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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Diamond Lover Episode Summary Up to Ep. 10

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Diamond Lover (克拉恋人) Episode Summary

Episode 1
A talented designer but often overlooked because of her weight, our heroine Mi Duo harbors a secret crush on Xiao Liang, CEO of a world famous diamond company.

Excited to finally see her own advertisement idea being presented to Xiao Liang, Mi Duo doesn't even mind when her team leader makes fun of her weight during the presentation.

Seeing right through the team leader's effort to take Mi Duo's idea as her own, Xiao Liang chastises the team leader and even ties his suit coat around Mi Duo's waist when she accidentally split her pants.

Overjoyed to have someone finally willing to see past her weight to acknowledge her abilities, Mi Duo's little heart beats even faster when Xiao Liang takes the time to personally invite her to a party he is going to hold with her company.
Putting on her best dress, Mi Duo is disappointed to arrive at the party only to find out that her team leader had purposefully told her the wrong time so she would show up when the party is already over.

As fate would have it, Mi Duo ends up meeting a completely drunk Xiao Liang and had no option but to haul him into a hotel room. (Yap, I am sticking with the story she had no other option.)

Xiao Liang wakes up in shock to find himself in bed with Mi Duo and immediately assume Mi Duo is some crazy lady that is trying to get close to him.

Already depressed to be treated like some crazy person by her crush, Mi Duo's day gets even worse when her team leader fires her.
While crossing the street to go meet her BFF Yi Ming, Mi Duo is hit by an oncoming car. Her face landing right on shattered glass, Yi Ming shakes with emotion as he promises to stay by Mi Duo no matter how difficult her recovery is.

After months of recovery from plastic surgery and diets, both Mi Duo and Yi Ming are pleasantly surprised when the gauze comes off to reveal a beautiful Mi Duo.

Episode 2
Dressing Mi Duo in a sexy outfit, Yi Ming takes Mi Duo to a club to try out her new face. Left behind by Yi Ming who is busy chasing after one of his many girlfriends, Mi Duo becomes giddy when she sees her crush Xiao Liang sitting not too far away.

While Mi Duo is busy stealing glances at Xiao Liang, a club patron comes over to hit on her. A bit flustered to actually have a guy hit on her the for first time, Mi Duo tries to reject the guy nicely but things starts to escalate out of control when the guy becomes violent. Unable to just sit quietly by, Xiao Liang saves Mi Duo with one smooth move. With stars in her eyes, Mi Duo thank Xiao Liang for saving her but accidentally says his name. Looking at Mi Duo with some doubts in his eyes, Xiao Liang leaves after accepting her excuse that she has seen him on the news before.
Egged on by his half brother Zi Liang into promising that he will raise the company earning in three months time, Xiao Liang decides to enter into a fake relationship with Gao Wen, a top star, in order to promote his company via the scandal it would create in the news.

Falling into depression when she hears the rumor that Xiao Liang already has a girlfriend, Mi Duo surprises Yi Ming when she all the sudden perks up once again when reports come out that Xiao Liang's dating rumor is false. ps. Mi Duo is living with Yi Ming to avoid her ex-boss who is trying to get her to come back to work. Xiao Liang denied the dating rumor in order to have it snowball. 

Completely speechless, Yi Ming can only shake his head when Mi Duo announces that she is going to interview for the position of Xiao Liang's secretary.
Unfortunately for Mi Duo's dream of working right next to her crush, Xiao Liang not only rejects Mi Duo but tells her "I don't need a pretty face but a secretary who is capable."

Dumbfounded to be told that she is nothing but a pretty face (something she never imagined before), Mi Duo vents her anger to Yi Ming while she drowns her sorrow in alcohol. Completely drunk, Mi Duo mistakenly sees Yi Ming as Xiao Liang and plants a big kiss on him.

Thunderstruck by the kiss, Yi Ming sits back in shock while Mi Duo blissfully falls sleep.
The next morning, Mi Duo is overjoyed when she receives a surprise phone call informing her that she has been hired by Tong Ling (Xiao Liang's company). Skipping all the way to work, Mi Duo's excitement wanes just a bit when she finds out that Zi Liang (hero's half brother) is actually the one that hired her.

