2nd time butt molester). Hope Liqi learn his lesson, how to treat his next girlfriend.

    Sadly, no punishment to Xiangning for faking a serious gang-rape crime, Lu Dongbin - nothing happen to him for extorting money non-stop for crime he did, nothing happen to psycho man molesting woman buttock in lift - his supportive wife talk like Manli - shouting, demanding, fierce, screaming, loud. Serve her right for having a slimy snake double-face molester husband.

  2. 2015.07.24, friday @5:30am
    Gracias ninja for speedy Final Recap. appreciate ninja effort.

  3. I guess once people are hurt, nothing can be done to mend the broken glass and turn back the clock. Once bitten, twice shy.

    Man-li father got hurt badly, embarrassed, shamed by Ying-jie father blunt and hurting words when at first he refuse to accept Ying-jie choice of bride as dumb-ass Man-an. Ying-jie father looked down on Man-an being his chauffeur daughter, even as an abroad degree graduate unqualified her as suitable match for Ying-jie, she's born from poor, lowly background.

    Even after Ying-jie father finally got no choice but to accept Man-an, he request Man-an father to work for him again as his chauffeur, Man-an father refused. Man-an father rather work with Shang-de as a tiring cakes delivery coolie, no air-con, but out-on-the-street labouring. He is more happy and at ease with himself. No politics, no protocols.

    Man-li father really adore Shang-de, as Shang-de words enlighten him and at the same time, Man-li father words also enlighten Shang-de. Shang-de develop close father-son relationship with Man-li dad, and treat him like his father, and address him as Brother Fa. But Li-qi seem more distant, address Man-li father as Uncle.

    Just like, after hurting Man-li, Li-qi want to win back Man-li heart, is as tough as a camel go through the needle eye. Impossible. The moment Li-qi chose to dump Man-li, there is no battle with Shang-de. Shang-de already won Man-li heart long ago, when Man-li was lonely.

    Younger Shang-de versus mature Li-qi is not a barrier. Shang-de is more responsible and mature as compared to blind, foolish Li-qi who can't see through evil Xiang-ning, but Shang-de can. Li-qi can't even protect his loved one from scheming Xiang-ning. Even a matured man may not necessarily better in relationship or human judgment than a young chap.

    Shang-de may be younger but in career wise, he is more stable. Shang-de can be his own boss with his creativity, skills and talents. Business owner is more enticing as husband quality. But Li-qi who is fired (or retrenched in future) from his job, has to look for another job, send resume, attend interviews, and be selected amongst competition in the job market.

  4. next time....anything with ManAn...or...ManLi...or...ManLi Mother...or...YinggJie....in it....no thanks....skip !!!!

    Some think YinggJie is handsome. So still watching this drama until the end. Really??? He is??? Anyway, he can't really act. Wooden, stiff look like middle-age Uncle, poker face, behave like GrandFather, can't talk proper, can't speak right, his diction unclear, eating and swallowing his words. He is better off to cast as supporting role, so that he won't hog the screen and take up too much screening space and time.

    The two sisters and mother behaved like 4-years old, whining, worst immature, childish acting, bunch of weirdos. They are nail on chalkboard. Dang! Their voices are annoying to the point of no return. Over acting, trying too hard to be cute, nothing close to reality. ManAn voice is ugly, so is her face reaction. They can't act and talk naturally. They look dumb.

  5. Man An extended amnesia is so unnecessary. Doesn't serve any purpose. Suddenly remember everything (27 years of memories) just like that, in one second. Unbelievable. lol...what a badly written story. Nothing else to write, just to make it to 72 episodes?

    The only positive was hoping that Man An role will be less after getting amnesia.

    This only prove that Man An is a frequent, never ending troublemaker. She is stupid to jungle trek alone to find clover leaf.
    She always think that decision she make is always correct. To her every whim.

    She pester and threaten Ying Qian no end to be submissive to her as her brother in law, to give her details of that difficult stubborn client Mr Cai whereabouts and crash Mr Cai dinner uninvited and unprofessionally.

    She is stupid, look stupid, behave stupid before and after amnesia. Brainless can't change just because one got amnesia.

    She created bigger and more serious mess one after another, and people have to wipe off her ass for her. Like taking care of a baby. Must always get ready Pampers Diapers for Man An. And she still think she is right. People dealing with her have to hit their head against walls in frustration. Man An is a blockhead. But problem is she never realise it because people surrounding her keep solving problems for her.

