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Friday, July 3, 2015

Drama Friday Round Up #35

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 Drama Friday Round Up
My Beautiful Bride (K-Drama, Ep. 4/16)

This show is intense with lots of surprising twists, although I am starting to feel like we are playing where's waldo when it comes to figuring out what happened to the hero's bride. Anyhow, lots of fighting, mysteries and romance (albeit not between our two leads) so check it out if you haven't. 

 We Broke Up (A Web Drama, Ep.3/10) 

Synopsis: A story about a young couple who went from being deeply in love to breaking up in less than amicable terms three years later. Despite not wanting to even be in each other's presence, due to some circumstances our two leads are forced to stay in the same boarding house. 

This one has lots of music and gives off the same vibe that reminds me of Surplus Princess, so it should be worth checking out at 16 minutes per episodes. 
 High Society (K-Drama, Ep. 8/16)

I am still finding this one quite interesting with the show's anti-hero who really is just out to use the heroine to get into the high society. However I am getting impatient for the heroine to find out the hero's true nature and make the hero pay... because you know what they say about a woman's fury. 
 I am also really liking the fact the both of the second leads are intriguing characters of their own and probably could've made their own drama. 
 I Remember You (K-Drama, 4/16)

I LOVE the heroine in this show! How can you not love a girl who mutters to herself "I want to stalk..." She means the hero of course and it is just hilarious to me that the heroine has this strange obsession with the hero even if she has to ignore this minor issue that the guy she is stalking might be a monster who says things such as "I try not to commit murder when I don't have to."
The Journey of Flower (C-Drama, Ep. 16/50)

I am starting to find this show addicting. It's kinda of like watching a train wreck when the hero and all the viewers know that things are going to end badly if the hero doesn't get rid of the heroine (badly = destroying the world the hero has sworn to protect)... but of course things just keep happening that makes the hero cares more and more about the heroine. 

SO EPIC! But so awesome! 

 In Time With You (T-Drama, 2011 Episodes 13 total)

I started watching this one after watching the first two episodes of The Time I've Loved You (K-remake of In Time With You). In Time With You was super popular back when it aired in 2011, but for some reason I didn't watch it. 

After checking it out, I am pleasantly surprised that In Time With You is a very thoughtful drama that was able to draw me deep into the complex relationship of our two leads that spanned through over a decade of friendship in just two episodes. 

For a comparison between In Time With You and the K-version of The Time I've Loved You: HERE
The Time I've Love You (K-Drama, Ep. 2/16)

As much I liked the T-version of In Time With You, I am still quite curious how the K-version will differ. While the K-version stayed fairly close to the original in the first two episodes, but judging from some of the changes in the second male lead I think the K-version will make a few big major changes to the original. 

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi San (J-Drama)

I checked this one out for fun... um... okay, for the food. This drama is based on a manga series of the same name. The story is pretty straight forward: An aloof high school beauty makes it her daily mission to visit different Ramen shop to satisfy her obsession. 

Obviously not a whole lot of plot to speak of, but the Ramen pictures sure look delicious. 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 (射鵰英雄傳)

For those of you who are familiar with Chinese Wuxia dramas then you probably are familiar with this one but I thought I should still spotlight it anyway. 

Legend of the Condor Heroes is based on a famous book of the same name and the 2008 version is probably my favorite one out of the MANY versions out there since I like Ariel Lin's portrayal of the heroine the best. 

Synopsis: Honest, righteous but somewhat dense, our hero has the good fortune to catch the fancy of the heroine who is the complete opposite of him. Thanks to our brilliant heroine and a lot of hard work on our hero's part, the hero is able to navigate through a life of trials, treachery and even wars to become a legend. Sounds kinda serious but there are a lot of heart and even comedy in this show. 


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