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Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #37

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Oh My Ghostess (K-Drama, Ep. 4/16)

My crack drama right now. How can you not love a ghost who is desperately trying to get rid of her virgin ghost status by chasing our poor hero around asking "Just one time?!" 

 Be With You (T-Drama, 69/72)
This one did get kinda of draggy at some points but as far as a T-daily go the plot really wasn't too bad. 
 I Remember You (aka Hello, Monster. K-Drama Ep 8/16)
This show is a bit depressing just by virtue of the number of out right twisted and crazy people that circles our two leads... however, the chemistry between our two leads is so awesome that I am too addicted to care about the crazies. 

I Order You (K-Drama, Ep.8/16, 22 min. long episodes.)

This one is surprisingly easy to watch and with the episodes so short the plot moves at a lightening speed. 

When I See You Again (T-Drama, Ep. 7/20)

The story really is going at a snail's pace but for some reason I am still watching it... so that means something right?

Konkatsu Deka (J-Drama, Ep. 2/ 10) 

A show about a female detective who vows to get married, but the problem is that every man she falls for all turns out to be some sort of criminal. 

I love the premise of this show and is glad to report that this show is hilarious. I will be posting a first impression post next week. 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
Ohitorisama (J-Drama, 2009)

Synopsis: As a 33 year old single history teacher, Akiyama Satom is one who seems to be quite content with her life. However, Akiyama's fulfilling life all the sudden is turned up side down when she lets Kamisaka Shinichi, a man 10 years younger than her and a fellow teacher from her work move into her house temporarily. 

It has been a few years since I watched this one, but I remembered being really impressed with the heroine's constant stride to learn new things and to enjoy her life to the full extent even without a man by her side. The hero is definitely a complete opposite from the strong heroine and typifies a young man in his twenties who is still searching for his place in the world. 

While I remember the chemistry between the two leads as a little lacking, but what Ohitorisama lacked in passion it does make up in warmth in term of story so check it out if you are in the mood for a light J-romance. 

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  1. Love your round up and i feel the same about oh my ghostess I will be watching the others you discussed because i noticed our tastes are so similar it is uncanny ^_^ that Ohitorisam was well written the female lead personalityand acting completely overpowered the male lead.