Remembering Mi Duo from the night club, Xiao Liang gets even more suspicious when he realizes Mi Duo was hired on his half brother's order and accuses Mi Duo of having ulterior motive for her repeated appearance in front of him.

Episode 3
Diligently studying everything she could find on designing diamonds until late at night, Mi Duo gets nervous when she finds herself alone in the building and the elevator stops working. However, Mi Duo's nervousness soon turns into happiness when she literally runs into Xiao Liang and is allowed to wait for the building security in his office.

Unable to ignore the "heated" stares from Mi Duo, Xiao Liang is about to boot Mi Duo out of his office until her off handed remarks about ways to improve the company's promotional plans makes Xiao Liang look at Mi Duo seriously for the very first time.
Unable to stop thinking about the drunken kiss Mi Duo planted on him, Yi Ming is shocked when his co-worker in the psychiatry department informs him that his is suffering all the typical signs of being in love.

Shaking his head in unbelief, Yi Ming tries to mentally forces himself to stop thinking of Mi Duo but ends up racing towards the hospital when he finds out she is in the hospital.
Working as an assistant at the Tong Ling commercial filming location after Xiao Liang personally assigns her to it, Mi Duo throws herself  on top of Xiao Liang when a big ladder topples over.

Stunned to see an unconscious Mi Duo with a bloody head in his arms, Xiao Liang rushes her to the hospital.

Unable to fathom why Mi Duo would put her own life in danger for him, Xiao Liang asks her "Why did you save me? What are you hoping to gain from me?"

Dumbfounded by Xiao Liang's question, Mi Duo replies "I don't want anything from you. Plus, if I really took the time to calculate what I could get from you then would I be able to save you in time?"
Thoughtful after hearing Mi Duo's answer, Xiao Liang wonders maybe he is too cynical of the world.
The next day, the big star Gao Wen throws a fit on site when the director refuses to take out a kissing scene just because Gao Wen feels like it seems too unrealistic for her character.

Storming off, Gao Wen serendipitously gets on Yi Ming's car to avoid the paparazzi. Surprised to all the sudden find a big star in his car while he was waiting for Mi Duo to get off work, Yi Ming resigns himself to be Gao Wen's playmate for a day while she shoots off some stress by doing all the things she doesn't usually get to do.

Episode 4
Without Gao Wen, the filming comes to a halt and Mi Duo has no choice but to reluctantly agree to step in as Gao Wen's double for the kissing scene. After multiple failed takes, Mi Duo finally gathers enough courage (much to the director's relief) to kiss Xiao Liang. I bet the kiss with Xiao Liang is probably Mi Duo's first... well... I guess she did already plant one on Yi Ming. 
While Mi Duo is busy doing the super difficult task of kissing Xiao Liang, Gao Wen has been enjoying a rare day of freedom with Yi Ming without a clue that she had accidentally taken an expensive necklace from the filming set.

Unable to locate the necklace no matter how much they searched, Mi Duo's team leader, Si Yuan is resigned to her fate of taking full responsibility for the necklace's disappearance. Trusting her team leader's assertion that she didn't steal the necklace, Mi Duo refuses to give up and insists on searching through hours of surveillance camera footage for clues of what happened to the necklace even when her team leader had given up.

Moved that despite her poor treatment of Mi Duo she is still working tirelessly to find the necklace, Si Yuan starts to see her in a different light.
Mi Duo 's effort pays off and she is eventually able to recover the necklace from Gao Wen. However, a stickler for rules, Xiao Liang still insists on firing Si Yuan since the necklace did disappear while in her care.

Charging into Xiao Liang's office, Mi Duo gives him a whole speech of how sometimes forgiveness goes a long way especially to those who has to work so hard for so little. Not surprisingly, Mi Duo is booted out of the office by Xiao Liang without a mercy.