  6. Not interested in new T-drama Bitter Sweet. Cast and plot not captivating. Won't watch and won't read. Don't want to waste time watching long drama. Draggy, cheapskate, low budget indoor set, pointless storyline just to lengthen into long drama.
    Will watch just nice 20 episodes or less drama, with real outdoor shooting. I enjoy, truly love drama like Someone like You. Beautiful cast, nice OTP pairing, speak normal, natural acting, nice voice, nice attires, nice long hair, lots of skinship chemistry.

    Man AN and Ying JIE look so force together. Pain to watch them kissing, they try so hard to speak and behave intimately. Even the kiss on smartphone is eerie. Look like a horror scene. My hair stands. Goosebumps. Look like an uncle in his forties with a 4 year old toddler. Man An is so absent minded. She always have this blank look on her face.

  7. thanks for introducing new kiddo Bitter Sweet. military style father bringing up kiddos. predicted - strict, tight leash on kiddos necks, report home early like Cinderella, spick and span house with tireless housework delegation.

    The usual no sex rules, no kissing, no hugging, no holding hands, no spending the night at the other party home, endless no-no dating rules.

    boring. dull unattractive cast. not appealing. sigh. drop the drama.

    hate military topic, indirectly bring the attention to unsightly insensitive blood thirsty ISIS army. Now the Japanese revive their army presence in South East Asia ready to take on China like World War II. Sickening, people are like USA, into endless fighting for power and money crazy.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. next opening tidbits bitter sweat or bitter sweet, whatever. never mind. not nice.

    if they use paintball game again. jungle training. tad monotonous. tiresome. unoriginal. it is so overuse in too many dramas. originated from k-dramas, then copycats borrow concept unceasingly in T-dramas. C-dramas.

  10. Li Qi ended with no partner. Clap!! He ask for it. Moral of the story is to be unwavering faithful to your girlfriend or boyfriend or partner (for same sex relationship) then you'll be rewarded accordingly. Reap what you sowed.

    Still remember Man Li was so guilt-ridden, can see her pain, when she thought she had sexual intercourse with Shang De. She thought she was unfaithful to Li Qi. She bowed and ask for forgiveness from Li Qi.

    Li Qi punched Shang De to a bloody nose for sleeping with and talking to Man Li. Li Qi trust the sexual intercourse did happen and he didn't believe the naked mishap was just a joke. Too coincidence.

    But when MCP Chauvinist Pig Li Qi commit big time mistake, his fling with Xiang Ning, then breaking up with Man Li and breaking her heart at the same time. He feels nothing. He has zero sympathy. Love her too much so breakup is right. What shit theory? After slicing Man Li heart to pieces, he wanted to return to the dating game with Man Li again. What another shit is this? Who does he think he is? That he is that good, women will shamelessly flock and cling unto him after he chose to believe another witchy woman over his own girl!!

    Man Li dump Li Qi straight to his face. Feels good. Revenge sought. Pay back time. An eye for an eye fit this. Fortunately Man Li has Shang De as backup, if not, no choice, is it? But Li Qi. The forest is immensely huge to hold onto a senseless unsympathetic tree.

    Man Li you go girl. Women is not low IQ to return to this trash dude. Women got pride too. yayyyy

    1. Ya, Man Li should demand and exercise her strong forte, scream and shout on top of her lungs at Li Qi to kneel, bow to beg her for forgiveness too.

      Man Li should tell on Li Qi to Shang De. Shang De should punch back Li Qi to bloody nose.

      Li Qi still has the cheek to demand Shang De, Li Qi challenge him for a fair competition to win Man Li heart. So thick skin. He didn't think what he did to Man Li was so wrong.

      Like Man An, Li Qi think his decision is ultimate right, no question is allowed. He think that others should forgive and forget his mistake. But Li Qi himself is not the type, neither forgive nor forget. What give him the right to demand others of this?

  11. We can only handle third wheel for so much as two times. Three times is overrun.

    1. 1st third wheel. Man An came in between Ying Jie and Xuan Xuan. Xuan Xuan was Ying Jie blissful fiancée. But Man An appear so call innocent old flame stirring Ying Jie feelings for old time sake. Man An snatched Ying Jie away under Xuan Xuan nose. Man An won due to her casted as main lead role. So no matter how the story goes, Man An will still win. Life is unfair? Yes, life is that unfair.

