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Friday, July 10, 2015

Drama Friday Round Up #36

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Tantei no Tantei (J-Drama, 1/10+ Episodes) 
Kitagawa Keiko's new drama that is based on a novel of the same name that follows the mission of a girl who becomes an "Anti-detective, detective" to catch the man who tracked her younger sister down and gave that information to her sister's stalker that eventually ended in her sister's death. 

This one is pretty gritty and makes a detective's world almost like a mob world. Lots of intrigue and as you can guess from the poster, lots of fighting as well. 

Make a Woman Cry (K-Drama, Ep. 24/ 40)

Surprise! I am actually still watching this one. I was tempted to give up on this show when it really started to drag but by episode twenty the pace is actually picking back up again. Plenty of angst to spread around but it was kinda satisfying to see what the writer is doing to the jerky husband. 

 Oh, My Ghostess (K-Drama, Ep. 2/16)
The first episode was kinda slow but the fun picks up by episode two and now I can't wait for episode 3!

First Impression:HERE

 I Order You (K-Drama, Ep. 4/16)
This one is a short drama series with the length of each episode about 22 minutes long, so do give it a try if you are in the mood for gorgeous food pictures and light romance.

 Scholar Who Walks the Night (K-Drama, Ep. 2/20)
Who can resist sparkly K-drama vampires... especially if he looks like Lee Jun Ki. I will have the first impression post on this one out soon.

I Remember You (K-Drama, Ep. 6/16)
Sigh! Why do we need to have pesky crazy brilliant killers in this world?? Can't we just all get along and spend the rest of the show on the off the chart chemistry between our two leads?!

My Beautiful Bride (K-Drama, Ep. 6/16)
After watching flash backs after flash backs in episode five and six I told myself that I am probably done with this show... but by the end of episode six my resolve starts to shake and maybe I will give My Beautiful Bride another week.

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 

Arang and the Magistrate (K-Drama, 20 Episodes/ 2012)

Synopsis: Arang is a ghost who has lost her memory of who she was and even how she died. Arang's life as a wondering ghost all the sudden becomes interesting when she meets the new magistrate who is trying very hard to ignore Arang when he can see her just fine. 

This show has one of the cutest ending I have ever seen. I probably watched it like five times. If supernatural romance is up you alley then do check this one out! 

It makes me laugh that I think Lee Jun Ki actually looks a lot more manly in historical clothing... not that he is hard on the eyes in the modern shows either. 


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