Sadden to know Si Yuan is going to be fired, Mi Duo is shocked when Xiao Liang lets Si Yuan off with a warning. Stopped by Mi Duo who wants to offer her thanks, Xiao Liang complains "Every time you show up something goes wrong for me." and tells Mi Duo to stay away from him.
Pictures of Gao Wen's outing with Yi Ming made the news which makes it a perfect timing for Xiao Liang to publicly announce his "romance" with Gao Wen so her scandal would go away and Tong Ling's sale could get a big boost at the same time.

Standing among the crowd of press that is there to witness Xiao Liang's declaration of love, Mi Duo looks on with a pained expression.
Numbly accepting Xiao Liang's invitation to dance, Mi Duo confesses to Xiao Liang of her feelings but ends it with a promise that she will not bother him anymore. Ha, Xiao Liang didn't look too happy to hear Mi Duo's promise. 

The lights on the dance floor all the sudden darken and the DJ announces that when the lights come on he hopes everyone would be able to see their true love standing in front of them. The lights turn back on and Xiao Liang has disappeared in front of Mi Duo but thankfully her trusty BFF Yi Ming has come to save her. Should I be worried about the possibility of Rain not getting the girl?? 
Awe... every girl should have a BFF that can give you piggy back rides when you are sad. 

Episode 5

Alarmed by the very public announcement of his son's relationship with a girl in show biz, President Xiao orders Xiao Liang to immediately break up with Gao Wen. Pretending to be concerned when President Xiao yells at Xiao Liang for refusing to break up, Zi Liang keeps up his facade of being a good little brother when both he and Xiao Liang know that he couldn't be happier.

A depressed Mi Duo wakes up the next morning vowing to forget love and puts all her energy on work... just to have new her resolve burst when she finds out that Yi Ming has washed every single piece of her clothing in order to keep her home.

Mi Duo's vow to never bother Xiao Liang again crumbles like sand when she hears from Si Yuan that Xiao Liang has been asking after her. Using all his fibbing skills to convince Mi Duo that in order to get Xiao Liang she has to resign from her job, Yi Ming happily sends Mi Duo off thinking he is going to finally get his girl back.
Foolishly trusting her BFF, Mi Duo hands in her resignation while being afraid the whole time that Xiao Liang might actually accepts it. To Mi Duo's great joy, Xiao Liang gruffly rips up her resignation letter and orders her to show up at work the next day.
Invited personally by Gao Wen (who took a liking to Mi Duo after the necklace incident) to a celebrity party, Mi Duo couldn't help but start drinking heavily as Xiao Liang acts the perfect boyfriend to Gao Wen. I love the fact Xiao Liang feel the need to warn Mi Duo from drinking too much... in the name of not wanting her to embarrass the company of course. 

Completely drunk, Mi Duo climbs into the back seat of Xiao Liang's car. Not realizing Mi Duo has been sleeping in the back seat, Xiao Liang jumps with surprise when Mi Duo drunkenly pops up with money in her hand believing that Xiao Liang is a taxi driver.

Episode 6
Unable to sober Mi Duo up, Xiao Liang has no choice but to take her home. Still drunk, Mi Duo stumbles into Xiao Liang's room just when he is getting out of the shower and ends up pushing him into bed. Dang, the girl got skill. 
Not understanding Mi Duo's drunken mutterings, Xiao Liang has flash backs of his time with her and gently touches her forehead.
After a night of beating himself up for how badly his grandiose plan of getting Mi Duo away from Xiao Liang backfired, Yi Ming's breathes a sigh of relief when he finds out from Mi Duo that nothing happened with Xiao Liang.

Showing up at Xiao Liang's office after thinking Xiao Liang didn't sleep well out of consideration for her, Mi Duo runs away with embarrassment when Xiao Liang shrinks at the sight of her and recounts how shamelessly she acted the night before.
Determined to make his yearly visit to Korea to see his mother despite his father's fierce opposition, Xiao Liang hides the real reason of his visit to the outside world by taking Gao Wen with him. Reluctant to get dragged to Korea, Gao Wen only agrees to go if Xiao Liang is willing to assign Mi Duo as her personal assistant.