    2. 2nd third wheel. Xiang Ning came in between Li Qi and Man Li. Enough said about this deserved each other couple. Xiang Ning won.

    3. 3rd third wheel. Li Qi came in between Shang De and Man Li. If Li Qi win, just because he holds the title of second male lead like Man An did, then it will do injustice to the story. Justice must be served. And yes it does, Shang De won the third round.

    Detest third parties ruin relationships.

  12. I commented on July 11, 2015 at 1:58 AM (Episode 54-59).

    Drama still filming, if netizens-fans firmly root for Shang De-Man Li, writer may head towards direction Shang De-Man Li romance blossom to marriage.

    Greatest observation came from the SONGS - opening-closing MV, general storyline seemed Li Qi-Man Li as couple.

    Deeper insight..

    Opening song MV: Shang De-push Man Li against the wall, Man Li put up a card with 4 yes ticks. Tell tale sign-answer Man Li-Shang De ending.

    Opening song MV: Shang De carry cake. Li Qi with glass drink. Man Li seem to choose cake as her hand appear longer, head towards Shang De.

    Closing song MV: At ending, Li Qi-Man Li sit face glass window view, they look like distant old school friends, formally smiling courteously at each other, not lovey-dovey couple laughter. No skinship.

    With Li Qi, Man Li doll up, make-up, shop new dress, speak ladylike not her usual self, high heels.

    With Shang De, she is in casual tees, baggy pants, preggy clothes, sandals, no pressure. Shang De seen her worse, her bad temper, ugly unkempt messy look when wake up from bed, shouting, loud, screaming, sharp words, scolding. Shang De like her still. Man Li comfortable with Shang De.

    Heavily root second couple Shang De-Man Li.

  13. Bitter Sweet Episode 2. not nice. not following anymore.

  14. Thanks for the recap! Can't believe it's over so quickly. I have been following since the first recap. Poor Liqi :( But yeah, you are right about Xuanxuan and Xiaobin being really cute. In fact, all the side characters had interesting plotlines, they were probably the saving grace of this drama. My Be With You journey had been enjoyable all thanks to you so once again, thank you for all the hard work put in!

  15. Just finished watching Be With You on Viki. It seems from reading the thread that many people seem not to rate it well. I have to say that I'm a fan of Bobby Dou since seeing him in some other dramas - Ti Amo Chocolate & Love Now (which is probably why I have a bias). He has played a few different roles now and to me having seen him in the other shows I think he is a really good actor and has shown his diversity.

    The whole point of Ying Jie's character is that he was forever that 13 year old boy who was fearful and felt he did not belong/fit in as a result of learning he was adopted. This resulted in him putting up a front and being the perfect son because of his fear of abandonment. I felt he did his character justice having the very serious demeanor while being mysterious and conflicted at the same time. When Man An comes into the picture and seeing his interactions with her through out the series you see that he slowly comes out of his shell becoming more open and loving as a result of Man An's support and reassurance.

    There have been many shows that have put memory loss in some way or another but I thought in Be With You it really tied into the story line of Ying Jie becoming more 'grown up' emotionally. I also felt the same way of Man An's character. Man An's memory loss was a test as to whether he could still retain the confidence of their love for each other knowing she didn't remember him. While for Man An before her memory loss she was always the type to please and the choices she had made in her life up to that point seemed to be mostly as a result of pleasing those around her. I haven't known anyone or experienced memory loss but I imagine for those who have, it must be difficult - whether for the person with the memory loss or their loved ones wanting to help them recover. Man An and her family had a tight relationship which is why it was difficult for them to be accepting at the beginning that what she needed was not to remember but to allow her to rediscover herself and how she fit in. While Ying Jie it seemed having gone through being pressured (self-inflicted) knew that what she needed was to build her own sense of self regardless of whether her memories came back without ever pressuring her. That's how their love bloomed again - she saw that his love for her was strong and he would be accepting of her with/without her memories :) I really like that there was no third wheel between Ying Jie and Man An particularly during the memory loss stage. I know for some it seemed Xuan Xuan was the third wheel or that Man An was the third wheel in the beginning but to me even though Ying Jie and Xuan Xuan were engaged I never once got the feeling that their relationship went beyond secretary and boss. To me it was clear that Ying Jie was never interested.

    I loved the show and while some have seemed disappointed and bored of the Ying Jie/Man An storyline, it was actually my favourite. Sorry for the long windedness. I wanted to put a positive point of view in.