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Thursday, July 30, 2015

High Society Series Review

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High Society Series Review

After watching the first few episodes of High Society I had pretty high expectation of it, but my interest kinda waned a bit when the show slowed slightly during the mid point. Still, while High Society is not exactly crack drama material in my opinion but I still found it to be quite enjoyable.

This show really has four leads and the story centers around the romantic entanglements of the two couple.

Warning!!! This Review will go over the final episode so lots of spoilers!!!! 
I found the main couple's (Yoon Ha and Joon Ki) romance quite intriguing at first since Joon Ki (the hero) actually approached the heroine with the purpose of marrying her so he could climb the social ladder.

I was really looking forward to the heroine's fury once she found out the truth but unfortunately I was rather disappointed when Yoon Ha's fury was more like a childish tantrum. However, I did find Joon Ki's change from hiding his every thought to just simply saying everything honestly hilarious.
One thing I really liked about High Society is the fact that both couple's romance were equally interesting. In fact in some ways I almost find the second couple's (Ji Yi and Chang Soo) romance more intriguing.

I love how frank Ji Yi is of her own feelings even when it's uncomfortable to admit it. By the way, Park Hyung Sik who played Chang Soo seemed so young in his last drama (What Happened to My Family) but boy does he looks all grown up and manly in this show.
The central conflict between the two couples comes down to the giant economic difference between them and the question of why it is seen as natural for the rich to make association based on numbers while the poor are labeled as greedy if they attempt the same thing.

Happily both of our couple figured out the answer to their respective conflict in their own way and we get a big happy ending all around.
Here is a sweet kissing scene!

Each of the characters seems (and even the side characters) to all have some sort of parental issues. I wished the show had given the parental relationships a lot more focus because once the writer started highlighting it during the last couple episodes it was both very touching and compelling.

One thing High Society did really well is showing that while all of the parents in this show are not perfect and in Yoon Ha's case, even emotionally abusive but at the end of the day, most parents want their children to be happy.
I especially love the relationship between Ji Yi and her future mother-in-law. Madam Yoo (Chang Soo's mother) started out as your usual chaebol mother who simply can't accept a girl who didn't even finish high school as her daughter-in-law, but after watching her son suffering in pain from losing the girl he loves, Madam Yoo finally gives in.

Looking at Ji Yi in shock when she flat out refuses to get back with Chang Soo, Madam Yoo has no choice but put on her saleswoman hat to convince Ji Yi to date her son. After refusing a few times, Ji Yi finally gives in and agrees to date Chang Soo. Looking at Ji Yi with a mixed expression Madam Yoo asked "Why do I feel like I just lost?" Smiling brightly, Ji Yi assures Madam Yoo that there is no way someone such as her would losedr. Cocking her head in confusion Madam Yoo replies "Yes, that's true... so I didn't lose right?" So hilarious, I wish the show gave us some prologue of Ji Yi's life as Madam Yoo's daughter in law. 
All in all, while HIgh Society didn't lived up to ALL my expectation, it really had some good things going for it and I especially like the fact it asked some questions that made you think. 

For example, despite the hero, Joon Ki's obsession with climbing the social ladder he has known all along that his own parents are the true example of what real happiness in life is. I love the frank talks between the two leads when they both admit that the other person is living their dream life and at the end of the day one has learn to accept the reality of their own roots. 
By the way, the bromance is great in this show and I love how the two boys' friendship grow from deceit to true friendship.


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