Episode 7
While meeting some important Korean businessman in a restaurant, a waiter accidentally spills on Gao Wen's dress and seeing no other alternatives, Mi Duo voluntarily switches outfit with Gao Wen. Noticing Mi Duo's absence and her outfit on Gao Wen, Xiao Liang seeks Mi Duo out and puts his coat on her. 

Noticing the wallet Xiao Liang left behind in his coat, Mi Duo rushes after him only to see Xiao Liang watching his mother in secret.  
Flying to Korea at the speed of light after he gets a phone call from a forlorn Mi Duo complaining of missing him, Yi Ming runs into Gao Wen again when he couldn't find Mi Duo at the hotel. Happy see Yi Ming again, Go Wen drags him out to dinner and ends up being carried back to the hotel by Yi Ming completely drunk.  
Narrowly avoided being kissed by a drunken Gao Wen, Yi Ming is stunned when he comes out of the hotel room only to bump into Mi Duo who has also just finished depositing a drunk Xiao Liang in his room. 
After making a promise to Xiao Liang's mom to take him to go see her (he has never shown himself before), Mi Duo breaks down in tears in Yi Ming's arm again when Xiao Liang angrily yells at Mi Duo for thinking she has the right to interfere with his life.

Unbeknownst to Mi Duo, once Xiao Liang's anger simmers down a bit he ends up going back to his mother's eatery and finally meets his mother face to face.  
All packed up to go back home with Yi Ming, Mi Duo's plan is quickly swept aside after one single phone call from Xiao Liang offering to take her out on a tour of Korea as thanks. Offering a quick apology to Yi Ming before she dashes off, Mi Duo happily spends the day with Xiao Liang who seems especially patient with her and even sends her home with a clay puppet that looks just like him. 
Angry that Xiao Liang dares to ditch her after dragging her all the way to Korea, Gao Wen's eyes light up when she sees Yi Ming. Almost friends now after their repeated meetings, Yi Ming spends the day playing around with Gao Wen.  
The next morning blames goes both ways as Gao Wen complains to Xiao Liang for ditching her while Xiao Liang warns Gao Wen for spending the whole day with a man alone when she could've easily been spotted by some fan. 

Relegated to a mere assistant again, reality hits Mi Duo once more as she watches Xiao Liang and Gao Wen answer the presses' questions as a couple in love. Out of corner of his eye, Xiao Liang watches as Yi Ming puts his arm around Mi Duo to take her home. 
Xiao Liang comes back to the company to find the unpleasant surprise that his half brother has prepared for him. Angry at Xiao Liang's continual disobedience to his will, President Xiao has given an important project to Zi Liang without consulting Xiao Liang. 

 Zi Liang warns Mi Duo to be smart about which team she chooses when she refuses to reveal what exactly Xiao Liang is up to while he was in Korea. Despite being warned by Zi Liang, Mi Duo delivers the project report (the one that Zi Liang is suppose to be over now) to Xiao Liang's office and assures him that she will always be on his side. 

 Episode 8
Despite wanting nothing less than Mi Duo to resign from her work, Yi Ming nonetheless chooses to do everything in his power to get a jewelry design teacher to take Mi Duo on as a student.

Unfortunately for Mi Duo who is happily dreaming of entering her company's jewelry design contest in order to help Xiao Liang, she is expressively forbid by Xiao Liang to do so. Xiao Liang's assistant wonders out loud why Xiao Liang would be so severe as to order Mi Duo to not let anyone know that she wants to help him. With a slight frown, Xiao Liang admits that he is trying to protect Mi Duo by not having her dragged into the war between him and Zi Liang.  
Mistakenly assuming that Mi Duo is the one that spread the rumor about her desperate financial situation at work, Si Yuan (Mi Duo's team leader) decides to get back at Mi Duo by calling her to a night club so she would have to face a bunch of sleazy gangsters with her. Unwilling to put up with the sleazy men, Mi Duo pours alcohol on the head gangster and runs away with Si Yuan. 

