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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Diamond Lover Ep 1-8 First Impression

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Drama: Diamond Lover (C-Drama) 克拉戀人

Synopsis: After undergoing plastic surgery due to a horrendous traffic accident, our heroine Mi Duo finally gets a chance to shed her "fat girl" image and a second chance both in her career and on her crush.

First Impression:
I am in heaven!!!! Plot? Story? Is there one?  I was too busy watching all the pretties to pay attention! For those of you who are not shallow like me (and what's wrong with you people?), don't despair, Diamond Lover actually has a great story line that draws you right in.

Before plastic surgery 
After the sugery
The heroine, Mi Duo (Tiffany Tang) is certainly a plucky girl that one just can't help but cheer for. Mi Duo does have your typical heroine characteristic of being way too nice for her own good, but I like the fact that Mi Duo herself is aware of the realities of the world and consciously chooses to be good even when she realizes that it might come back to bite her later. 

The whole issue of weight is obviously one that is kinda central to the theme of Diamond Lover, and thus far I have been impressed with the writer's ability to shine just the right amount of attention on it without being overbearing.    
I am also pleasantly surprised by Rain's character Xiao Liang. The hero is kinda your typical rich boy who carries myriads of emotional scars despite being the CEO of one of the leading diamond company in the world. What gives Rain's character an interesting twist is the fact Xiao Liang actually has a fairly warm side when he deals with strangers... as long as they don't get too close to him... both physically and emotionally. So the contrast of a hero who is actually able to be show his warm side despite his shield of distrust of the world is a rather intriguing one. 

Thus far, I am liking the two leads' chemistry ... if it wasn't for the fact that the heroine's BFF might possibly have even more chemistry with her. 

 In any other drama, Mi Duo's Mr. Right probably would be her BFF Yi Ming without question. The guy is perfect! A self proclaimed play boy, Yi Ming has been Mi Duo's best friend since they were in elementary school. Ditching his lady friends at the first sign that Mi Duo needs him, Yi Ming is the man that is the constant in Mi Duo's life.  

In fact, Yi Ming has so many cute scenes with Mi Duo I was really starting to wonder if Rain is really the hero ... The sad thing is that Yi Ming's character is so endearing that I actually might be okay if the heroine didn't choose Rain's character. However, by episode eight though it is starting to look like Yi Ming will also be starting a love line with the second female lead Gao Wen, a super star. 

I was totally breathing a big sigh of relief when Yi Ming starts to cross paths with Gao Wen because I was pretty torn between my desire to see Rain get the girl and the awesome BFF relationship the heroine has with Yi Ming. 

If this show has one major weakness though, is in its villain characters. The villain is the hero's half brother who is not so secretly trying to kick Xiao Liang off the CEO seat so he can take over the company. The villain, along with some other characters that will end up in his camp are just plain... boring. As one who always feel kinda guilty when I fast forward scenes I really can't resist inching towards that button whenever the villains come out. Thankfully, the villain parts are only a small percentage of the story (at least at this point) so I can blissfully enjoy the rest of the drama. 

All in all, Diamond Lover is a screaming success for me at this point since it totally kept me watching until 5 am in the morning. 

I am going to attempt another episode summary with this show... I could be crazy for doing this again after I sworn off doing Chinese episode summary once I was done with The Lady & Liar. But oh well, let's give this one more try just so I could do more screen cap of Rain.


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