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Friday, July 10, 2015

I Order You Episode 1 & 2 Summary and First Impression

Drama: I Order You (당신을 주문합니다)
Episodes: 16 (the episodes are short though about 22 min.)
Airs: Monday to Thursday

Synopsis: A short drama series based on a web novel of the same title. A talented chef who runs a successful lunch box shop meets our heroine who falls in love with his cooking but maybe not so much with his prickly personality.
I Order You Episode 1 & 2 Summary
Sent on an errand to pick up lunch boxes for her brother's picky boss, our heroine Park Sang Ah falls immediately under the hero, Yeo Gook Dae's spell at very first sight. Sang Ah's little heart beats even faster when she realizes that Gook Dae's lunch box not only looks heavenly but tastes it too.
Going home with a free lunch box Gook Dae gave her using left over ingredients Sang Ah is stunned when she finds a confession note in the lunch box. Not given much time to dwell on the enormity of what the note means, Sang Ah is soon throwing clothes left and right in her effort to appear her prettiest when Gook Dae called informing her that he will be coming to her house soon.

Unfortunately Sang Ah's lovely fantasy is soon burst in the most epic manner when an impatient Gook Dae demands that Sang Ah return the proposal lunch box that was meant for another customer.
Lady luck apparently wants to give Sang Ah another go at her fantasy and she wins a random contest Gook Dae's employee had put up on their company website as a prank. Determined to be picky with whatever dish Gook Dae cooks for her, Sang Ah forces herself to criticize the foods Gook Dae made while her taste buds are singing praises even as she complains.
Jumping into action when Sang Ah chokes on a meatball, Gook Dae manages to dislodge the offending meatball... only to launch it right towards his most prized plate on display.
Furious that his precious plate is broken in pieces, Gook Dae writes up a contract demanding Sang Ah works for a hundred hours at his restaurant in order to pay for the plate. Digging her heels in, Sang Ah refuses to sign the contract but quickly goes into a trance when Gook Dae smiles at her and takes her hand gently in his. When Sang Ah comes to she is shocked to realize she has just put her finger print to the contract and thus agreed to slave labor of 100 hours.

First Impression:

Cute! You do have to roll with the show when it gets into an over the top mood which is about once per episode but other than that the plot moves fairly fast and I find the interaction between the two leads to be fun. For such short episodes the show has done a good job at using small scenes to add to our two leads' character so while the plot obviously jumps over a few details I do feel the two leads' character are at least getting rounded up pretty well.

More than the plot though I am amazed at the beautiful dishes and boy, I probably would fall in love in a flash like the heroine as well if any guy can present me with the kind of lunch boxes the hero makes!


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