The next day at work, Si Yuan overhears Mi Duo defending her to the real person that has been spreading rumor about her and realizes she has made a big mistake. Feeling like she owe Mi Duo, Si Yuan lies to Zi Liang by telling him that she didn't find anything suspicious about Mi Duo's past.  
Showing up at Gao Wen's house for an intimate birthday party celebration, Mi Duo is surprised when she finds out that Gao Wen has also invited Yi Ming. Pretending to be complete strangers, Mi Duo and Yi Ming exchange snide remarks. 

Episode 9
Caught by Yi Ming hiding outside of Gao Wen's house, Gao Wen's ex begs her to take him back. Despite refusing her ex's pleadings, Gao Wen is obviously not over him yet. 

Holding a grudge against Mi Duo for pouring alcohol on him, the gangster leader and his minions shows up at Tong Ling to drag Mi Duo away. Saving Mi Duo at the last minute from the gangsters, Xiao Liang looks at a sleeping Mi Duo and complains "Why are you always in trouble!" 

Surprised to find herself at Xiao Liang's house at first, Mi Duo is soon bursting with happiness when Xiao Liang rushes off to an important business meeting and left her at his house after several reminders that she stay until he gets home. 
Look at those cute pictures! I think they are actually Rain's childhood pictures! 
Feeling foolish that she is happily poking around in Xiao Liang's house once she finds out that Xiao Liang is actually out with Gao Wen, Mi Duo goes home and feels guilty immediately when she sees a wounded Yi Ming. Guessing the truth that Yi Ming fought the gangsters after she was rescued by Xiao Liang, Mi Duo uses her not so good nursing skills to patch Yi Ming up. 

The next morning, a still sleepy Yi Ming is urgently called to Gao Wen's house to check on her feverish ex. Still in love with her ex, Gao Wen finally decides to get back with him. 
Calling Mi Duo to his office immediately when she got to work, Xiao Liang gruffly asks Mi Duo why she left his house when he specially told her to wait for him to get home. Taking Xiao Liang's question as a sign that he actually cares, Mi Duo excitedly tells Xiao Liang that she is going to treat him to dinner as a her thanks. 

I love Xiao Liang's answer "I am too busy to go to dinner unless it's tonight." 

Episode 10
Arriving late to her date in a horrifying get up (thanks to Yi Ming who picked out her outfit and did her makeup), Mi Duo hangs her head in disappointment when she is informed that Xiao Liang had waited in an empty restaurant (b/c he reserved the whole place) for a long time before he left. Fortunately just when Mi Duo thought she has missed her dream date, she looks up to find Xiao Liang has doubled back.  
Suspicious that Gao Wen would ask her to reserve a hotel room for the night for when Xiao Liang is obviously having dinner with her, Mi Duo sends Yi Ming to spy on Gao Wen. 

A very poor spy, Yi Ming is caught right away and ends up having dinner with Gao Wen and her new boyfriend. Already disliking Gao Wen's ex, Yi Ming's suspicion snowballs when he overhears the man speaking on the phone about taking photos of Gao Wen.  
Sitting in the car with Xiao Liang, Mi Duo asks him one more time if he loves Gao Wen. Unable to admit the truth that the whole relationship was fake, Xiao Liang remains silent. 

Getting no answer out of Xiao Liang, Mi Duo confesses to him once more "I feel bad for going out to dinner with you when Gao Wen is my friends. I love you but I never assumed I could be with you. So... if you love Gao Wen then I will just wish you happiness with her." 
Moved by Mi Duo's words, Xiao Liang leans over and kisses her. 
The next morning, the whole world is shining for Mi Duo but Xiao Liang obviously doesn't feel the same way. Telling Mi Duo to consider last night's kiss a mistake, Xiao Liang tells Mi Duo to not hang around him anymore and even go as far as ordering Si Yuan to assign another employee to deliver reports to his office. 
Any little hope that was left in Mi Duo is soon dashed to dust when Xiao Liang publicly make a speech about how important Gao Wen is to him. 
That was cruel that Xiao Liang said everything that hinted at the things Mi Duo did and said to him but ends up attributing that to Gao Wen. 
Watching Xiao Liang like a hawk, Zi Liang purposefully forces Mi Duo to dance with him and laughs with glee when he sees the change in Xiao Liang's expression as he pulls Mi Duo close.  

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