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Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up

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Ice and Fire of Youth (C-Drama)
Synopsis: A rich boy who cared for nothing, our hero's life takes a drastic turn when his father is sent to prison by a man who wanted revenge for the death of his father. Forced to start working from the bottom of the corporate ladder, our hero blazes a path of his own with our heroine who cheers him on all the way.

Kinda of your typical C-drama. I checked out the first few episode and it wasn't exactly bad but it wasn't exactly great either. Since there are quite a few great C-drama out right now, this one probably won't make it on my watch list.

Koinaka (J-Drama, New)

Hey! One of those rare romantic J-drama! 

Synopsis: After his best friend/crush (heroine) disappeared seven years ago without a word, our hero's life is turned up side down when the heroine all the sudden shows up ... as the girlfriend of his high school friend. 

The Day I Lost U (T-Drama, New)

Kingone Wang's new drama... which I am too scared to watch. This story centers around the struggles of the hero who finds out he has inherited his family genetic disease that will slowly take away his mobility one by one until he dies. 

There is just no way this one is going to end well... but it looks like the acting and the story might be pretty solid... so I am really torn! 

Bitter Sweet (T-Drama, New Daily)

This is the new T-daily that took over Be With You. The story is set in the household of a retired military man who finally has the time to start focusing his attention on his three daughter and one son. 

I will write a first impression on this one soon. 

When I See You Again (T-Drama)

The heroine FINALLY stopped running away from our hero! It's about time I say!

Diamond Lover (C-Drama)
Rain's new drama!!!! I am liking the story so far although Mama Ninja is complaining that the plot is not well rounded... how she has time to pay attention to the plot while Rain is on screen is beyond me. 

First impression: HERE
I Remember You (K-Drama)
If it wasn't for so many psycho murders running around I would make this my crack drama! I am following this one faithfully and is still blown away by the two leads' chemistry. 

High Society (K-Drama, Just ended)

I didn't watch this one faithfully every week, but I did finish it and thought it was an enjoyable watch. 

Series Review: HERE
Oh My Ghost (K-Drama)
This one is my other crack drama after I Remember You. My problem is that I really like the ghost character with the hero even when I think the writer is hinting that the hero will fall in love with the girl herself. Sigh... I really hate getting on a sinking ships. 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 
 Ugly Alert (K-Daily, 2013)

Lim Ju Hwah plays such a scary character in Oh My Ghost that I shiver every time he comes on the screen but the problem is that I also have an image of Lim Ju Hwah's character in Ugly Alert which is really warm and fuzzy. 

 The hero in Ugly Alert is play by Lim Ju Hwah who finds road blocks every where as an ex-convict, and finally gets a second chance when the heroine gives him a job at her small clothing store. The extreme opposite of his character in Oh My Ghost, Lim Ju Hawah's character in this show is the nicest and most unselfish person in the world. 
Ugly Alert is a K-daily so there are a lot of side character plot lines that mostly revolve around the hero's siblings who slowly come to realize how much their brother had sacrifice for them as they each find their own path in life. 

One of those really well written K-dailies, Ugly Alert has a whole lot of heart and most of all great characters that you simply can't help but root for. 


  1. I watched ugly alert earlier this year and I really loved it! Im joo hwan's character cries a bit too much, but the moment of catharsis that happens when his family realizes how much he sacrificed for them is so great. Kang sora and him also made a cute couple. I thought the secondary storylines were interesting enough to watch through. I'll often skip the secondary characters if it doesn't interest me (ie. House of Bluebird or save the family) but I didn't find myself skipping too much watching through it.

  2. Ugly Alert is well-written and I like Kang So Ra and Lim Ju Hwan acting. I am looking for new drams to watch, I also like family and daily dramas. Any recommendation?

    1. I am following Save The Family pretty faithfully. The romance between the two leads is really kinda slow... ie. by 57 we are only getting some small indication that the hero "might" be starting to like the heroine. Although the heroine has been harboring a crush for quite a while now. However, despite the slowness and some rather annoying side characters I am following this one for some reason.

      Have you watched Gloria? I really liked Gloria and would rank it out there with Ugly Alert. Gloria is not all warm fuzzy vibes but the pacing is also faster than Ugly Alert in my opinion and the romance between the two leads is also great.

    2. Thanks for the recommendation. I just checked the casts in Save The Family and I like the male lead Jae Hee. I will check out Gloria as well. Btw, My Daughter Seo Young and New Tales of Gisaeng are my top two favorite family dramas. If you watch Chinese drama, I definitely recommend My Sunshine (Wallace Chung is such a hottie :P)

    3. Ha, that's so funny... I was just eyeing My Sunshine to re-watch it before I saw your comment.

    4. LOL, I rewatched My Sunshine first 7 eps like twice already. Those are my favorite eps. Really love Wallace Chung character portrayal of He YiChen. I don't even care about Zhao MoSheng wig after sometime.